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Table of Contents 

Page No. 

<Senior& 2 

tfettina Sft* {-Toaet/ier/ 48 

Student Life 

(jonddete/^ (Suszz/ed/ 61) 


A/l beared C l/A/ J4 


<$&)€& 6Bp 0/ock/ /40 

Clubs and Activities 

9/n/acAm^ Our jMmdsy/ . . . /&4 


&]k> Mnal &fec&/ t?4 




Volume #38 

King Philip 

Regional High School 

201 Franklin Street 

Wrentham, Massachusetts 02093 


Enrollment 853 

Serving the towns of: 
Norfolk, Plainville, Wrentham 




Seniors M> 3 


Michael Abril 

Jaime Elizabeth Allen 


LIKES: memories, sun and moon, can- 
dles, #8, winning, my music DISLIKES: 
chicken pox, moods, getting "the" collage 
from JH, EK & MBC, 8/15/93 w/ MegB, 
goodbyes FAV MEM: Frosh yr., Gr8 
Woods, Rehob. Bch., "Black Knights" w/ 
JL & MBC FOUND: Pizza Hut w/ the girls 
ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1-4 Capt 4, W. Track 
1-4 Capt 4, S. Track 3-4 Capt 4, rreas. 1-4, 
NHS 3-4, Yrbk 3-4, Model Senate 3-4 FAV 
SAYING: What?? Who?? AWARDS: 
Hock, all-star, SC all-star, Rookie of Year, 
letters & jacket AMBITION: to get Jenni to 
ask before she takes my things OTHER: 
Thanks and Love to M & D, Ten, Best of 
Luck Class of '95! 

Christine Anderson 

Chris, Lance 
Plain ville 

LIKES: music, autumn, ocean, Europe, 
laughter, ketchup DISLIKES: Ignorance, 
6:00 am, Sunday drivers FAV MEM: 
Summer 92, Eng 9, 11 6/3/94, 8/15/94 
FOUND: Living in the past ACTIVITIES: 
violin 1-4, piano 1-4, symphony 1-4, NHS 
3,4, PL 2,3, WKPH 4, swim 2-4 AWARDS: 
German AMBITION: 2 speak 2 the world 
thru music OTHER: Thanx Mom and Dad 
I love you! 

Joseph Arthurs 

Brett Atkinson 


LIKES: Wrestling, Sailing, Relaxing DIS- 
LIKES: Losing weight, Yuppies, Slackers, 
Stress. Rap FAV MEM: Prom '94, 1/1/94 
FOUND: Wrestling or helping VM w/ 
problems ACTIVITIES: NHS, Wrestling 1 
2 3, Football 1 2, X-Countrv 4 AWARDS: 
Letter, Jacket, Capt. Wrest NHD AMBI- 
TION: Not to have to worry about any- 

Jean-Marie Bading 


LIKES: Basketball, Skiing, Music, Travel- 
ing, Flying DISLIKES: Boredom, Ramv 
Days, Worrying, Goodbyes FAV MEM: 
Family Vacations, VA '93, FL '94, ME '94, 
Ski Trip to NH '93, good times w/ friends 
FOUND: MCD's, Hanging out w/SM, DR 
ACTIVITIES: B-Ball 1, W. Track 1 2, S. 
Track 1 2 FAV SAYING: "You Guys!", "I 
Love This Song!" AWARDS: Varsity Let- 
ter, Jacket AMBITION: To live life to the 
fullest. OTHER: Thanks fam, friends, 
G<xxl Luck Class of '95 

Meloney L. Bailey 

Mel, Stripes 

LIKES: Friends; Fridays; Work w/BO, KV, 
AK; Study hall DISLIKES: Cliques, 
Teachers in bathrooms. Fake People, 
Juice, RM FAV MEM: 2/3/92 Shaunna, 
every Friday, w/BO, JM FOUND: work w 
JM, on lunch w/BO, somewhere FAV 
SAYING: Whatever, I'm out of here! C-ya 
AMBITION: to go somewhere in life, to 
be an RN. 

Paul Balzarini 


LIKES: Hockey, cars, money, music, loud 
radios DISLIKES: everything FAV MEM: 
DR w/MA, EB, MB, HB FOUND: sleeping 
in a hockey rink ACTIVITIES: Hockey 
1,2,3,4 FAV SAYING: Airighty then 
AWARDS: letter jacket 



Suzanne Elise Barrette 

Zan, Moo 

LIKES: GPK, sunsets, hugs, P.E., S&S, 
A.R. CREW, weekends, ZOOCH DIS- 
eating at home FAV MEM: 7/4, 5/93, 9/10/ 
93, PROM94, J.B. 7/94 FOUND: With SH, 
1, P.L. 1 FAV SAYING: Hey Q.T. what's 
AMBITION: To be happy and succeed in 
life OTHER: Thank you Mom, Dad, 
Jamie, Greg I LOVE YOU GUYS 

Andrea Beloff 

Andy, Anakalia 

LIKES: dancing, green, springtime, or- 
ganization, candy, my journals DIS- 
LIKES: the cold, smoke insincerity, 
orange, mosquitos, the dark FAV MEM: 
sleepovers, MASP 94, 4/22/93 FOUND: on 
the floor, MacDonalds ACTIVITIES: 
Drama, Swim Club, SADD, Peer Leader- 
ship, WKPH, Yearbook AWARDS: Dis- 
cover Card, Girls State, NHS AMBITION: 
to have health and happiness OTHER: 
MDKEG: XOXO's from Dolly Do "Dah" 

Thomas Benedetti Jr. 

Bendog, Benny 

LIKES: Baseball, Fishing, Football, 
Bruins, Notre Dame DISLIKES: Camp 
Samosets, Sled early mornings, English, 
No hats FAV. MEM: Camping at the 
Cape, summers-fishing FOUND: Fishing 
and being lazy watching sports AC- 
TIVITIES: Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 
1,2,3,4 AWARDS: Varsity Letter and 
Jacket, pins AMBITION: Find a job, catch 
the big" fish, have fun OTHER: Thanks 
Mom, Dad, J + A, friends and relatives 

Sandra Berman 


LIKES: rain, sunsets, playing my flute, ice 
skating, friends DISLIKES: snobs, liars, 
long practices FAV MEM: all NESBA 
finals FOUND: at band practice, ice rink 
ACTIVTIES: marching band 1-4, Sachem 
3, ice skating AMBITION: a special ed 

Lisa Anne Bombardieri 


LIKES: CARROTS, rain, candles, 11:11, 
FRIZZIES, ignorance FAV MEM: palooza 
3x's, s. miller, GG Wkends ACTIVITIES: 
Swim club, SADD, yrbk, prldr 2,3 
SACHEM, drama 1-4 FAV SAYING: 
you're dancing with death baby 
AWARDS: German, NHS OTHER: hi 
katie, tnks m, d, pb, boob, buh-bye 

Marianne Bozza 


LIKES: dancing, eyes + smiles, sunshine, 
long drives in the silver bullet DISLIKES: 
unhappy people, rainy days, pink, 
flowers, goodbyes FAV MEM: Hump Wk 
end, FL 94, every moment with friends 
FOUND: laughing with Kiley AC- 
TIVITIES: cheering 1-2, Softball 1, danc- 
ing FAV SAYING: I know, there, am 
AWARDS: varsity letters and jacket 
AMBITION: to always have smile on my 
face & to be 5 feet OTHER: a special thank 
you to all who have touched my life. 

Ania Browarek 


LIKES: Red Hot Chili Peppers, BJ, 
swimming, having fun, Steve DISLIKES: 
stupid people, hamburgers, chemistry, 
rap, cats FAV MEM: starting school, 
meeting Steve FOUND: unique, strange, 
funny, pessimistic ACTIVITIES: roller 
skating, swimming, meeting friends, top 
dancing FAV SAYING: Rock on!, you will 
never see me again AMBITION: write a 
book, meet Anthony Kiedis OTHER: 
kisses for Steve, all my love to Red Hot 
Chili Peppers 

Melissa Brown 

Brownie, Melbe 

LIKES: #12, sports, friends, smiles, 
Nelly, laughing DISLIKES: double- 
sessions, losing, goodbyes, rules, fights 
FAVORITE MEM: Sum '94 w/FIFI and 
M.L., concerts Sum '94 w/C.G., M.B., 
D.R. Beach 5/14/94, Montreal '94 w/C.G., 
Sum '93 w/D.P. FOUND: On The Field 
w/C.G., Beach, Brooks, at P.P.'s waiting, 
D.D.'s ACTIVITIES: Softball 1-4, Field 
hockey 1-4, Track 2 FAV SAYING: Any- 
body want some pretzals? "My stomach 
hurts" AWARDS: Letter, Jacket, Hock- 
All-Star 4, Field hockey AMBITION: to 
get C.G. + P.P. fat, to finally get Dahmer 
OTHER: Thanxs mom + dad I love you, 
Good Luck Class '95 


Megan Brylinsky 


LIKES: gray, #48, laughing, the PIG, 
breakfast, hugs, Great Woods, memories, 
the girls DISLIKES: sun poisoning, 28 
days, decisions, hand checks, Norfolk 
cops, goodbyes, driving w/JA 8/15/93, 
broken promises, AE FAV MEM: 516/92 
w/KK, Miller '93 wATC, JH, Big Mike, #10, 
Flovd '94 w/DR, Horseneck '94, Falmouth 
'94,' JH's talks, 2 yrs. of bad hair days 
FOUND: in a Taurus, at the gym, worry- 
ing ACTIVITIES: peer 1-2, soccer 1-3, 
sottball 1-2, yearbook 3-4 AMBITION: to 
live, love, fulfill mv dreams OTHER: 
thanks mom & dad, Todd, NM, TW, DR, 
and friends, I love you all, KH you left me 
"Far Behind," Good luck Class '95 & '96! 

Brian Burns 

Burnsy, Bri, O-For 

LIKES: Soccer, Golf, #16, Running, Being 
out with friends, Cape DISLIKES: Lying, 
DL, Seasons, Cranky, Girls Complahing, 
Ringing Pasta FAV MEM: Summer-94, 
Greaves FOUND: Out with friends SM, 
Papa Gino's ACTIVITIES: Soccer, 1-4; 
Basketball, 1-3; Winter Track, 4; Spr Track, 
3,4; FAV SAYING: Are vou mental, Shut 
up O'Neil AWARDS: Capt.-SPR. Track, 
Hock-All-Star SPR Track, Boys State 
AMBITION: To be very successful in 
what ever I choose to do OTHER: Thank- 
you Mom, Dad, Jen — 1 love ya, Good 
Luck Class of 95 

Gregory Burt 


LIKES: Sunny days, Golf, Skiing DIS- 
LIKES: Homework, Whining camp- 
ground FAV MEM: Riverside field trip, 
94 FOUND: Working at the campground 
ACTIVITIES: Soccer, 2; Golf, 3-4; Spring 
track; 3-4; Indoor track, 4 FAV SAYING: 
What is understood need not be discussed 
AMBITION: Be successful and have fun 
OTHER: Good luck class Of 95 

Tarah Cacciapaglia 

Dan Capone 

Al Capone 

LIKES: To work on mv truck, watching 
football games DISLIKES: Working in 
general, getting caught 1 FAV. MEM: Tak- 
ing off from school with TC, JH, GA 
FOUND: Over CH house, hanging with 
JH. BH, CH. TC ACTIVITIES: flaying all 
kinds of sports FAV. SAYING: How ya 
doinR. KC ya AMBITION: To win the 

ktftefV OTHER: BVin>; in 

U-st il.iss' 

I class Gr 10, 

Marybeth Carlow 

MBC. MB, Mares 

LIKES: JP, beaches, sunflowers, frogs, 
yellow, mv guitar DISLIKES: JA's ques- 
tions and her music, Tuesdays, bad 
moods FAV. MEM: Summer '94, nights 
w/JP, GD w/KL, black night w/ JA and JL 
FOUND: Norton, Pizza Hut w the girls 
3,4, PRLDR 2 AWARDS: Varsitv letter 
and jacket AMBITION: To plav tin ^ 
with kel OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Karen, and Paul; G(hk1 luck class of '95! 

Julie M. Carlson 

Calcium, "Cheeks," Carlson 

LIKES: Russ, Beach, Summer nites, Pink 
roses, The Stang, my Buds! DISLIKES: 
Waiting, CB, No car, fights, Pos. ivy, cur 
fews. No $ FAV MEM: Falmth, MILLER, 
Camping, 5/14, Hrs Neck! FOUND: W/ 
I)K, MB, DS MTP, W/Russ + gang! AC- 
TIVITIES: Soccer l Softball 1 boys soccer 
- bk 2-4 FAV SAY: Heyl Dude*, / 
up? Spark it up! AWARDS: Letter, jacket 
Family, my buds + Russ 4 everything 1 

Joseph Cassidy 



LIKES: Sports, Weekends, Sleeping, 
Hanging out with friends, WINNING 
DISLIKES: Attitudes, Work, Losing, 
Fighting FAV MEM: Woodstock 94, 
Summer of 94 FOUND: Out with friends, 
Taeo Bell ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1-4, Track 
3,4 FAV SAYING: What's up geek 
AWARDS: Letter, Jacket OTHER: Ih.inks 
Mom and Dad and all my friends 



1. \ 

Chris Chandler 


Ryan Clark 


Trouble Camping at Joe's, Rock Summer 94 

FOUND: In the Cutlass with tunes loud 
ACTIVITIES: Football 1-2, NHS 1 
OTHER: Thanx 4 the great memories 

Debra Lynn Cleveland 

Debbie, Dweeblah 

LIKES: Tomah, "S" talks, staying, sleep- 
ing, 6/2/95, friends DISLIKES: leaving, 
'Byes to TJB, Orange men w/ green hair, 
L.H.'s toes FAV. MEM: Times w/LH & 
JM, 6/24/93, Summer 93 w/TB FOUND: 
R.I., The ave, looking for something AC- 
TIVITIES: Peerleadership — 1, Softball — 
1, DECA — 3,4 FAV. SAYING: What?, 
Janelle Duck! Nada AWARDS: DECA Dis- 
tricts — 2nd, States — 3rd AMBITION: To 
find what ever It is I'm looking for 
OTHER: Thanks M & D, LH, JM, TH, TB 
for everything 

Kathryn Cleverdon 

Katie, Kate, Peaches 

LIKES: green, #7, Mike, worlds, friend- 
ship, fall, winning DISLIKES: onions, 
double sessions, losing FAV. MEM: 
freshm. year. Aerosm. 94, summer 93 
FOUND: w/Mike, the girls, or with a soc- 
cer ball ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1-4 Trk. 1-4 
B-ball 1-4 N.H.S. 3-4 Stu. Coun. 1-4 Prl dr. 
2-4 FAV. SAYING: Biff! AWARDS: Hock. 
3, MVP 3, capt. Bball, Trk, Soccer AMBI- 
TION: to live life to the fullest OTHER: 
Thanx Mom, Dad, fam. & friends — I luv 

Bert Clinton 


LIKES: Nikki, Femmes, TB, V Ball, 
Grease, Garlic, Ardvarks DISLIKES: 
Math, Attitudes, Responsibility, Bad 
Breath FAV MEM: Philmont 92, 9/15/93, C 
Fatima FOUND: Out w/Nikki, CJ's, Read- 
ing ACTIVITIES: Student Council 1-4, 
Wrestling 1-3, Track 4 FAV SAYING: Var- 
sity Letter — Wrestling OTHER: Thanks 
to the Fam. and friends i Love you! 

Jessica M. Coates 

Jes, Mess 

LIKES: Eyes, smiles, red hair, friends, 
bubbles, toys DISLIKES: Moron, ques- 
tions, snobs, green, stereotypes, clique 
FAV MEM: Junior year, DECA-Narcon 
FOUND: Walking, working, DECA rm. 
ACTIVITIES: DECA-Sec, Narcon, Co-op 
AMBITION: To be the best OTHER: My 
love to Mom, Dad, Jen, Jon. 

Coreen Collins 


LIKES: Friends who care, cheering, pizza, 
green, and KP DISLIKES: cliques, atti- 
tudes, and selfishness FAV MEM: Semi 
91, Prom 94, Melloncamp 94 FOUND: 
Dunkin' Donuts ACTIVITIES: Cheering 
1-4, PL 2-4, VP 2-4, NHS 3,4 FAV SAY- 
ING: Smile! AWARDS: Varsity letter, 
Girls' State 94 AMBITION: Become a 
physical therapist OTHER: Thanks M&D, 
i love you guys! 

Nicole Elizabeth Conley 


LIKES: ZG's, Long Hugs, Sunsets, Green, 
Apples, #75 DISLIKES: Liars, Rumors, 
OJ, Temper's, Lost Dreams FAV MEM: 
Prom 94, Hampton 94, 8/20x2, Private 
Concert w/ ZG and BM FOUND: z/ZG, 
S. Ball 1,2, Peer Leadership 2, SADD 1 
FAV SAYING: Hey Dunf! Swear on my 
Soul? Naah AWARDS: Letter and Jacket 
AMBITION: For my dreams to come true! 
OTHER: Thanx Mom, Dad, John, JC, AL, 


Rachel Conroy 

Rach. Rach 2, E] 

LIKES: Green, Turtles, Eyes, Sunsets, 
Lakes, Swings, Maine, Stars, Horoscopes, 
Friends, Dreams DISLIKES: Fake people, 
Hypocrites, Car Trouble, Operations FAV 
MEM: 5 3 93 Prom, Summer 94, 8/3/94, 8/ 
27'94 FOUND: Driving w NC, ZG, AM, 
Leadership 2, Class Council 3, Peer Medi- 
ation 4 FAV SAYING: Sure; Whatever! 
No Problem AMBITION: To succeed in 
whatever I pursue OTHER: Thanks Mom 
and Dad CC, LC, NC, ZG, JG, AM, and 

Charlene Copeland 


MEM: June 24, 94; Summer of 94 FOUND: 
At Matt's house with Eric, Teddy, and 
Matt ACTIVITIES: Band-Color Guard 1- 
5; Winter Guard 1-5 FAV SAYING: Dirty; 
be a morrition or cartoonist for Disney 
OTHER: Thanx Mom and Dad for all your 
help — love ya. 

Jami Tennille Cornell 

Cornelius, Corndog, Juicy 

LIKES: Frogs, sunflowers, the colt, 
Chinese food, stargazing DISLIKES: Feet, 
FH bruises, when Dee cracks her neck 
FAV MEM: S. Hnt 93, Ltd's pty's, Mlcmp, 
sum 94 FOUND: At Sweatt Hill, out with 
the gals! ACTIVITIES: FH 2-4, SC 2-4, 
Drama 1,2; peer leadership 2 FAV SAY- 
ING: Talk to me, Tell me some juice 
AWARDS: Varsity letter and jacket 
AMBITION: I want all my dreams to 
come true OTHER: Thanx M, D, J, C, D, 
Fam. and friends, I love u. 

Stephen Crowley 


LIKES: Sports, McDonalds, football, driv- 
ing EC around DISLIKES: Losing, math, 
working, complaining, ess FOUND: At 
the track or at McDonalds ACTIVITIES: 
Football 2-4, Track 2-4 AWARDS: Varsity 
letter and jacket AMBITION: To find out 
how many cats AL has OTHER: Thanks 
M&D, and EC for doing this for me, BK, 

Kevin Cummings 


LIKES: football, Jenav parties, #75, 
Friends, winning DISLIKES: soccer camp 
samost't Franklin losing sled FAV MEM: 
Oct 15, 22, 29 football senior year camp 
FOUND: with Jenay or Friends AC- 
TIVITIES: football 4 FAV SAYING: I'm 
gonna catch me a rabbit & courage 
AWARDS: letter football AMBITION: to 
be a success in whatever I do OTHER: 
Thanx to mv coaches, mom and Manches- 

Kristen Cummings 


FAV MEM: DECA 93, Bonfire 92 FOUND: 
TL's house, JC's house, DECA, work AC- 
TIVITIES: DECA 3,4; SADD 2,3; Peer 
leadership FAV SAYING: No way, huh?, 
God bless you, Whats? AWARDS: DECA 
states 93 

Melissa Lynn Czerwien 

Melon, Missy 

LIKES: OB, purple, bears, chocolate, Zep, 
books, blue, cats DISLIKES: Ice coffee, 
rude people, brand names, getting older 
FAV MEM: Prom 93, 94; Pink Floyd 94, 
8/18/90 FOUND: DD, w/OB, at home, in 
the driver's seat ACTIVITIES: Chrldg 1,2; 
Drama 1; Wntr trk 3,4; Spring 3,4; NHS 3,4 
FAV SAYING: Whose car is this? We 
don't want any AWARDS: 2 NHS pins 
and plaque, varsity letter, Hist. Day 
AMBITION: To survive in the real world, 
be happy OTHER: Thanks Mom for 18 yrs 
of effort and love! 

Angela Rose DePippo 

Ang, Angw Pange 

LIKES: Hugs, Snapple, blue, stars, the 
beach, drop-bvs, Werthers Originals, 
food DISLIKE'S: Lightning, seaweed, 
attitudes, mornings FAV MEM: 9/4/94, 4/ 
9/94, .ill timet spent with the gang. Poker 
FOUND: out with the gang, at D.Q. AC- 
TIVITIES: Student Council 2,3,4 V P., PL 
2 FAV SAYING: What a Pickle! That's 
raunchy. AMBITION: To Live Long + Be 
Happy forever! OTHER: Thanks M + D, R 
BB, JM, + CO, 1 Love you guys!! 



ichard Desmeule 

Loren Devereaux 

Elizabeth Dolan 

Jason K. Down 

Red Rocket Rick, Ratty 

Lor, Yoda, Pockie 


/. /as 





LIKES: Money, cars, more money, beauti- 
ful women, Mrs. T DISLIKES: Country 
music, ugly women, math, English, 
school FAV MEM: My birth FOUND: At 
work, at home, and in my bed AC- 
Hi, my name is Rick AMBITION: I like to 
married, and to have kids 

LIKES: The "Gang" walks, swings, or- 
ange juice, locker buddies DISLIKES: 
Changes, JWC silence, JWC + EN throw- 
ing me in water FAV MEM: "Junior Year" 
Poker w/ JWC, BB, EN, JM, AD, JM 
Peerleadership 2-4, track 1, student coun- 
cil 1-4 FAV SAYING: "Hello" hold the 
phone AWARDS: Pres. Student Council, 
Varsity Jacket AMBITION: To get Menfi 
to stop apologizing OTHER: Thank you 
Family I love u! Good luck class of '95. 

LIKES: being with friends, Cape Cod, 
summer, eeyore DISLIKES: Wrentham, 
feet, fake days FAV MEM: Floyd '94, CC 
'94, Q's, 6th grade FOUND: with Cal- 
lahan in Franklin, w/KL FAV SAYING: 
You'll get over it! Sure OTHER: Thanks 
mom & dad, CC, KL, friends 

LIKES: Karen, fun, friends, nature, ani- 
mals, sports DISLIKES: stereotypes, slow 
drivers, users, drunks, deatns! FAV 
MEM: B.J. & E.J. 7/18/94 w/C, M, K, & K. 
FOUND: out of class, working or driving 
ACTIVITIES: baseball 1-4, W/S Track 3-4, 
Ski C. 2,3,4, PL 34 FAV SAYING: "What 
da hell" — Alg 2' 94 & "S.Y.I." AWARDS: 
Varsity letters & jacket AMBITION: Live 
everyday to the fullest! OTHER: Thanks 
to the Fam, Friends & K.Mc. 

Christopher Dubois 


LIKES: Mustangs, driving fast DIS- 
LIKES: Chevy, Buick, Pontiac FAV MEM: 
93-94 Prom, Speedway FOUND: with Jim 
FAV SAYING: What's up Guys AMBI- 
TION: Computer Programer 

Denise Dunfey 

Dunf, Nise 

LIKES: ice cream, FH, SB, starry nights, 
laughing, my friends DISLIKES: doubles, 
being lonely, fights, attitudes, rain FAV. 
MEM: NC + RRW, 1/2/94, 5/13/94, 11/18/ 
93 FOUND: with JP, with friends, work- 
ing ACTIVITIES: FH 1-4, BB 1-3, SB 1-4, 
SC 3,4, PL 2,3,4 FAV. SAYING: "What," 
"It's Okay," "I'm sorry." AWARDS: FH 
and SB Capt. Alt. to Girls State AMBI- 
TION: to live a happy and successful life. 
OTHER: Thanks M, D, Chris, CA + Matt 

Teddie Esser 


LIKES: Matt, Mr. Webb, my best and 
most raddest friend Dot Devin DIS- 
LIKES: my little brother, rules, MS, JB, 
BM, the no hat rule and the fact the office 
is air-conditioned and the rest of the 
school isn't! FAV MEM: March 26, Mr. 
Webb's math class FOUND: Mart's house, 
in Pennsylvania OTHER: Eric to become 
my best friend! 

Holly Jennifer Evans 


LIKES: Joe, green, #12, sunsets, flowers, 
blazers DISLIKES: work, fighting, having 
no money, hardcore, JL's hamster wheel 
FAV MEM: 12/26/92, Prom 93, Calf 93, N. 
Conway 93 FOUND: with Joe, working, 
sitting for Wendy ACTIVITIES: soccer 1,2 
softball 1,2,3,4 FAV SAYING: Ya know 
what I mean! AWARDS: letter and jacket 
AMBITIONS: be successful and own a 
Volvo OTHER: thanx mom and dad I luv 


Eric Fahey 

Macaronm X, Seymour Ragfoot 

LIKES: tennis, tramps, gummi frogs, 
Fugazi, X-Files, schmangies, The Bad 
Lieutenant DISLIKES: nice guy eddie, 
the KPGP, white socks, writers block, 
hessians FAV. MEM: Fugazi '93, shelter 
'94, romantic evenings with Will FOUND: 
cellar dwelling, out w/Amy, on the tramp, 
argyle practice ACTIVITIES: S.A.C. 3-4, 
SBH l4, MDA 3^4, team shoebox 1-4, sXe 
1-4 FAV. SAYING: kill a commie for 
money, sold! AWARDS: Pres. Schman- 
gies 1-4, sxe AMBITION: expand Will's 
bladder, die conscious OTHER: Mr. 
White shouldn't have killed Mr. Orange, 
Thanks. Will, Mother, Amy 

Jennifer Field 

Jen, Bippy, Niffer 

LIKES: Purple; Mac & Cheese; Grape 
Kool Aid; Dalmations DISLIKES: Hypo- 
crites; Hill Workouts FAV MEM: Steve 
Miller; U2; Prom 94; G.G. Weekend! AC- 
TIVITIES: S-Track 1,2,4; W-Track 2-4; 
Swim Club 3,4; Drama 2,4; NHS 3,4; Pr. 
Ldrshp. 2,3 AWARDS: Varsity Letter and 
Jacket OTHER: Thanks Mom & Dad; 
Good Luck Class of 95! 

Jesse Fiske 


LIKES: My car, pizza, B-Boys, concerts, 
skiing DISLIKES: meat FAV MEM: ski 
trip >94', Palooza 94, SMB FOUND: the 
lake or with my friends FAV SAYING: 
"Check ya late/ OTHER: Thanks Mom. I 
love you. 

Thomas A. Flanagan, Jr. 


LIKES: CM. J.D. P. Boy, Skoal, Foreign 
language, homeroom DISLIKES: snobs, 
school fire drills, beaches FOUND: Em- 
erald Square Mall, Cape Cod AC- 
what's up AWARDS: DECA states AMBI- 
TION: Be rich, live a normal life OTHER: 
Thanks to my family, teachers, and 

Matthew Flynn 

Flynny. Flynn-do% 

LIKES: money, football, driving, my ear, 
DISLIKES: samoset freaks, homework, 
benng short snobs, Fnglish FAV MEM: 
Miss ( asper's class and Mrs Manhka's 
class FOUND: working or at home AC- 
TIVITIES: football 1 4,(B1,2,S A DD. 2 
AMBITION: to become an F.B.I, agent 
AGENT: Thanx, Mom, Dad, Joe, and 

Peter Flynn 


LIKES: Cherry St, BO, Finals, MW's com- 
plaining FAV MEM: Egging, B-ball 
tourney 93, ski trips FOUND: Hanging 
out w/ the boys ACTIVITIES: B-ball 1-3, 
S.C.I -2, Pr Ldr 2 FAV SAYING: Shut up 
Matt, Yee-haw Chester's dead AWARD$: 
Varsity Letter & betel AMBITION: Beat 
MW at MK OTHER: Thanx Mom & Dad 

Carissa L. Gaetani 

C.G., Chris 

LIKES: summer, #6, C.C., true friends, 
beach, F.H., sunsets, hugs. Cape DIS- 
LIKES: work, attitudes, no $, getting 
caught, feet, cops, accidents FAV. MEM.: 
Montreal - '93, 16th & 17th, b-days, 5/14/ 
94, 8/3/94, Bruins w/J.M., CO., A.D. 
FOUND: w/ Mel, at work, beach, slopes, 
w/out $ ACTIVITIES: I H 1,2,5,4, 
Basketball, 1,2, Softball 1.2.3,4 FAV. SAY- 
ING "Mel. eat something" AWARDS: let- 
ter, jaded AMBITION: to live a happy 
and successful life OTHER: Thanx, mom 
and dad, Beth ti Ben, I Love You Guys! 

Richard P. Gallimore 

Rick. Artis 

LIKES: The Calais, a full tank of gas, 
wkends, good times DISLIKES: being 
bored, pickup trucks & deer, C.R.'s laugh 
FAV MEM: MK House, Scav hnt, 1/27/94 
FOUND: M.W.'s crib ACTIVITIES: Bskt- 
ball 1-3, Baseball 1-3, student Council 1-4, 

Ires 4 FAV SAYING: "I locked my #f« ?*! 

keys in the car" AMBITION: To gel die 

<.ir lived! OTHER: thanv everyone for 
love & support 




James M. Garrey 

]immy, Jim 

LIKES: Hockey, Golf, NV, fast cars, eat- 
ing out, Gills, Bruins, money DISLIKES: 
A.M. practices, being broke, working, 
English FAV. MEM.: Hampton '92, 
summer '93, Rolling Stones '94 FOUND: 
At the rink, Golf Course ACTIVITIES: 
Hockey 1-4 AWARDS: letter, jacket, 
engineering award AMBITION: To be an 
•Engineer and retire a millionaire and play 
lots of golf. 

Frances Mary Grady 


LIKES: Prudence, Laugh-In, G, reruns, 
12, fam. car, trips, Tai Tai. DISLIKES: 
Clowns, white vans, low tide, Crackel- 
barrel fair, talk shows. FAVORITE MEM: 
Growing up w/ E.G., A.G., C.G., K.M., 
E.H., Great Woods. FOUND: Quoting 
movie lines w/ K.M., C.G., E.H. ACTIVI- 
TIES: Soccer 1,2, Basketball 1,2, Track 1,2, 
Peer Ld. 1-4, Drama 1-4. FAV. SAYING: 
"I carried a watermelon," Rach-Squared. 
AWARDS: Girl's State, '93 Hoby, Who's 
Who. AMBITION: "And where the hell 
was I?" OTHER: Five classes w/ R.M., 
Good luck K.M., E.H., T.C., C.G., M.D., 
R.R., D.G. 

Danielle Marie Groves 

Dan, Dee, Dan Dog 

LIKES: Livin', dead, new toothbrushes, 
AM potatoes, sunrise, stargazin', mail, 
walks, blueberry picking & you. 
DISLIKES: Porchbacon, spiders, mayo, 
chaos, sillybilly, spins. FAV MEM: All 
shows 92-94, Atlantis, Last Hurrah, Sum- 
mer 93, long walks, cone collecting. 
FOUND: at shows, planet earth. ACTIVI- 
TIES: Sachem 1&2; Gruven' 4. AWARDS: 
Smiley face on a quiz. OTHER: Thanx 
Mom, Ron, Cornells, & the crew, all my 

John Gulino 

Johnny G 

LIKES: J.F.'s one liners, B-Boys, 
mountain dew DISLIKES: Camp 
Samoset, losing, G.L., Lenny's driving, 
bugs FOUND: Just chillin' ACTIVITIES: 
football 1-4, wrestling 1-3, baseball 1-4, 
Peer Leader FAV SAYING: Get a clue Earl 
AWARDS: Varsity jacket, wrestling capt. 
AMBITION: get rich easy and have no 
enemies OTHER: Thanks to my family 

Robert Hadfield 


LIKES: soccer, sleeping, wkends, Kelly 
DISLIKES: losing, tests, db sessions, 
driving around FAV MEM: woodstock, 
poker nights, summer '94' FOUND: 
rooftops ACTIVITIES: soccer 1-4, tennis 
1,2, basketball 1,2, AWARDS: varsity ltr. 
and jkt. AMBITION: to get Loren and Joe 
on a date OTHER: I love you Mom and 
Dad and family. 

Lani Hall 


LIKES: BW, times w/ DC, my childhood, 
BK Kid's Meals, gold. DISLIKES: Leav- 
ing, trying to make sense of it all, seeing 
DC eat! FAV MEM: 11/10/93 U2 92, 2/26, 
May 94. FOUND: ACL visits BW, out with 
Lee, not home. ACTIVITIES: Softball 1,2, 
Peerleadership 1. FAV SAYING: "GIVE 
ME THAT!" AMBITION: To save Mellisa, 
to not be in another accident. OTHER: 
Thanks DC & JM, I love you BW, DC, JM, 

Wendy Hall 


LIKES: JS, animals, MF, DP, money, 
being lazy. DISLIKES: JC, immature 
people, bossy parents, bad attitudes. FAV 
MEM: six period Study, when BF fell off 
her chair. FOUND: working or out with 
my friends. AMBITION: To oe a business 
woman. OTHER: Thanks Mom & Dad. 
Good Luck Class of 96, 97, and 98. 

Jacquelyn Hallett 


LIKES: the Mazda, breakfast, DB's, RBS, 
16 Candles, NTKT DISLIKES: authority, 
goodbyes, mornings, Womad, D&D, 
J.A.'s music and eating habits, all Lewis' 
FAV. MEM: lem. heads w/KL & JA, the 
dead w/T.C, N.M., T.W., & E.C., Kel's 
'94, February '94 FOUND: Pizza Hut, 
W.C., Dunkin'D ACTIVITIES: gymnas- 
tics 1-2, soccer 1-4, yr. bk. 3-4 AWARDS: 
Vrs. letter & jacket AMBITION: to live a 
happy life in a far away place OTHER: 
thanks mom, Mr. & Mrs. C thanks for 



Christopher Hanlon 

Plain ville 

LIKES: Southie, Sports, Ireland, Leah 
DISLIKES: Being Broke, Eddie Vedder 
FAV. MEM: House of Pain and C. Hill 
Con. FOUND: South Boston, Leah's 
ACTIVITIES: Basketball, Parties, 
Concerts FAV. SAYING: Who's The 
Man? (To Britt) AMBITION: To be a 
Boston City Cop 

Tammy Hanson 

Plain ville 

LIKES: Eddie, Friends, and me and 
Debbie's talks DISLIKES: Falling off of 
DG's porch, fakes, snobs, hurting people 
FAV. MEM: In Kansas with Eddie 12/9/92 
FOUND: Somewhere ACTIVITIES: Deca 
3,4 FAV. SAYING: What's Happening? 
AMBITION: To be happy in my life no 
matter what OTHER: Thanks Mom, 
Friends, Eddie for everything, I Love You 

Brian Harper 

Harpoon, Hapierre 

LIKES: Hockey, #11, Winning, The Jetta 
Adventures, In The Jesus mobile 
DISLIKES: Morning, Practice, Franklin, 
Hyundis, losing ACTIVITIES: Hockey 1- 
4 AWARDS: Letter and Jacket AMBI- 
TION: Finally own my own Jesus mobile 
OTHER: Thanx Mom and Dad, Scott, I 
Luv u guys 

Elizabeth Henderson 

Eb, Hendy, Lorretta 

LIKES: Earlobes, Meals with Alan, 
Deoderant, Big hands, PNS, Cool Whip 
DISLIKES: Conformity, Feet, Pyramids, 
HS, Chokers FAV MEM: CSN, JCM, New 
Year's, at the V's, Paris, SMR with R,T, 
+ A Flash FOUND: with AIM, pulling 
Liz's Moontower ACTIVITIES: B-ball 1-4, 
S-ball 1-3, Drama, Ski Club, Nus, WYM 
FAV SAYING: Don't use the cup you jerk! 
AMBITION: End of the search for Hew 
Pong, hair so long I can be naked. 
OTFIER: Thanks Maim, Dad, Man, and 
Ben. Love you all! 

Keith Herman 


LIKES: being with friends, the MM pul- 
sar, big base, B-Boys DISLIKES: acci- 
dents, flat tires, not having a tapedeck 
FAV MEM: Palooza '94 with J G , C.R., 
M.W , J.F , S.S., B M., M.H , R.M , 
summer '94' FAV SAYING: "What's up" 
AMBITION: to be 6 feet or taller OTHER: 
to my parents and friends, thanks for ev- 

Shawn Hession 


LIKES: winning, soccer, track, money, 
time w/friends DISLIKES: losing, double 
sessions, work outs, working FAV. MEM: 
2nd place at class C relays FOUND: out 
with friends, working ACTIVITIES: soc- 
cer 1-3, ind(x>r track 3-4, outdoor track 2-4 
AWARDS: varsirv letter & jacket, most 
improved runner 94 AMBITION: 
announce the super bowl in 2020 OTHER: 
good luck class of 95, thanks mom and 
dad I love you 

Kevin Holster 


LIKES: Friends, cold fall mornings. Track, 
"The Mill," Maine DISLIKES: loafers. 
MEM: Miller '94, Weekends at the Big 
Apple, Maine '94, Summer '94 FOUND: 
On playground swingsets' ACTIVITIES: 
Spring Track 1-4, Winter Track 3-4, Peer 
leadership. Dare FAV SAYING: Good 
stuff cheap AWARDS: Varsity letter I 
Jacket AMBITION: To accomplish as 
much as possible by doing as little .is pos- 

Shawn Hooley 


LIKES: AAF, Ford, drive-tru's, my socks, 
suger n' spice DISLIKES: cats, early 
mornings, pizza, stupid people FAV 
MEM: Aerosmith fall '93, summer '94 
FOUND: out on the prowl ACTIVITIES: 
cross country, track FAV SAYING: "You 
just gotta keep on getting on" AWARDS: 
varsity letter and jacket AMBITION: to 
terrorize the weak and innocent. 




Scott Horton 


LIKES: Juanita, Purple, Phish, rw's, 
Floyd, S&S DISLIKES: Broken Juanita, 
Stop Signs, The Next Day, Colds FAV 
MEM: Phish, Dec 93, Jul 94, Newport 
FOUND: Out with Steve & Suzanne, 
Sleeping ACTIVITIES: Hockey 1,2 
Wrestlin 3,4 FAV SAYING: Do you want 
:o walk Steve! AWARDS: Letter + Jacket 
\MBITION: To Be Successful in what- 
;ver I do in Life OTHER: THANX MOM, 

Eric Hosmer 

Treeback Beluga 

LIKES: Sam's choice cola from Wal-Mart, 
Schmangies, Charlene DISLIKES: 
Teddie's attitude, new people, being by 
myself, short finger nails FAV MEM: June 
24, 1994, a talk on the phone FOUND: In 
Matt's room with Charlene, Matt and Ted- 
die AMBITION: To stay in touch with 
reality OTHER: Matt Spencer will carry 
the S.B.H. tradition 

Justin Houde 

Captain C 

LIKES: good times and parties with 
friends DISLIKES: authority & snobs 
FAV MEM: prom 93, hockey 92, summer 
of 92 & 93 FOUND: on a deserted island 
with EL ACTIVITIES: hockey 92, golf 94 
FAV SAYING: allrighty then & smoken! 
AMBITION: to succeed while having fun 
too OTHER: Good Luck to Class of "95" 

Thomas B. Howard 


LIKES: Jules, sports, Fruit Loops 
DISLIKES: Football camp, Bo, injuries, 
drunk drivers, losing FAV MEM: 12/31/ 
93, Prom 94, egging FOUND: at practice 
ACTIVITIES: Football 1-4, B.B. 104, Base- 
ball 1-4, peer leader, SADD, student coun- 
cil 2-4, president 1 FAV SAYING: shut up 
Matt, I made that up! AWARDS: Letter, 
Jacket, Captain — f.b., b.b., baseball 
AMBITION: To see Julie in a bathing suit! 
OTHER: Thanx team Howard, I love you! 
Thanx chic and Lar, love you too! 

Timothy Hughes 

Tim, Capt. Kirk, Hughesy 

LIKES: M&MS, payday, for DS, Bugs 
Bunny, "THE MILL" DISLIKES: rust, 
jetting caught, donks, practicality, politi- 
:ians FAV MEM: Junior Skip Day, '92, 
Vermont truro, trip to "Weirs Beach" 
FOUND: working, barefoot, pregnant & 
behind a stove ACTIVITIES: SADD, 
Drama, Football 1-2, X-Country 3-4, Win- 
:er/Spring Track 1-4, FAV SAYING: 
America has no shoeboxes! AWARDS: 
Varsity Letter/Jacket, most improved, 
jvinter 93-94 AMBITION: to own a garage 
iill of mustangs 

Lori K. Huneryager 


LIKES: blue skies, #33, dogs, sun, basket- 
ball, vacations, lemonade DISLIKES: 
snow, chocolate, spiders, mice, sugar, 
crowds, nightmares, cinnamon FAV 
MEM: France '93, b-ball camp '94, NHS 
homeless project '94, Mr. S's lawn 2/18/94 
FOUND: in car, w/ A.L., playing basket- 
ball ACTIVITIES: B-ball 1-4, capt 4, S. 
track 1-3, yearbook, NHS, peerleader 2-4 
AWARDS: varsity letter and jacket 
OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, Dave, and 
Peppy. I love you! 

Russell Juergens 

Soapy, George 

LIKES: soccer, friends, pretzels, J.C., 
Ponderosa runs DISLIKES: soccer jokes, 
basketball poles, Theodores FAV. MEM: 
beach 5/14/94 with J. C, M.B., C.G., A.M., 
D.R. FOUND: out with J.C., Anges drive- 
way ACTIVITIES: soccer 1-4 FAV. SAY- 
ING: GRAVY! AWARDS: letter, jacket, 
unsung soccer AMBITION: to own my 
own pretzel factory 

Etsuko Kawashima 


LIKES: friends, music, eating, watching 
baseball games DISLIKES: thunder and 
lightening, war, tests FAV MEMORY: 
staying in America '94, '95 FAV SAYING: 
Do your best! AMBITION: to succeed as 
an interpreter OTHER: Thanks to friends 
and family 



Colleen Patrice Kenney 

Colls, Ken-Dog, Smalleen 
Plain ville 

LIKES: cereal, friends, oldies, driving, 
11:11, honesty DISLIKES: waking up, 
seaweed, bathing suits, lies FAV 
MEMORY: summer v 94, 5/14/94, N.H. w/ 
gang FOUND: with my buds, smiling, 
running ACTIVITIES: soccer 1-2, X.C. 3- 
4, WT 2-4, ST 1-4, Prldr. 2-4 FAV SAY- 
ING: Think warm, Time will tell 
AWARDS: HOCK All-star, var. It & 
jacket, tri-capt., Rookie Yr. '93 AMBI- 
TION: Never give up, never slow down, 
and never die young OTHER: Thanks to 
my parents, friends; Good Luck Class of 

Erin Kiley 

Ky, Kiley 

LIKES: 13, BC, stars, my car, laughing 
DISLIKES: being sad, fights, feet, 4-leaf 
clovers, whimps FAV MEMORY: Florida 
'94, 2/22/94, Frosh yr. FOUND: laughing 
at absolutely nothing! ACTIVITIES: soc- 
cer 1-4, gymnastics 1-4 FAV SAYING: Oh 
obviously, Al righty then! AWARDS: 
varsity letter & jacket, Capt. 4 AMBI- 
TION: to show that trees do talk OTHER: 
Thanks & Good luck to friends! 

Matthew R. Kirwin 


LIKES: Computers, science, dedicated 
people DISLIKES: Insincerity, false- 
hoods, ignorance, egotism FAV MEM: 
Band Camp '92, '94, Academy '94 
FOUND: at library, repairing computers 
ACTIVITIES: Cncrt Band 1,2,4 Jazz Band 
1 Marching Band 1,4 AMBITION: 
Military of law enforcement 

Brad M. Kuta 

Eagle, Kutz 

LIKES: Sports, food, sleeping late, the 
van, winning DISLIKES: Franklin, 
Spiders, Football Camp, no money, no 

fas, working, losing FAV MEM: Prom 94, 
years next to Kiley, All the times with my 
friends FOUND: Practice, working, with 
friends, driving the van ACTIVITIES: 
Football 1-4, Basketball 1,2 Winter track 
3,4 Baseball 1-4 Peer Leader 1,2 FAV SAY- 
ING: Give it up guys you're such queers 
AWARDS: Varsity Letter and Jacket, 
Baseball Hock. Champs AMBITION: Go 
to college, become a teacher OTHER: 
Thanx Dad, Patty, Lisa, Debbie 

Scott Laverty 

Plain ville 

LIKES: sports, movies, television, pizza, 
the lions DISLIKES: Soccer, dallas, 
cowboys, work FOUND: Sleeping, work- 
ing or just out AMBITION: To five well 
and not work hard 



Tricia Grace Lawrence 


LIKES: R.G., old white car, summers, 
being with my friends, M.B. attitude, JC, 
MB, ED, KC, HE, JM, JM, EP, RG, etc. 
DISLIKES: JL, fighting, parking in the 
first row, rudeness FA V MEM: summer of 
'94, prom '93, summer of '93, at Val's 
house with Meloney and the gang 
FOUND: at L.D. house, out with Russ or 
with faith somewhere stupid ACTIVI- 
TIES: fall, colorguard 1-3, winterguard 1- 
3, DECA 3-4 FAV SAY: if you don't like 
my attitude don't talk to me AWARDS: 
winterguard, fallguard, metal years 1-3 
champion metals AMBITION: to go to 
college and become an accountant 
OTHER: thanks mom, dad, Faith I love 
you a lot and you made me go threw it all, 
and I thank you. 

Kelly Leary 


LIKES: Sunshines, tropical fish, green, 
beaches, hugs, DB's w/ my buds, dew, hut 
runs, my water bottle DISLIKES: 
goodbyes, liars, fights, JA's music, fake- 
ness FAV MEM: 5-1-93, LH 93 and 94, 
Summer 94, GD 94 w/ MC FOUND: At the 
gym, w/ my buds, Pizza Hut ACTIVI- 
TIES: XC 1,2,3 Spring Track 1,2,4 Winter 
Track 1,2 AWARDS: Letter and Jacket 
AMBITION: To find the little dipper and 
to play my guitar w/ Mares OTHER: 
Thanks Mom and Dad and my bros. I Love 
you all 

Joe Levesque 


LIKES: Beards, cheeze + mac, my red 
sweater, Dukes of Hazard, muppets, 
igpa-atinla, A-Team DISLIKES: Feb 18, 
deodorant dingleberries, sweat, white- 
shoes, Yuppiejeeps FAV MEM: Earth day 
'92, The velcro night w/ Nate Dog and 
michalli, An Onion disco to "Low Rider" 
FOUND: Being the fool on the hill, in a 
barn, Trying to learn something, Trying to 
grow a beard FAV SAY: "So what now 

Julie Anne Levesque 


LIKES: Tab, deebes w/Kel, making pop- 
corn, hugs, tweety, green, yellow roses 
DISLIKES: church, ski trips, see you 
Mondays, drunk drivers, cats FAV MEM: 
12/31/93, Prom 94, summer 94 FOUND: 
with T.H., with K.L. doing deebes AC- 
TIVITIES: soccer FAV SAYING: I'm in 
the M, Der AMBITION: to be happy and 
have all my dreams come true OTHER: 
thanks MAC 4 advice, I love U M&D, 
Amelia, T.H., K.L., The Howard Team, 

Antonio Linares 


LIKES: Disco, Beach, Motorcross, 
Mountain Biking, and Girls; DISLIKES: 
Hipocracy, being second, hospitals, and 
heights; FAV. MEM.: All days I spent at 
the races with my parents and my 
brothers; FOUND: Beach, house, Discos, 
at Tracks; ACTIVITIES: ride my bikes and 
try to find new places; AMBITION: To 
become famous in anything I do. 

Aaron Long 


LIKES: friends, music, sports DISLIKES: 
boring classes, slow drivers, oral reports 
FAV MEM: Cypress Hill '94, Junior Prom 
FOUND: at Janelle's, washing dishes with 
Shep ACTIVITIES: football 1, baseball 
AMBITION: to be happy 

Janelle Lortie 

"J," Scratch 

LIKES: true friends, laughing, cartoons, 
the fall DISLIKES: math, goodbyes, 
stuffy noses, decisions FAV MEM: Prom 
'94, summer '94, freshman yr., N.H. '94, 
Virginia '93 FOUND: with Aaron and my 
friends, working at Tylers ACTIVITIES: 
SADD 1, peerleadership 2-3 AMBITION: 
to graduate college & become a social 
worker OTHER: Thank you to all my 
friends for the good times & thanks Aaron 
for keeping me laughing, I Love U 

Kelly Lucas 


LIKES: stupid things DISLIKES: Holt 
FAV. MEM: tree hugging FOUND: in the 
Chevette ACTIVITIES: Drama, SADD, 
Sachem, NHS, Announcements FAV. 
SAYING: Uh, Yeah! AWARDS: National 
History Day AMBITION: Mrs. Oprah 

Christopher Lunn 

Gameday, Lunnzi, LB 

LIKES: Firenza, G-Funk, ERA, The links, 
acting stupid w/RM, BA, CR, and MW. 
DISLIKES: choking, OOB, 0-6, Lund. 
FOUND: Wampum Corner, on the Tee. 
ACTIVITIES: Golf 2-4, B-Ball GM 1-3, 
Tennis 2-4. FAV. SAYING: OK . . . Great, 
Sweet. AWARDS: Varsity let + jacket, 
Golf Capt, Boys State. OTHER: Thanks 
Mom, Dad and Aimee. Good luck Class of 

Jenelle Macaskill 


LIKES: David, parties, R.I., Bruins, late 
nights with friends, money DISLIKES: 
Mornings, parents, snobs, school, work, 
paying bills, fighting with Dave FAV 
MEM: 12/29/93, 5/1/94, 2/21/94 to 2/26/94, 
summer of 93 FOUND: On the Ave. w/ 
Debbie in R.I. ACTIVITIES: Peer leader- 
ship 1 FAV SAYING: Sure, anyway, what 
no! why me? AMBITION: To succeed and 
make the best out of life OTHER: Thanks 
DC and LH/M&D, Good luck AJ, "Here I 
come world!" 

Matthew B. MacKinnon 


LIKES: Psychology, football, pizza, Res- 
cue 911, The Rome, my car DISLIKES: 
Drunk drivers, backing up, the dark, 
GAM, homework, winter FAV MEM: 
Fam vacations, being with Jack, camp 94 
FOUND: My room, my car, sleeping, 
watching TV, out ACTIVITIES: Sachem, 
SADD, UNICEF, Peer leadership, drama 
FAV SAYING: Live life to the max, it's too 
short AMBITION: To live life the way that 
I want to OTHER: Thanx: my family, 
teachers and Mr. Bender 



Robert T. MacMurray 

LOCKS .hewing pens, 

high |ump the clique DISLIKT-- 

sprained ankk-> the red nut 
burn FAV MEM: LollapilooM **4 prom 

.. HUM) WHh the clique 
making run ot fimonr with 1. 1 M and 
BAACTlVIIUs SoCCW 1,2 winter track 
M spnnfra.* I •» NHS l N SAYING 
But I like the »tair* w Hat art- vou thinking 
About 7 that MM cool, but I didn t like it 
\W \Rl>^ - irid lacket Bos s 

VMHIIH'N . rithrCij altrvt the 

world and keep im sens*- o! humor OTH- 
ER: Thanks Morn Dad I K. M — vou 
guvs rule' Al*o thanks to It HM MK tor 
I HA M tor making me 
laugh (a lot i 

Kristen M. Maraghy 


LIKES: the Border the Phantom, green 
balloons Sebastion COWS, Newport 
DISLIKES: Chinese food, cloudv Ja\s 
the 00M driving W I V FOUND: at the 
station in the yearbook room, running 
around ACTIVITIES: Sc 1.2; Sp Tr M; W 
Tr 2-4. Prleader N.H.S scarbook 2-4; 
drama 2-4 FAV SAYINC: "Ifs ot no 

consequencel Is she talking to us?" 

What are sou thinking about 1 

AWARDS: varsity letter and jacket 

W1HI1ION: roown I red cabriolet W ■ 
black root OTHER: I hank vou Mom. 
Dad kellv D.P III IV IF.. L.B.. 
KM t A . A B . and the class of 1995. 
l ove yal 

Patrick Marino 

The Acrobatic Marino 
Plain ville 

LIKES: Soccer, homework, tests, 
Brennan, Barret, finals, pi DISLIKES: 
Doubles, French, Cliff FAV MEM: Boy's 
state ^4 FOUND: On the pitch: singing 
opera ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1-4 FAV SAY- 
ING: He's about as straight as a slinky 

Robert Massaro 


LIKES: Mv car, 5 classes with F.G., art, 
guitar FAV MEM: Riverside, whale watch 
FOUND: Hanging out with friends 
To have a good life 

Katie Matilla 

Sarah Mattson 

. MM Brtin Gooba 

W rent ham 


i im s <' -nu. thunders! rms, Thai 
food *r • DISIIMS ndrv running. 
I \\ Ml M 
Amnnu M ' Prudetv I I rV POUND ll 
rnrrvJK » at Iran* drraming \< ll\l 
rthall 1 4 drama 
M. PrW-aS I W S\1IS(. Im M 


OTMIR Thank* for thr laugh*' I > M • k' 

LIKES: MO IB walking in the rain. 
muMangs it sunsets DISMKIS: racism 
not being w MO tights DAA&I IM(IK)' 
I \\ MEM: pi imS Sept 5 PC w KM fc 
Boston w 1>R FOUND: in Rachels car 

with ail. \< rrvrrres iftu, 2-4. 

wntrtrack ft sprngtrack 2 prldrshp tt 
DAA' FAV. SAYINC: a promise is for 
evci AWARDS: varsity jacket tt hock 
champs sM' AMBITION tO buy the 
FM tor KM' OTHER: I love vou 
mom. dad tt I' 

LIKES: watching the ballgamc, toasting 
chaos, firearms, natural disasters 
DISLIKES: flat tires, Bemho's, English 
slow drivers FAV. MEM:> 
Riverside U, ski trip 94, SMB 94 FOUND: 
w friends, the Lake, driving around, 
working ACTIVITIES: baseball I . ski dub 
V4 FAV SAYING: "What's the count 7 ", "I 
need TP 4 mv bung hole!" AMBITION: to 
become a state trooper OTHER: mom I 
dad + Joe — Thanx for all vour support'" 




Jamie McGrath 


LIKES: Jimmieimmy, English accents, 

DISLIKES: snobs, plastic people, having 
no car FAV. MEM: "94" at the cape, "93 v 
in Laconia FOUND: with Jimmie AC- 
TIVITIES: shopping, Softball, party FAV. 
SAY: What? AMBITION: spend rest of 
my life with Jim OTHER: Thanks to 
everyone who stayed by me! 

Kim McGrath 

Ima, Kimmi, Bootleg Betsy 

LIKES: B.S., P.J., purple, my buds, $3.49, 
late nights, summer, c-n-c, daisys, happi- 
ness, my sweaters, the yota windows 
DISLIKES: bugs, feet, racism, smoking, 
the floor, boredom, poverty, being tired, 
restrictions FAV. MEM: 5-27-94, (black), 

fansette 93, Halloween 93, summer 94, 5- 
0-94, Buffet 94 FOUND: P.G.'s 
"A.Y.C.E." with B.S., P.P., L.H., day 
dreaming ACTIVITIES: DECA 3-4, 
SADD 1 FAV. SAYING: "Really Peg?", 
"you don't understand," "duh," "yeah, 
hi," "Oh, my!" AWARDS: 1st states 
(DECA) AMBITION: to see P.P. have one 
good day, to live, love, laugh, forever 
OTHER: Thanx M&M, B.S., L.H., M.B., 
K.M., P.P., I love you all, never change, 
Good luck J.G. 

John Menfi 


LIKES: friends, money, Taco Bell runs, 
driving DISLIKES: chemistry, home- 
work, having no money, losing FAV 
MEM: Hampton Beach, summer 94 
FOUND: with friends, driving FAV SAY- 
ING: tell ya that right now AMBITION: to 

Carrie Ann B. Miles 

C, Trouble 

LIKES: individualism, young attitudes, 
justice, open minds DISLIKES: snow, ice, 
prejudiced people, giving up, car trouble, 
hypocrites FAV. MEM: the Formulas, 10- 
19-92, HR, walks w/ J, NH, laughing 
FOUND: pool halls, breakdown lane, 
star, in the middle of a laughing fit AC- 
TIVITIES: SADD, Peerleadership, swim, 
dance FAV. SAYING: We may all have 
different color skins, but we all have the 
same color shadows AMBITION: to open 
all of the closed minds and lock in my 
young attitude OTHER: thank you dad, 
mom, Craig, friends, KP staff, and class of 
'97 — I would have never made it alone! 

John P. Mistier, Jr. 


LIKES: Heather O., snowboarding, Mt. 
bike, music, senior yr. DISLIKES: term 
papers FAV. MEM: NH 1990, VT 1994, 
May 13, '94 FOUND: hanging w/ HO, BM, 
JC, SA or at work ACTIVITIES: snow- 
boarding, work, magic FAV. SAYING: 
Bu-Bye AMBITION: to become a scientist 
OTHER: Hi mom, dad, HO, BM, JC, Jess 
and Pat 

Jason Mitchell 

Mitch, Jay, Big Guy 

LIKES: fishtank, Journeys, lettermans, in 
P and D, in B DISLIKES: lame parties, 
senior pictures, crashing tickets, pigs, 
ham, bacon FAV MEM: March 14, 1994 
FOUND: with BR, TWS or where my car is 
SAYING: they don't know AMBITION: 
to get one OTHER: thxs M&D, good luck 
Jenny, later K.P. 

Kim Montanaro 

LIKES: laughing, hugs, sun, ocean, 
green-eyes, strawberries, WBRU, Pez 
DISLIKES: stress, decision, rain, ac- 
cidents, restrictions, lemons FAV. MEM: 
S.C.W., Vic, summer (93-94), Mellan 
Camp (94), zoo FOUND: with V.M. or 
N.P., Narr., the gym, on the phone 
AMBITION: enjoy life and get out of 
Wrentham OTHER: Thanx for everything 
Mom, Dad, Bob, Chris, and Billy. Also 
thanx for always listening Vicky. And 
Nicky we'll always have good times and 
great laughs. 

Tim Montgomery 


LIKES: Mortal Kombat Hockey DIS- 
LIKES: work, demerits FAV MEM: when 
I leave KP FOUND: milking by cow AC- 
TIVITIES: hockey FAV SAYING: I love 
KP AMBITION: to go to clown school 



Alexander James Moore 

Melissa K. Morris 

Michelle L. Morris 

Rachel Morissette 




f*i*in\ iiit- 



llkls '■' irrei pool camping eyes 

IMsllkls ■ .1 no i;js transmissions 
. 1 \\ Ml M DAbeachw CC skim* 

h k, v\k ^ FOl m> 

MS Hk 4 III* j! workatMcGolf 

\c 1 1\ 1 1 lis BBa : : soccer 1 2 W- 

j i \\ BAYING 

Djn Kude [»•! s *o bassmg 

ert * new car make m\ was out west 
OlHFR: (hjn\ mom U dad 

mkis cean France friends soccer 
Sam DISLIKES: Generics, laugh- 
Big w Ah. w k I FAV MEM: Cape ^1 wTl 
i 1M concerts M Mi France FOUND: 
Omonville, France raco Hell m II 
ACTIVITIES: Band & \\ inter Guard 5 jrrs. 
AMBITION: to become Buenl in French 
OTHER: I hanks to IT. KS. AS. Mom & 
Dad — Luv 'lou 

LIKES: laughing, smiling, summer, soc- 
cer, true friends, water skiing DISLIKES: 
JM's stories, dbl sessions, boredom FAV 
MEM: KC with JM, JM, & CK, Cape with 
KTC '92, '93, '94, camping with LB, LM, 
JM, CK, RJ, JO, prom '94, semi '92, '93, '94 
FOUND: in EN, BB, JC's yard with toilet 
paper: or driving around with the Rang 
listening to JM P s stories ACTIVITIES: 
varsity soccer 1-4, winter track 1-4, spring 
track 14. N'HS 3-4 FAV SAYING: Good 
story [ulie! AWARDS: 92 rookie of the 
year winter track, varsity letter & jacket, 
capt. winter and spring track AMBI- 
TION: to become successful and have fun 
tetting there OTHER: Thanks M,P,D & J; 
TC, AD, RR, CO, CK, JM, JA, EN, JC, RJ, 
RH, MW, CR, JP good luck guys I love you 

LIKES: EFM, money, beaches, sleeping, 
Tigger, caffeine DISLIKES: Headaches, 
mornings, math, driving FAV MEM: ACK 
93, PFC 94, Casper 94, Summer 94 
FOUND: Driving with Allie and Sarah, at 
Tylers FAV SAYING: No, you don't 
understand. Go away Allison AMBI- 
TION: To finally make up my mind 
OTHER: Thanks to my friends for the 

\ kftOrU B. Mucciarone 


I Ikl s 

r- tfogv 

DlsiiKTs Storms. 
• s FAV 
' ' " M FOUND 


. I \\ s\>|N(, 
I !1 do it Utrr AMHIth IN 

lifr arul to br hjpp\ OlHI K 
' m. D*d and M 




Brian Mullen 


i ikis Mush Madness, baas, green, hlk 

in* , han. u IMSIIkIS Attitude 
Bashing him' light, the mornin 
FAV MEM: Bullet 91, 92. & "4 MMB "4 
Fishbone ^4 FOUND: With lohn. |av. 
l/ra or Dan Philmont ACTIVITIES: 

sins,. Sachem Sid dub awaki 

scout ambition: ( ..-t it togethei make II 


Justin Munroe 


LIKES: musk, art ACTIVITIES: wres- 
tling FAV SAYING: Yes I am 

Julie Mure 


LIKES: Sunshine, hugs, cards, laughing 
DISLIKES: rainv days, seaweed, fighting 
FAV MEM: BdS — C.G.'s 16th B-dav, 
Brums Came, S 14/94, 9/14/94 — H.B. 
I'Okl R NIGH! K( W/C.K., MM, and 
J.M. FOUND: w/C.O. and the gang AC- 
TIVITIES: FH 1 ,2,3,4 BB 1 SB 1 ,2 Track V-l 
sec 1,2,3,4 NHS 3,4 PEER LEADERSHIP I 
FAV SAYING: I'm sorry I have a story I 
tell! AWARDS: Letter and Jacket AMBI- 
TION: To be happy and successful 

Jason Murray 

Gordon, Rob, Murrayhomme 

LIKES: My rice burner, fast food, high- 
ways DISLIKES: Chinese food, basket- 
ball, walking to school FAV MEM: Florida 
w/ NP, Parties with RJ + NP and Newport 
Beach FOUND: Cruising around in the 
Hyundai ACTIVITIES: Tennis 1-4 FAV 
SAYING: Alright there, jerky AWARDS: 
Letter + Jacket 

Jesse Myers 

Amy S. Nelson 


LIKES: shooting stars, green, MSSF, 
TOKG, Butterflies, Rainy days. DIS- 
LIKES: spiders, restrictions, pyramids, 
my car, white socks. FAV. MEM: summer 
93, fun w/R„ T., E„ Times with E.H., J.C., 
& D.G. FOUND: With Ebs, MSSF, being 
D.D. with my tongue out. AMBITION: 
To be free to live my life the way life was 
meant to be lived! OTHER: Thanks Mom, 
Dad, Beck, & Jess — I Love You! 

Douglas C. Newton 


LIKES: snowboarding, GOING TO PAR- 
melting snow, not being w/CHAD FAV. 
Mt. W w/RG FOUND: Mt. Snow, Deer- 
club, swim club, wrestling, unicef, SADD 
FAV. SAYING: I didn't know that 1 was 
that AMBITION: raise mv 7 children and 
my dog OTHER: Thanx Mom and Dad 4 
Trusting Me 

Eric Nolan 

James O'Brien 

Jason O'Brien 

Courtney O'Hara 







LIKES: Sports, TV, FOOD, sleeping, Th 
gvm, Winning DISLIKES: Working 
Homework, Doubles, losing, Waking up 
FAV MEM: All Times With Linda, Wood- 
stock FOUND: Ang's Driveway, Roaming 
the Halls with Jim ACTIVITIES: Soccer 
1-4, Track 1-4, W. track 1-4 FAV SAYING: 
Shut Up AWARDS: Varsity Letter and 
Jacket, Capt. AMBITION: To Live life to 
the fullest OTHER: Thanks Mom + Dad 
for everything I Love You 

LIKES: J.H. cars with bass and summer of 
94 in Narragansett DISLIKES: Stuck up 
snobby preps who all act alike (fake) FAV 
MEM: Junior year with J.L. FOUND: at 
J.H.'s house or working on car AC- 
TIVITIES: Hockey 2 AMBITION: to suc- 
ceed and own a Mercedes 

LIKES: MC, soccer, track DISLIKES: 
doubles, sprints FAV MEM: New Eng- 
lands, Prom 94 FOUND: soccer fields AC- 
TIVITIES: soccer, track FAV SAYING: 
word AWARDS: 3 yrs. var soccer, 4 yrs. 
var track 

LIKES: BM, HUGS, summer, flowers, $, 
#22, Late talk, laughs DISLIKES: FEET, 
decisions, JM stones, fights, goodbyes 
FAV MEM: Nov. 1 91 — Now, 471/92, CG 
16 — JM, LO, LD, MB Bru-Jm, CG, AD 
Rehob — JA FOUND: with BM, laughing 
w/ JM, eating ACTIVITIES: Soccer 123, 
Basketball 12, Track 1, P.L. 2, M.S. 3 FAV 
SAYING: I'm sorry, Good story Jules 
Jay, Britt & Brian! I love you 



Chadd O'Neil 

Did BIC 

Davin Oatley 


LIKES: #11. winning, the tall dogs blue 
vircp. »tat. DISLIKES: Aharon losing. 
Eagles s driving FAV 
Ml M ICING i V\'\K 6 i: • 
mi si) \k I) i « the boys ac ii\i 
l If- ENNB 1 A. CAPT3- 

I \v% \kds •• ■ Kki - ( • HiKk 
\mbi i ION ->-vd in lui- live 
happtlv OTHER. GOOD LUCK 95 MOM 

,ES: skiing, girls i.i-t iar- hoi rubs, 
DISLIKES: school or anvthing like it 

Marta E. Oltarzewski 


LIKES: hugs, cats, excitement, love, 
MEN!!, power, intimacy, eyes DISLIKES: 
greedy people, takers, users, feet, slow 
people, SM — needles, fakes, rain, de- 
pression FAV MEM: "Ice pick 94" (w/A.P. 
it G.T.) FOUND: in the city, in the night 
a bite outa crime girl AMBITION: to suc- 
cessfully reach my dreams! OTHER: to 
come back & laugn!! 

Lisa Orsogna 


LIKES: Mike, Dolphins, Tigers, Chinese 
Food, Animals, Beach, Thunderstorms, $, 
Laughing DISLIKES: Feet, Waking up 
early, Getting Caught FAV MEM: MEM. 
Day W.E. 93, 2/14/93 FOUND: w/Mike, w/ 
Friends, Eating, At Work ACTIVITIES: 
Soccer 1, Softball 1, Track 2, Hockey Mgr3 
AMBITION: To live a long, happy, 
healthy life OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Friends & Mike 

Jim Ouimet 




Food. BfcB moncv. 

Fhr (,vm winning 

v»urk. hon 

ca»h. loting FAV Ml M 



ratline V4 Track I 1 B Ball 2 

• \\1hl 

with V ruppinrs.. tt Fjrnlv 

John Palie 

iikis mbc. Winning, green, 21. l.M.t 
ball DISLIKES: Camp Samoaett, GL, Los- 
ing FAV MEM: 5 1*94, HNB. CC with 
MM Daytona with ( o ACTIVITIES: FB 
1 4 Wl VI s| VI ( ■pi 1 FAV SAYING: 

Yeah Right awards: Vanity lettet and 


'thanks fur everything Dad 

George Pappas 

Laura Ann Pare 


LIKES: Thunderstorms, ice cream, chal- 
lenges, rollercoasters DISLIKES: Igno- 
rance, condescending attitudes AC- 
TIVITIES: NHS, Peer Leadership, F + W 
Cheerleading 1,2,3,4 FAV SAYING: "You 
have brains in your head You have feet in 
your shoes You can steer yourself any di- 
rection you choose."— Dr Seuaf 
AWARDS: Varsity letter and |ackeJ 
AMBITION: To be the best that I can pos- 
sibly be and to never fail in mv own eyCI 
OTHER: Dad, Mom, « Sarah' Thanks i,.t 
everything, I love You 1 



Peggy Pavidis 

Roxy Musintuchit, Poochie, Fifi, Pigga 

LIKES: Green, Good Buds, 22, Fireworks, 
Hugs, S. Pumpkins, Elmo, Ficco DIS- 
LIKES: Decisions, Fights, Boo Boos FAV 
MEM: Campa, Summer 94, w/sexy, JR. 
Year Oct. 22 w/K.M. FOUND: w/Mel or 
Kim, Confused, Crying, With my bags 
SAYING: I'm hear 4 u babe! I'm sorry. 
AMBITION: To prove my parents wrong! 
To get Kim some enthusiasm OTHER: 
Thanx Fam! Good Luck Sip & Digger! 

Athalie Paynting 


LIKES: The Monkees, The Doors, Hotel 
Lautreamont, Freshen Up Gum DIS- 
LIKES: Paten Leather Shoes, Mis- 
sionaries, anything pink FAV MEM: Paris 
'94, Providence, This June FOUND: In the 
corner reading, eating lunch AC- 
TIVITIES: Drama 3,4 SACHEM 3,4 
AMBITION: Zooligist OTHER: Do you 
know what it is with insane people . . . 
The quiet ones? 

Vance Pearson 


LIKES: Phillies Pearl Jam ACTIVITIES: 

Wrestling 1-4 AWARDS: Varsity Letter/ 

Glennis K. Perez 

Big Mouth 

LIKES: Dance, Sing, Talk, Double Dutch, 
Karate DISLIKES: Ignorant People, 
Heavy Metal FOUND: Teaching, Art, 
Dancing, Singing FAV SAYING: It's All 
Good AMBITION: To Become An Artist 

Danielle Plante 

Dan, Dani P. 

LIKES: DUEY, Dolphins, beach, shop- 

fing, money DISLIKES: FEET, the cold 
AV MEM: Summer of 93 w/Mel, July 4th 
with the G's, the beach w /Lisa, concert of 
94 FOUND: With Friends, the beach, 
mall, eating FAV SAYING: Anything in 
my teeth? HIEEEE AMBITION: To live a 
long happy and healthly life OTHER: 
Thanks Mom, Jim, Dad, Warren, Friends 

Nickey Plouffe 


OTHER: Love and thanks to: Joe! Ryan! 
KM, DG, RP, Mom & Dad 

Stephen James Pond 


LIKES: Summer, Maine, Friends, driving, 
Food, $, Weekends DISLIKES: Work, The 
Cold, Mornings, Arguments FAV MEM: 
Summer 94, PC, 2/14/92 FOUND: hanging 
Football 1-4, Baseball 1, Work AMBI- 
TION: To live life to the fullest OTHER: 
Thanks Mom, Dad, JP, NP, TH 

Sarah Pyne 


LIKES: Bart, brownies, Sundays, Ready 
Ribs, PJ Harvey DISLIKES: Listening to 
people eat corn on the cob FAV MEM: 
Summer 93, Aug 6-8-93 Femmes FOUND: 
In a session or eating ACTIVITIES: 
Drama FAV SAYING: To stay happy 
OTHER: Elephants shoe Blaablaablaa 



Christopher A. Race 


LIKES: School dances, the Tracer, 
BASS., B boys DISLIKES: Camp Sam- 
oset. Summer Readinbg, Lushes FAV 
MEM: School Dance 93 FOUND: in the 
crib at M.W. ACTIVITIES: football 1-4, 
W. track 1,3, S. track 1-3, Bask. Heck. 4 
FAV SAYING: No drug rules mv bodv. I 
am an athlete! AWARDS: Vars'itv letter 
and jacket, Bovs' State OTHER: Thanks 

David Raymond 


LIKES: Mac $ cheese, chickenburgers, 
math problems, concerts, skiing, bikovan 
DISLIKES: egos, stress, traffic, being late 
FAV MEM: Steve Miller 93,94, Soph. YR. 
8 ball, Boston w/Kim FOUND: Running in 
circles, w/friends, Boston View, on Tim's 
lawn ACTIVITIES: X-C 1-4, W. Track 1-4, 
S. Track 1-4, SADD 2, YRBK 3,4, Biko Van 
Pilot 3,4 FAV SAYING: If vou keep it, 
you'll always have it. AWARDS: Capt. X- 
C, W S S Track, 11 Vars. letters OTHER: 
Mom, Dad, Cheese, B-Cheese, TH, MW, 
PW, KMJ — Thanks for everything. 

Julie Raymond 



LIKES: NH, #5, weekends, $1.04, eating, 
my car, sleeping. DISLIKES: Curbs, feet, 
insects, no $, getting up early, winter. 
FAV MEM: Summer of '94, Hampton 
Beach 5/13/94. FOUND: Working, cruis- 
ing with UR. FAV SAYING: "Whatever," 
"Really," "Don't slam the door." AMBI- 
TIONS To be successful and happy. 
OTHER: Thanks M & D. Good luck 

Rachel Rice 

Ricey, Roni, Rach 2 

LIKES: rainy days, beach, the Girls, 

freen, the sky, dreams DISLIKES: JK, an- 
les, Franklin, HD, ignorance, goodbyes, 
feet FAV MEM: WSAG, grease nite, Mel- 
lancamp FOUND: on the ground, com- 
plaining, bruised ACTIVITIES: baseball 
1-4, softball 1-4, soccer 1-4, peer leader- 
ship, NHS FAV SAYING: You're only as 
good as your dreams AWARDS: MVP 
softball, baseball, All-Hock softball, Tri- 
capt. AMBITION: to be successful and 
happy. OTHER: Thanks Dad, Mom, 
Beck, AH, luv you! 

Jillian Richard 

Jdlibean. Rocky, Ruby 

LIKES: green, mv friends, free food, honk 
and wave DISLIKES: the dark, everyone, 
Frank at nite FAV MEM: Asvlum Boston 
with A\ tood with )W |owy 94 FOUND: 
Cup or Cone, asvlum. Jamie's cruisine 
ACTIVITIES: cheerleading 1-4, pearlead- 
i-rship 2-4 FAV SAYING: it is well not 
Rood, that s so funnv AWARDS: MVP • 
unsung hero, letter * |acket AMBI- 
Il( )N • succeed in everything OTHER: 
Thanks to Mom And Dad JR » |\V ^nud 

. one 

Debbi Robinson 


LIKES: sunsets, hugs, #8, ocean, NM, 
Jeeps, pictures, friends, storms, honesty, 
docks DISLIKES: dead lines, rules, fish, 
goodbyes, silence, questions, tears, 
wondering, decisions FAV MEM: PF w/ 
MegB, cuddles w/NM, veg nites, JB 94, 
SM 93-94, beach trips, campouts, 94 
Aruba w DS, sneak out w/MB, CG 
FOUND: w/NM, friends, sleeping AC- 
TIVITIES: Gym 1-2, FH 1-3 FAV SAY- 
ING: whatever AWARDS: letter AMBI- 
TION: 2B happy and healthy, get CB good 
OTHER: thanks MDM, NlMl love ya, 
Inrruix the memories, good luck class 

Michael Roche 

Stephen Rogers 



LIKES: purple, GTI, S.H.'s stickers, S&S, 
Phish, the TA DISLIKES: driving in the 
snow FAV MEM: Phish concert 94 
FOUND: wish, NN or in M.W.'s crib AC- 
TIVITIES: wrestling 92 FAV SAYING: 
this rocks AWARDS: varsity letter AMBI- 
TION: to find a joke I like OTHER: Thanx 
Mom, Dad & Mark for being there 



Wesley Rollins 

Danielle Rose 

Wes, Snipes 




LIKES: Jeeps, soccer, E.P. the Lake, #9, 
Shi Wautiques DISLIKES: losing, mos- 
quitos FAV MEM: JR. XR. w/E.H., egg 
tossing, Cape w/M.S. FOUND: on the 
lake, in my Jeep ACTIVITIES: soccer 1-4 
Capt. 3-4, basketball 1-4, tennis 1-2 FAV 
SAYING: Whats up, Shh pretend you're 
sleeping AWARDS: Boys' State, Vars. 
Let. and Jkt. AMBITION: to be successful 
in life OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, Mr. C, 
and Paula 

LIKES: Sunshine, my friends, smiles, 
Cam, Teddy, Timmy & #14. DISLIKES: 
Rainy days, no $, mornings. FOUND: 
D&D, Scooters, with SM & JB. AC- 
TIVITIES: FH 1,2,3,4, Peerleadership 2,3. 
FAV SAYING: Fail to prepare; Prepare to 
fail. — Tim N. AMBITION: To be success- 
ful in life. OTHER: Thankx Mom, Dad, 
and Garrett! I luv ya! 

Britton Ross 

B-Meister, Taz 

Likes: SL, sleeping, fast cars, concerts, 
parties, Harleys DISLIKES: cops, insur- 
ance, accidents, liars FAV MEM: SL, 
States with JM, JT, SC, ES FOUND: with 
SL, work, driving, JM ACTIVITIES: Deca 
3-4, soccer 2, Vice President Deca 4 FAV 
SAYING: If you are afraid of dying then 
you are afraid of living. AWARDS: certifi- 
cate of excellence at States AMBITION: to 
do nothing and get a lot of money for it 
OTHER: Thanks M&D, good luck 

Dawn Savadyga 

Betty, Breezy, Sav. 

LIKES: FTJSC, EM, ML, Memories with 
my friends DISLIKES: CH11, calculus, 
dogs, Uncle Sam, late nites in Attleboro, 
sneaking up behind people FAV MEM: 
Narcon 93, talks with AF 93-95, 2nd lunch 
93-94, summers of 1992 and 1994 FOUND: 
on CQ duty, Attleboro, Deca room, with 
ML, with EM ACTIVITIES: peer leader- 
ship 2-4, Model Senate 3-4, Deca 3-4 FAV 
SAYING: Hey What's up?, hardly, Adios, 
Hola AWARDS: Who's Who, 1st place 
and 4th place Deca Districts AMBITION: 
to be successful in everything OTHER: 
Thanks to Mom and Dad for all their sup- 
port, Guy, Deb., ML, EM luv you all, PFC 
good luck! 

Michael Savicki 


LIKES: B.B., sports, #16, winning, $, 
friends, weekends DISLIKES: Franklin, 
losing, W.P.D., F.B. Camp, school dances 
FAV. MEM: Scav. Hunt 93, Egging, Cape 
w/WR FOUND: at the rink or field AC- 
TIVITIES: football 1-4, hockey 1-4, Capt. 
3&4 AWARDS: Var. letter & jacket, 
hockey MVP '93 AMBITION: to lead a 
successful & happy life OTHER: thanks 
Mom & Dad, B.B., & M.W. I Luv YA! 

Adam Shepardson 


LIKES: loud music, summer, giants, 
Beastie Boys DISLIKES: flog, school, 
ignorant people, overplayed songs FAV. 
MEM: 4/17/94, 1/2/94 FOUND: working at 
CR ACTIVITIES: snowboarding, golf, 
work, play FAV. SAYING: Is it further to 
Chicago or by plane AMBITION: to be all 
that I can be 

Deborah S. Skinner 

"Skinna," peanut, Deb 

LIKES: Turles, tickles, toes, the girls, 
BRU, shoes, big men, smiling, ice cream, 
strawberries DISLIKES: Thunder, fight- 
ing, LFNG, driving, pulling fingers, los- 
ing my keys, "cc," Meg's toes FAV MEM: 
Camping, FLA 91&94, Flmth, Summer 94 
OB, ARUBA, HNB, DB's) FOUND: at the 


rnd, lkng 4 my keys, w/ the gals, 

4CB'sL ACTIVITIES: chrld 1 


Sb 1 , Gym 1 -4 C . 4, PI 2, NHS 3-4, Yb 4, Ind 
4 FAV SAYING: "knock on wood," 
chunk, hand check!, hey pal AWARDS: 
vsty L&J, MMNJT 91, MFT 94 AMBI- 
TION: To find my keys, and fall madly in 
love w/ the perfect man! OTHER: Thanx 
MDW&D ox, to DR MB JC: I luv U 
sparkies, keep the mems. 

Alison Small 

Allie, Al 

LIKES: beaches, Friends, Frogs, Nantuck- 
et, Sunsets, laughing, Being loud, Ferris 
DISLIKES: snobs, losers, Rap, being 
alone, no car, no money FAV MEM: Ack 
'93, Summer '94 JJC, PFC, whalewatch 
'94, Plymouth '94 FOUND: in Racheal's 
car, with friends, work, laughing, practice 
ACTIVITIES: soccor 1234, W. Track 234, 
S. Track 1234, PL 2 FAV SAYING: Racheal 
I need a ride, she's still answering ques. 
from an hour ago AWARDS: letter and 
jacket, Hock champs S. Track AMBI- 
TION: to be successful in whatever I do, 
to buy my own car OTHER: Bye guys 
thanx for the memories, thanx mom and 
dad and kids I love you 



Brenna Smith 


LIKES: carrots, spinning, punctuality, 
bare feet, sexuality, sipces, smells, senses 
DISLIKES: Fuzzv senses, witelite. Drips, 
expectations, BtiM forgeting FAV MEM: 
unexpectd nites, 8 94, talks, walks, con- 
certs FOUND: looking down, smiling, in a 
grave yard ACTIVITIES: finding beauty 
in all and searching for the rite words FAV 
SAYING: there are no normal only gener- 
ic, CHILLOLT AMBITION: unlock a 
door moons xprstion, clearness, raise car- 
rots OTHER: XOXO to mom dad kel sep 
lab ZB TH Ken LS 

Amber Leigh Springer 

Plain vi lie 

LIKES: Boys, animals, & things I'm not 
allowed to sav DISLIKES: Everything and 
nothing FAV MEM: of high school? — 
None FOUND: In a bookstore or with ani- 
mals ACTIVITIES: Drama, and stuff that 
doesn't involve movement FAV SAYING: 
Ciao babe AMBITION: To get rich for 
doing nothing OTHER: Nothing to say 

Jason St. Amand 

Yappiee, Psycho 

LIKES: World conquest, AutoCAD, war, 
and nukes DISLIKES: School, work, 

Seace, and humanitarians FAV MEM: 
}'s class FOUND: My basement, sani- 
tarium, or hell ACTIVITIES: RPG 2-4, 
SSIP 3,4 FAV SAYING: G'morning 
AWARDS: SSIP Regional Winner AMBI- 
TION: World conquest for the Emperor 

Craig Swanson 


LIKES: K-Car, Pats, 38, lunch ladies, 
SEGA, skating, KB DISLIKES: warts, fat 
people, waterbovs, demerits, butts FAV 
MEM: party with CY, Todds, Hill 93-94 
KB FOUND: Todds, with CY Potters AC- 
TIVITIES: baseball 1-4 FAV SAYING: 
meet Ron Jeremy, be rich 

Roger Sweeney 

Rockey. Swten Dog. Tiger 

LIKES: Whitney, athletics, good times 
DISLIKES: Arguing, broken promises, 
rules FAV MEM: 1 18 94 FOUND: With 
WH. plaving soccer ACTIVITIES: Soccer 
Camp — MVP FAV SAYING: Yes. Never- 
mind AWARDS: All Hockomock AMBI- 
TION: Live a fulfilling !.(«• 

Tanya Marie Elizabeth 




LIKES: green, beaches, rain, turtles, fall, 
REM, Sabbs DISLIKES: my car, McDon- 
alds, red Sabbs, silverware sounds FAV. 
MEM: WGF 92, CC'MM, JM 9/10/94/ 
TIVITIES: MBand 1-3, CBand 2, WGuard 
1-4 AWARDS: most improved in 92 
AMBITION: to save the world! OTHER: 
Thanks MDKGG MM — I never would 
have made it! 

Ivy Thomson 


LIKES: animals, MD, RP, kitty, HW, TD 
DISLIKES: idiots, upper 50%, useless 
ness, cruelty FOUND: at the playground 
work, school ACTIVITIES: track, drama 
marching band, media aide FAV SAY 
ING: sorry for any inconvenience AMBI 
TION: be nappy, nave kids, create a living 

Kristin Tucker 

"Jersey Girl" 

LIKES: Smiles, change, friends, sun- 
flowers, rain. Nine Inch Nails, green, 
horses. DISLIKES: Distance, Ice, separa- 
tion, brusstle sprouts, rules. FAV MEM: 
6/23/93; Tanya's, 9/10/94; 12/31/93. 
FOUND: with the 2 other Musketeers, in 
N.J. FAV SAYING: "& u're telling me this 
because ..." AMBITION: 2 be whatever 
I want 2 be!! OTHER: MM., T.T., Mass, 
M&D, "K," I luv U A & F!! EM., J.G., B.C. 
. . . B.F.F. 




Kristyn Tucker 

Plain ville 

LIKES: Hats, real friends, nights out with 
the "GANG." DISLIKES: Fakes, Monday 
mornings, not wearing my hat. FAV 
MEM: MDW '94, Virginia Beach '94, Ohio 
'94. FOUND: at Scooters or Taco Bell. FAV 
SAYING: "That was pretty cool!" 
OTHER: Good luck to my gang. I Luv U 

David Vicini 


LIKES: Lifetime, B-Boys, bags, shows, 
ZH, Vans, Blowpops, SKA DISLIKES: 
Attitudes, meat, early risers, glam, black 
coffee FAV MEM: Fugazi 93, B-Boys 94, 
MMB 92 FOUND: In JR's basement, the 
lake AMBITION: To be a money hungry 
rock star OTHER: Thnx — M, D, J, Susan, 
I love you 

Lynn Marie Viola 

Violynn, Guad 

LIKES: green, frogs, full moons, stars, 
M&M's, strawberries DISLIKES: getting 
the giggles when no one else does, having 
Lance braid my hair FAV MEM: Trinity 
field trips, stargazing, food fights at 
Friendly's FOUND: walking into poles 
ACTIVITIES: chrldg 2-4, NHS 3-4, 
prldrshp 2-4, yrbk 3-4 FAV SAYING: "Do 
you feel a draft?", "Jeff who?", "Strike 
while the iron is hot." AWARDS: varsity 
letter/jacket, unsung, suprntndnts 
OTHER: Thanks M, D, S, J, & everyone! 
Good luck next year 

Heather Wainwright 


LIKES: Piano, Chopin, art, D. Letterman, 
coffee, animals DISLIKES: Big hair, 
paganism, conformity FAV MEM: Snow 
days of 94 FOUND: In auditorium playing 
piano ACTIVITIES: Jazz band, concert 
band, percussion FAV SAYING: Life is 
like a box of chocolates AWARDS: Piano 
awards: SSC & Chaminade AMBITION: 
To play piano till I drop! OTHER: To have 
2 kids and many cats 

Matthew Wall 

Amy Watkins 

Mommy, Shalifi, V.C., Cubbie 

LIKES: Dearden, art, music, Bubu, 
Andre, hugs, & the symbol DISLIKES: 
Being told what to do and how to do it. 
FAV MEM: The park, Fa-day, 7/24/94 — 
LK FOUND: With Eric or on the phone 
ACTIVITIES: Ticklefest with Smiley, X- 
Wars, Guppy vs. Dopey FAV SAYING: 
Shhh!, Smack! I love you, Piglet. 
AWARDS: Hugs from Baby, my little sun- 
shine AMBITION: To do whatever I want 
to do OTHER: Thanks Mom & Dad, Good 
luck lisa 

Matthew Whitbread 


LIKES: The Boys, sleeping, weekends. 
DISLIKES: Franklin, accidents, camp, 
snow. FAV MEM: scavenger hunt, 
egging, Sega nights with Savik. FOUND: 
With all the guys. ACTIVITIES: Football 
1,2,3,4, captain 4, Hockey 2,3,4. FAV 
SAYING: "No way!", "Yeah, Right!" 
AWARDS: Varsity letter and jacket. 
OTHER: Thanks Mom, Dad, & Helen. 
Good Luck Laura! 

Jamie Wilfert 


LIKES: JL, Asylum, CC, black, prank 
calls, sun in NC with OC, spirits. DIS- 
LIKES: everyone, Frank in my house, JH, 
school, death, PMS. FAV MEM: Camping 
with JL, Asylum and Cup or Cone with JR. 
FOUND: With Joe, Asylum, with JR, & 
Cup or Cone, work. ACTIVITIES: cheer- 
leading. FAV SAYING: "That's wicked 
funny!" AWARDS: Varsity letter and 
jacket. AMBITION: to be rich, healthy, 
and successful. OTHER: Thanks to my 
family and friends. 



Benjamin Williams 


LIKES: way small rocks, chuches, lead, a 
duck DISLIKES: being turned into a 
new I FOUND: on the astral plane. AC- 
TIVITIES: peer leadership, role playing 
game club FAV SAYING: share and 

Michael Williams 


LIKES: fire crackers, super Nofriendo, 
snoop dog, Chester DISLIKES: Rick's car, 
being bored, math, OJ FOUND: in the crib 
ACTIVITIES: football 1-2, Baseball 1-3, 
tennis 1-4 FAV SAYING: vou best be 
leavin', ABC us, we out. AWARDS: var- 
sity letter and jacket, Boys' State AMBI- 
TION: be a Xerox machine operator 
OTHER: thanx Mom & Dad 

LIKES: skiing FAV MEM: junior study 
ACTIVITIES: track, cross country, wres- 
tling AMBITION: serve my country in the 

Other Seniors include: 

Mike Cochran 
Matthew Guerrera 
Jonathan Ireland 
Michael Tsebetzis 
Paul Wisniewski 

Joshua M. Shaw 


LIKES: karate girls and getting ready for 
the Marines DISLIKES: McDonalds, pull- 
ups FOUND: at McDonalds or digging 
AMBITION: to be a U.S. Marine!!! 
OTHER: to make my Dad proud! 

Matt Lockey 


LIKES: No FX, playing Bass, Art Class. 
DISLIKES: Meatloaf, Bad Music, Fast 
food places. FAV SAYING: "I'm all Set!" 
AMBITION: to go to college, get a job. 

Christopher Young 

Ansus. LiTOS 

LIKES: bags of joy highst run DISLIKES: 
school lunches, dress code WF FAV 
MEM: high st run potter FOUND: potters 
at care with RY, LD ACTIVITIES: base- 





CLASS FLIRTS Carissa Gaetani and 
Rick Gallimore 


Loren Deveneaux and Tom Benedetti Josh Shaw 

BEST ALL-AROUND Chris Lunn and Katie Cleverdon 

BEST PERSONALITY Denise Dunfey and Brian Burns 

MOST ARTISTIC Rob Massaro and Danielle Groves 

BEST BUDDIES Mike Savicki and Matt Whitbread 

Seniors K 27 

FUNNIEST LAUGH: Matt Whitbread and 
Jami Cornell 

MOST UNIQUE: Eric Fahey and 
Brenna Smith 

HIGHWAY MENACE: Bill McEvoy and Nicole Plouffe 

MOST GULLIBLE: Rob Hadfield and Courtney O'Hara 

BEST DRESSED: Glennis Perez and Chadd O'Neil 

BEST LOOKING: W.-s Rollins and Suzanne Barrette 


eaMiv m 

,f*V»V ■•»♦■ 



•/»i:::. _ 


BEST BUDDIES: Julie Levesque and Kelly Leary 


28 ft Seniors 

MOST LIBERATED: Jackie Hallet 


BEST NICKNAME: Tarah Cacciapaglia 
"Hoodie" and Brad Kuta "Eagle" 

CUTEST: Craig Swanson and Megan Brylinsky 

MOST PESSIMISTIC: Brian Harper and Kim McGrath 

MOST ATHLETIC: Rachel Rice and Eric Nolan 

BEST SMILE: Mike Williams and Marybeth Carlow 

Seniors A 29 

MOST CHANGED: Sarah Pvne and Brian Mullen 

MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: Lori Huneryager and Brett Atkinson 

CLASS COUPLE: Tab Howard and 
Julie Levesque 

MOST UNCHANGED: Peter Flynn and 
Tammy Hanson 

MOST CLASS SPIRIT: Angela DePippo and 
Bert Clinton 

MOST ML SIC AL: Joe Levesque and 
( hnstinr Anderson 

MOST TALKATIVE: Kim Montanaro and 
( hns Race 

Rob MacMurray 

30 k Seniors 


"P. ^ " ^ r- 

Seniors ft 31 

PROM 1994 

THE COURT: (L to R) Nicole Conley, Denise Dunfey, Brad MacDon- 
ald, Lisa Grecho, Karen Constantine, Laura Moretti 

Melissa Brown, Carissa Gaetani 

Janelle Lortie, Aaron Long 


Katie Cleverdon, Rachel Rice, Jaime Allen 


32 I Prom 

: ^y' 

Holly Evans, Danielle Plante, Lisa Orsogna 

Brian Burns, Chad O'Neil, Bert Clinton, John Palie 

Michelle Morris, Colleen Kenney, Coreen Collins 


Rachel Morrisette, Stephen Crowley 

Julie Mure, Chris Race, Vicky Mucciarone 

Brenna Smith 

Prom m 33 


, Jinu . vlu . n -the Honda incident, a ride in the 

ugh my mirror, our made-up dances my ques- 
1 1 broken bed Court 

• tnd a bad attitude MM a double date 

d cap, my cheese musk, Jl s dead chicken in 

. -.tor hick m the future bul 

rrmemt , ter than you! PF— a laugh at my faH MS— *e 

- lUin! tBroom dance, B8 Hi L fenP »smile,A< [D 

M CM IM Ml HB Pi ii wake me 

up. txn.1 ot luck with high Khool Jenni - a baby pic ol me and mv little 

brother J smile and a big hug — I'll HUH sou nexl 

(.hnstmf \ndrr*on-K-i B a walk in freezer fiDed with green M&M's. ro 

■ ;x,'ms and a litetime supph ot \ ideos loLA my Snadt lood 

Im, AIV .'. ,i fa K M m\ used cardealerahip loll, all ot Billy 

meorum45andaG B CD without the CD 

mapd Boston i.-k li allot Dr. 

Ou, nn ^ ik Chopin's Prelude in Eminoi ro D.O The 

idee tapes ot mj concerts to JR.; FSPA. 
make »urr vou run it nght this time' 

Krctt \tkin%on V - k) HMCk me list, long talks, math help; Chris L — a 

. blo«.k Katie C plastic torks and a blinking light; KL, CL, 

MW — I note lor \ our parents to tind, 1 isa B 

■pi ot Wrest 15 lbs to lose; 

Dan P — 4 better record than |oe and Mike 

Jean-Mane Bading — IoPR pudge C Med) I IVnato. Derek and a J'OB. 
- m his K.xers' ,unktiHsJ h> mv little bro 4 more years. 

Melonev Bailo — I leave mv looker to a poor treshman court date to I ncia. 
. to Ramon another ot heck, meeting in the bath- 
ing m the halls and cartwheel's in the halls to less! 

PjuI Bal/anni — HB Ac HB another F van. KBLDsuigA police, MS a cowboy 
iedyoui reel again AM portable A c AO muscles, [C get out of 

. BH another tail in wjmvups 
Su/anne Bjrrette — Ml all the dancing boots vou can handle, a girlfriend, 

ri • good job, XO; 1 1. SM, MG, KD, BM — good gossip, 

hjppn«-ss an>! the memon ot a great gym aid; JM — 

onrnv- tons Dr | and a good forward line; JAM and MB 

— boyfnends who know how to \«>u GPK all mv love, great mem- 
•s ot ljughs everything I can give KO 

Xndrra Beloff — DO 1 B an awesome tan. a lb of ( hot fudge, a tennis ball; to 

PapaGJno's pizza; to LV,JF: halter tops for 

the Bahama Beach t lub to l.H phosphate butter and No-Doze for Bio; to KM: 
arnon. K5B .in emptv tank ot gas. to the Class of '95: the best of 

link in the future 
TomBenrdctti I JVmathl k A one more year of camp & school; 

•• .•.•«. S toKl Tmore\e.irsoliamp& school, to the class of '95 
|Tjood luck' to mv teammates BUCCetfli to the PatS B Super Bowl win. 

sinJri Brrmj I pkoflo dance; J.D. — see if - is flirting w/; 

iN'ut being ■ H a rk e d by ■ wolf, anyone hall his age; W.H. — 

ng rod. B I favorite part ot chicken & a 

%hirt. Pit* — j non sound and abate hod ho. olate moist, steam, cupcakes; 

The King Philip Band best ot all luck" Ihank vou Mr I UeStOn and Tracy tor all 

Uaa Bombard (led hinkerdo, GG a hug; 

isy sideburns and a i arrot. Kl 

our dance; KI bi 

i i > $10 mil; FG 
M DD.JS pottery and gossip; 

;n'. - besl ol lu< k' 

• m front ol n 
hello I spanol; I C a lirst 
• i II purple 

• I. l-i.ii r a COmbal boot. 

our**-. Kel-O-free 

re lunch, "vi 

k '.1 mj apolo 

Ania Browjrrk 

Hot < hilli 

Melissa Brown — CG — a hug, hot chocolate, a BBB w/ CC, a shortcut, many 
nights of being paranoid, needle & thread; JA — walk for hunger; SB — talk... 
on the F.H. field; MB — Mr. Ahern's class; MegB — a smile, hug, worry fret 
life, kiss; MC — my skiis, new tights, JC — pretzels with soapy 5/14/94; NC- 
beating on the H. field; JC — sanity; LD — a pool party; DD — defense drill 
HC — a trampoline; RJ — pretzels on JC 5/14/94; BK — private jokes at m\ 
house KM — all u can eat at PG's; JM — a red face; Don's eyes + hair, 11' 
smack, hug, MoVaughn; DP — my clothes, Kenny, DH, DQ's, MG; DR - on 
more sneakout, bananas, pig roast, Sic's house, Jody; CO — my attitude; M\\ 

ride on 4 wheeler; RG — private relationship 
Megan Brylinsky — To my family I leave my love and thanks for helping rrn 
through high school, to my best friend Deb Rob I leave you a friend forever and 
AMI to the teachers at KP who have made a difference (esp. Mrs. Fradkin 
thank you!, to all the underclassmen; have fun, make the most of it, at 
hard for your future. To all my friends: thanks for the good times, the mem 
ones the support, AML, I wish you the best of luck in your future! We madei 
Class of '95! 

Brian Burns: Jen — 3 more years and Frankie, Joe C. — a date with LI I 
a date with CR, EN — a tree from Greaves backyard, Chadd O — a beatim 
from me and JC, a round of golf, J A — roundtrip airfare to visit BLU, a fan, Bl 

— a date with BD or JS, free tickets w/backstage passes to see M.J. AC — a dad 
with KO and an MJ poster, Colleen — Babyface soundtrack, LD — a tear, a da 
at the beach, BJ — a false call, a French to Swahelie dictionary 
Greg Burt — to Ben, Rush Cd's. 
Dan Capone — Brian Hanlon good luck passing school. Amy good luck, hop 
you and Brian do good in the future. Tracy good luck, keep in touch. Angela be> 
wishes one more yr. in heck but senior year will fly by, just think Mas sound 
better than June, good luck to you all. P.S. I will see you all over the summer 
Marybeth Carlow — to JP — my music, a smile, the beach in CC, and all tlv 
happiness in the world; to J A — Kevin from Rehoboth, brown haired . 
very first car date; to KL — a baseball game in CC, a family order, sunshine da 
dreams, Pert; toJL — 151, our book, New Years Eve, gossip, a thank \ 

— a box of fish, a word search, "tender love"; to CO — an apology for no 
always taking your advice (DB), a long talk on JL's couch; to MB — a then 
next door forever; to CL to LO — HSC; to HW — a friend at Aerosmith, 2 gra 
years, I'll miss you; th LB — purple nail polish; to MD — CK; to RS - 

to FH TEAM — best of luck; to AD — freshman year; to BH — a big bu 

— a night at the pit; to MB — a rich joke 

Julie M. Carlson: Robinson — pos. ivy, long talks, Meg — corn, sun pi 
K.H., Skinner — hubcap, #4's, CB stories, Russ — a lifejacket, pret/. 
love, Jami — Swt. Hill, dry undwer, Loren — bruised nose, soccer gan 

— DQ, a car, Joe C. — an open window, Eric N. — nose bubble, Carissa- 
McD's, a stolen flag, Tarah C. — singing on her lawn, Lisa — thxs 4 lea 
with PB, McD's, Brad — a prom date 

JoeCassidy — E.N. + R.H. —a new adventure; B.B. —a trip to Guv 

— another chance in tennis, and midnight snacks'at Taco Bell; CK 
trip, and a dinner; R.J. —a mailbox; J. C. —dinner; J. A.M. — a ride froi 
Hill; A.D. — a friend for life; Dave — a great senior year; Jim — #7 
Ryan Clark — JG — endless money; BC — a false call; M W — Sega Genisis G 
AM — new mountain bike; CR — bigger pads for football; MC — i ■ 
tions in homeroom; 

Nicole Conley: Z.G. — A green apple, box of Mike & Ikes, a long hug 
superman cape and of course all My Love!; D.D. — I drool, a trip to B 
more laughs; N.S. — 1 more great year, no more car accidents, R.( 
Room, Room noises, the man you've always wanted; J. C. — Beep, Bei 
a Jeep!!!; L.H. — A package of gum; P.S. — a trip to Coconuts; R.R. — 
bufflo dance; CD. — all my skills on how to cheat the system; J. W. —one I* 
trip to O.C.; J.G. — #75, 3 more great years!; R.C. a safe ride to schi 
a date w/ N.S.; M.D. —speak to the hand; B.H. — someone else to look aftt 
wlu-n I'm away; V.M. — 2 x 17 = 34; S.H. — Carribena; K.C. — the right toyo 
own number; A.D. — J.S. — a new job; A.N. a question 
Rachael Conroy — NC — a coat hanger, a trip to DQ, vroom vromin mux 
and house with iats; JC — a coat hanger, a Xavenan dance, and a tli 
with 1 1, RR a sate Sweat 1 iill trip with Bon Jovi, your prince charming J" 
lorn. Ill all the great times, a huffy tape, and a white car ZG— 1 more ffl 
year, one last taxi rule all Nicole's love; JG, CC, LC — great years at KP • I 
the guys you want;SH — a dent in vou r bumper, AS a jumpsuit, S 
and the lume, PS — a late phone conversation, a ride, and all my reflectors;!* 
Bl) i lumsmess, a sleepover chat, VM — a poolside chat, the jiggle 

\%alk k( a homeroom chat and my hair; JM — a safe trip out without ■ 

in trouble & Pond Home 

Charlene Copeland: Matt my driving ability; Teddy a life supply of wall 

spackle; Jarrod my love for Loocky; Phil my ability to radiate coolness; Mike 

my taste in men "just jokin"; Rob a bunch of underdogs. 

Jami T. Cornell — D AML, Calvins, s. moods, Atlantis, vit. in the pantry; IC — 

sandwich, morn, breath, cinn. gum, a huge hug for helping me through; NC 

— man in black on fuller, AML, wrestling fight, a run through a field; DD — "I 
Drool," AML, 2nd wind at 2 am; LH — cool whip & bread, AML, flash, RC — 
my locker, Friendly's, a 3some w/TJ; German talks, veg-nites; AN — dancing 
on your front lawn; FG J's car, N. End Deli; KM — George; RR — scav. hunt 
'93, Meta's L. Cabinet; MB — my insanity during F. H. ; MD — my juicy stories, 
psycho in a crash helmet; CG — N. End, Providence; EF — German talks & a 
trip to the office; RJ — my heart & a sick talk. 

Stephen Crowley — E.C. a trip to McDonalds and a ride home; K.M. a night 
on the town; T.B. some cash. 

Katie Cleverdon: MM — great times & endless giggles, "True Blue," and an 
upside-down mailbox, AC — one more year of babe searching, DG — 2 more 
years of H.S., RR — Jamie K. (ugh!), a successful trip to a hockey game, "that 
rules!" JC — cheescake, Shamoo & Earl — a big time loss! JA — my attitude, a 
hurdle, deodorant stain remover, farmer-girl pigtails, CC — the smurf, Colls 

— squeels, a trip to Leland Academy, LH — trees on the court, CO — the 
thoughts of a math teacher, Kimma — a ski tag, RC — jealousy of your hair 
BJ Clinton: to NJ I leave a thorough house cleaning, a JT concert, Friendly's, 
my cologne, fall, Bobby Darin, the Hunters Green, 100 years of my life, and all 
my love, CV — the ideal so's tape, comic-strip live, and a trip to the mall, MK 

— my music that you love, the good-old days, and a new jeep, ML — many 
thanks to a great teacher and friend. You were a grande personne, SR — some 
"extra-gum," a tag-team, JF — a coconut, a colloide suspension module, SH — 
a clue in French, grandma's nylons, KC — that noxema girl, BB — a swahelie to 
artic dictionary, CK — a new number four, KL — fifth period study, glowing 
solar system, KM, Sweat Beach, Pete's dragon, AG — RHCP, a ying-yang, and 
memories of the USA, RM — another whale watch, VM — a choco-taco, CO — 
a map to find my Femmes CD, NP — Umi Chicken, JH — my scar, DP, MP — 
State Championships, BH — the freedom of choice, TC — good luck in your 
new found glory, MC — a new bow, JC — a rich old man, lots of love, BC — a 
winning ticket, special thanks to: Alex, RO, Chuck. Good luck KP!!! 
Jessica M. Coates: JAC — 5 more years, friends, fun times, and love, McE — 
two baskets down, EH, RB, AF, JT, DS — RK — a full life, RL — love and 
friendship, AF — some CS and a good cartwheel, EH — her sister, DS — a 
quick trip to my locker, DECA — manuels, Mr. G — and agenda; my parents 

— all my love and thanks 

Coreen Collins — KC — a dance class; DR — ticket to a B's game; DD — a 
phone conversation. 

Kevin Cummings — Todd Wiggin a diploma, Jenay Manchester a good senior 
year and another teddy bear, Colleen Kenney a mon-chi-chi doll, Chris Race a 
sack, Nicole #75, Russ Crowley a name in the paper, Bert a what's up. 
Kristen Cummings — to Tricia L. — all the great times we spent together. To 
Mike C. — all the good luck at Bay and with the other MC. To Lottie C. — all 
the good luck and love. 

Melissa Czerwien — Jason my love, my keys, a clue, my Taz boxers, Wobbles, 
and anything else you want. CC dinner in McD's parking lot & confusion 
about us. LV a decent guy, a drive-in movie, my thanks. Little bro Mr. D., a 
( whistle, 2 more yrs. CA a history-day project. Sally a trip to fantasy tank, all 
the swings in the world, glow-in-the-dark tooth brush, a phone bill, DC pink 
water. JF a trip to Heritage. JC a permanent vdc, dwn so. SH & BL a card game. 

Angela DePippo: Soapy — a sick thought, talks at Rays; Joey — secrets well 
kept, shower songs; Julie M. — a wish that will come true; Menfi — an apol- 
ogy, Papa Gino's run; Courtney — "light as air"; Brian — 'Bunsy,' the best TP 
job ever; Julie C — an ice cream; Michelle — a guy in a white hat; Eric — a night 
with Boom Boom; Colleen — my problems, a nap in English; Loren — our 
song; Rick — 2 of the best years of your life — have a blast; Tab — the best 
nickname ever; Carissa — a "14" year old look alike, talent; Marybeth — our 
at shid & Hmmm notes; Erin — laughs in study; Fran — complaints about the 
cleaners; Jenelle — a French braid; Jami — a man; Rob — a car to sleep in; 
Megan — a bible with killer chalk; Rachel — a laugh in speed writing; Coreen 
, S ( — locker buddies; JM/LD MOZ! !; To the gang I leave all my love and friendship 

forever. Good luck Class of 1995. 
a Richard Desmeule — J.D. — Vick's Vapor Rub, S.L. — Death Star, J.M. — a 
go collection of HATS and American sports cars, Mrs. T. my Immortalized Image, 
RM. — hair extentions, D.O. — a job, M.L. — money, J.M. — his own car, 
idvE.B. — my art corner, S.C. — his name in all the papers, T.M. — every mortal 
t kombat made and that will be made, Mrs. C. peace and quiet, E.H. — pants 
Hi that fit, CC. — a smile, K.C — stilts, E.D. — sports car, A.S. — 1600 on SAT's, 
'B.M. — A + in French, CM. — a great new well paying job, T.B. — a pillow for 

math class, B.M. — a tank, M.T. — a jeep, J. A. — a license, D.O. — trophy, 
J.B. — ride to school, D.D. — captain of the football team. 
Loren Devereaux — to JM — the right guy + my friendship 4-ever, to EN — a 
date with Battina + a walk home from Stoney Brook, to BB — a brown snow- 
suit + a night of poker, to JM — an apology + a box of tissues, to RH — a spare 
set of keys, to CO — a session with Mr. Toll + my friendship 4-ever, to CK — a 
round in the ring, to MM — "to make it last," to MBC — a slush, a trip uptown 
in Menfi's jeep, to BK — the "chase and the hope, " to JC — a soccer game, to RJ 

— yoda + a trip to Greeves, to LO — Applebee's run, to VM — silver talks, to 
K.P. — no more Devereaux's, to DS — frosh chldng no you're looking tapper 
Jason K. Down — To B.K. a "S.B.", to the group of sophomore girls — boy- 
friends, to M, G, G, & T — 2 more years; HA!HA!, and to R.H., L.M., K.M., 
CM., & all of my other friends — good luck with a successful future. 
Christopher Dubois — K.M. 1 year hopefully, S.L. 2 years, B.D. 2 years, J.D. 3 
years, CM. 2 years and all my love. 

Denise Dunfey — NC a nice day at Horseneck, help for Gilbert, many more 
good times; JC a slap, a ride through Bellingham; CC a great Spanish class, 
bowling lane; CA I wish you luck in your senior year; Matt a great 4 years; MP 
one great year and DP 3 great years; MD a big, yellow bus to drive your friends 
around; EH a dive off the dock; CK a slide across the gym doors, toilet paper; 
RR a d'Angelo's run; RC a long talk at 2 a.m., bumper, something fruity; JM 
Bubba Gump; DR pink grapefruit (F.H.); JR a pack of gum. 
Teddie Esser — I leave hugs and kisses to Phil, my love to Matt, a black eye and 
broken arm to Mike, The Leprechaun to Rob, my talkative personality to Eric, 
cruelty towards people to Charlene, wetlands to Beth, my so called southern 
accent to Eric F., a cute guy to Amy (my older brother), and to everyone I didn't 
talk to I hate you! Oh, for Devin, anything he may want! Oh, and I also leave 
Mr. Rich Cop, a bunch of grits. 

Holly Evans — Mel B. one more jump; T.L. a day off from L.D.'s house; MegB. 
a date w/KH; Mimi another raft ride in CA; E.K. a class without me; J.C a front 
row parking space at Str. Mrk. 

Eric Fahey — I leave Will all my undieing love and affection. Someday we'll go 
west. I leave the schmangies my perpetually straight-edged support, Teddie 
an attitude adjustment, Tim a brain, Adam a clue, Eric a gorgeous swanx, Amy 
a cure for her eternal cold, Chris a legacy — it's only the beginning, Lisa & Erin 
my English answers, Doug a life-sized poster of Ron Jeremy, Nickey stilts, 
Paul some drum lessons, Pete a band, the D.B. soap, Jami — German class, 
and for everyone else — put your ear to a big sea sheel and see if you can hear 
me whisper sweet nothings in your ear. Good luck, stay drug-free and don't 
die — there's much more to come . . . sold! 

Jennifer Field: L.B. — hair slicka that works, a snarfled hinker-do, and a big 
carrot (even if you don't like them anymore); L. V. — someone to go sledding 
with, a matching set of underwear; K.M. — some fish in a barrel, a week at the 
Cape; L.H. — a smile, good luck at Duke; A.B. — a rock video complete with 
carrots; CA. — an awesome history day project; CM. — the nickname duffo 
for the rest of your life. 

Jesse Fiske — Bill — a toast to goat herders; Keith — a standard; Mike R. — a 
box of Jimmies; Rob — a pair of boxers; Dave and Shawn — Pizza; Joe S. — the 
lake; Chris R. — a car; Rick G. — a football field; Missy and Jess M. — 2 more 
great years of high school and a ride home from school; Bert — Elvis 
Peter Flynn — T.H. — a box of Fruit Loops; J.G. — a sword and a T.D.; J. P. — 
Levi Garett; Matt W. — .25 and a R.B. sub; A.M. — trip to the expo; Mike W. — 
a clue and a jumpshot; M.S. — Hockomock M. V.P.; CO. — bail money; W.R. 

— pay back for all the tubing wipeouts; CL. B-ball rack; C.R. — a new bird; 
B.K. adatew/L.D.;E.K. — a night of c.t. Chinese down hill, and an egg; CG. 

— a cookbook; B.B. — hairgel; D.N. — another math study group; J. A. — 
another trip into the lodge; J. H. — empty street in Norfolk; B.H. — 2 more 

Carissa Gaetani — Mel — pretzels, vanillaroma, Guy St., a tape player for 
Nelly, a Chinese firedrill, another guy named Mike, hmrun in softball, new 
kitchen floor, kiss from J.W., hair bleach, a run down the slopes, my friend- 
ship for life — D.R. — marbles, a raccoon, another long phone chat, steamy 
windows, memories that won't be forgotten, and a friend who misses you — 
Julie M. — a real man, ankle that doesn't hurt, disco tape, directions home 
from Deerfield — M.C — ability to go bathroom away from home — CO. — 
misunderstanding at Pizzeria Uno — L.D. — some biz — V.C — ride to 
school, 1 moreyr., Good Luck! — M.B. — a positive outlook, a sun burn — R.J. 

— sand in your face & pretzels — B.K. — datew/L.D. — A.M. — eng.,lots — a 
CSU girls — 

Richard Gallimore — a street sign for the "crib" to MW, a toweled bottle 
(absolutely in the Tracer) to CR, my homework to PF, a bottle of quick tan to 
EK, a date w/LD to BK, a game of MKII to MW, a locker to CG, a soggy brownie 
to MB, a hug to SB, a 3-legged race to JA, a foot clap to KC, a punch in the arm 
to BC, a football field to JF, a radar detector to CO, a tap on the shoulder to RJ, a 

sweat bland to AM. a doubU rver to DV and KH another house 

party to MR. another year ot math w MS. senior year to LO, and the Calais to 

.-. ho wants it' 
lames (.arrev — 1 leave the hockey team a coach, M V\ a Grand AM, J.S. a 
ticket through boot camp. R L a boyfriend, the school, a hat 
rrjniis (.radv CG — movie lines to any movie and loss to Brady Bunch 
dump, and a date with Bru two words 

final thought. OT - COM City on 56, to 
.ntrv in a white van; JC — a million pardons; MD — a Seinfeld 
picture ol I G to the Sumo wrestler — an idenitv 
Danielle Marie Groves — JTC - D M I SnkkeiS, Calvins Rfckej Ml 
chmbin. lamina Insp sandwich Oatmeal; Bri — Liz airraids. 

tea Bkkford's N M You go Girl • endless 
\ ball. Rvnn — mom bumps hot pants police songs, tambou- 

( R.G • r.lrV Breinthesky; I M. 

v shooter; Buth - Roxanne, Java 

\ k biuN fa K l rdceshoes; 

.timemachr N Dead94,c. 

liA.D Sachasm&Cynicism, 

■ M tat thigh Nkkeroo — 

>lush no lights couch swrmmin' shine on, F. Gump, good- 

I semdyolflaser lights show, 

amamapbnacanalpanama. shine on. RK s Keklog trees 2 hug 

h.hnt.uiim. -P.l ichk I H Ra ts atK.P.H.S.;C.O.a 

it k the gauntlet. CR. $50; capl I II .; long talks 
about If 

Bob Hadfield — KH lyra al me warehouse; RH&DH man) more, AD a care 
tea Bl a video library bom the Expo. 

VNcnd\ HaO - ft ts lor little sis. RP a gossip line, BF all the girls in the 

\\ > bo y friend, |T a mother, UK powder. BFacusion, RJ the guy ol her 
KA a great life w/TT, roR.] the KP domain for all 
ijmiiji: tick run to N A to meet the umpalumpas in person, my 

ghl m the iar window, running over that guys feet!, that poor biker 1 , 

no red lights', .i cab nde in a blizzard, Bob & Chuck to 

•ds burn holes m the seat; D.G. — invisible ink; K.M. — more sum- 

M I ' I A - a light switch; T.C. — a run to the dog" E.K.— a 

M H a Sunoco station; C V. —Silence of the Lambs & 

H I vj — smellv sink, a calling card, a new car, REAL love, an 

ring machine, a porta-pottey; C.B. — a ride home; M.B.C. — melting 

md burning cotton 

C hns Hanlon — Ms mv sweets; D B — all my pasta; A.M. — my 

■krumrock, B H it B E. — all mv clothes; J.M. — my Cowboy jacket; O.B. — 

it mv brother. |.K. — the rights to Dan II ; to Leah — all my 


Iamm\ Hanson — Debbie C I leave vou with a new set of tires, furball, &a 
special talk and the best ot luck with lomah Mel I leave vou with Woodstock 
Kimmv I leal e vou with a new attitude Peggy I lea\ e vou with a smile on your 

-itting in Ron's car not knowing what to do. 
Bn in Harper — Scott H more I vlenol 4 goals and S50; To Nicole C: Brand 
newsl tdam k to fix the door. Good luck to the 


Mi/abrth Henderson \\ (.untight. Bkkford's, hot dogs, \ an memories, 

I MBH hill runs, hair shell. Hare IX, • |ava, power of 

S mm. m. Buffy RR Blue Bonnet, 

■ ' ■ Micky's mem md. Xaverian 

t. ml line Hag BM — Sam + a night w/out 

• ith to Ik, victory, car that blows up 

■ .'•) waterpipe own room DR • ill May 5th 

I dates 

Keith Heraaaa lui I SS double 

ngs thai make us laugh 

. Bona MR It I 
. hartie horses, Hone 
M — GL LD — MT 

Shawn H* — a ride 

.-. job RG the 

kfMnii»i»tri Uy my 

coBrgrdrt* 1 mories of Sally, 

shawn flooley — hi h iTimH 

full <>i mem 
R T I leave t* 

and to all underclassman I leave a little school in the woods. 
Scott Horton — Suzanne a new car, Steve a tank of gas, Brett a singlet, and Rob 
a famous night at home, Natasha a Jimmy Buffet Concert, SR Something to get 
mad at me about, Bike ride, NN a night you will never remember (JK), Greg- 

Eric Hosmer — to all the straight-edgers I leave my support and moral being, 
to Phil, Mike, and Rob I leave the knowledge that I can always come back. To 
CLO\ liR (Adam, Matt, Paul, Pete): I'll see you at practice. To everybody wlu 
thinks being straight-edged is boring, so are you. And to Matt Spencer I leave 
everything else. P.S. Charlene Copeland is the cutest chic I ever did see. 
Justin Houde — I leave to best of wishes to the class of '96, to B.C. a new* 
better job, to D.0. 1 leave a new car, to E.L. I leave a lifetime of happiness wit! 

Tab Howard — JL — front row tix for the Phantom, Till, a trip to Africa, 
tearless nights, happiness, Aladdin, a new Disney movie, me, my B.R. shirt, a 
touchdown, a homerun, A.Y.W.! BH — 2 more yrs. at home, my jeep (you 
wish!) VM — a frog prince, a perfect figure, a fight w/KM, AK — a diploma, m\ 
F.R. books, a weekend at Rob's!, JG — biz w/KL, a girlfriend, PF — a prom 
date, MW — a roll of quarters, MS — a cowboy collar, BK — a jeep, CR —a 

Tim Hughes — Kevin — a happy dance, Matt — a new starter, Steve —a 
running Shelby, David — the engine room, Melissa — a plane ticket to France 
Kimberly — many years with David and a date w/Dobbler, Digga — new 
doors, JO — a swingset bathed in sunlight, X-Country team — the hill. Hook] 
— a V-8, Rebecca — the cage, Wiz — new shoes 

Lori Huneryager: KM — "our" license, "our" car, my track first-aid kit; LB- 
an axe, directions to Pizza Hut, a walk in the rain to Foxboro Stadium; CA, KM 
LB — a Pizza Hut buffet; KTC — black non-taped basketball sneakers, mem 
ories of French compositions; RR, EH, MP, KC — spray paint and electa 
signs; MP, KC — 1 more year; GB, ND — more bball camp!; JF — a wall 
through Chinatown; AB — biology boredom 

Russ Juergens — JC — some pretzels and the playground, CG — a nickname 
LD — a date with Joe C, JM — some self-control, EK — some dishes, MB —a 
convertible sunbird, CO — a date with the Roxbury Twins, LO — sweet re- 
venge, MJ — a date with LC 

Colleen Kenney: To Taryn 2 more years to be a beast, to JM — the moon walk 
de taco, little miss close up, the winner club, one more good laugh; to MM- 
the winner club, bayer select, chia suit, moon beams; to CR — another endless 
story, the moonwalk, a set of directions; to KT — a dandy lion, to EN — ont 
more race to beat you in, a snowball fight, to AD — the right man, our talks i 
Cory — someone to run with (I'll miss you), a date with BG; to JP — $5 bet 
pepper mill, Normandy 5; to CC — big guns; to BL — a flying bambi; to BC- 
my ski poles; to RR — Wrentham Wroad Race trophies; to LD — a scrunchie 
steering wheel; to Sweetpea — another Olive Oil, my pet net; to Burns - 
another lie; to CD — an ID for another Maine trip; to Keith my afn 
Snoopy Dog-Dog, one more time to beat you up 

Erin Kiley — MB — the V club, MS — a map to my house, PF — the China] 
downhill, RJ — a Kiley party, KH — a timed 2-mile JH — Mr. Q., all im 
support, BK — a date w/ me, JA — Backdog, TC — Suzanne's, DC — his hi 
back, BC — someone to insult you, all my love 4-ever, MH — helping ■ 
realize how to live, KL — our love at KPN, JL — new quad muscles, HB's 
new ride, CO — a prom date he likes, JD, AC, JC — the top of the school , SS- 
a date w/MB 

Brad Kuta — MW — a belly to pinch, pair of sweatpants, trip to MacGolf I 
van. KF — 1 moreyr., driving lessons, tons of laughs, all my love. VM 
at the beach, help babysitting next door. AM — 3 dollars, a new hat a 0J 
headband for basketball, a sport to be good at, trip to MacGolf. PF — a date* 
the prom, LD — serenade, a date, my phone # to call, a bouncer at your pa rt\ 
partus to come, world series champs over Rich and Day. BH — a day to Imisl 
world series. KL — a day at the Wrentham fields. PK — 2 more yeai 
to dm e to si hool. |l. — a phone call and a talk about you and Tab. EK tl> 
rest ot your si hool years w/oul me. and some pizza. 

Scott Laverty — GWa thermal detonator and my cave in Dagobah; JRand |R> 
rights toall my mo\ ies, and keys to the Red Rat; RDa red rocket, completion! 
yOUI training, Kl a great big WOOO!!! 

Tricia Lawrence — I I five wonderful years ol school, KC my friendship .w< 

.ill the lights in the world, MB the summer ot junior year and the com' 

have not vet planned. Ill a parking space in the front row, |M a full day* 

school, IM <i wonderful year to go and then a cat 

Kelly Leary — MBC — a hut run. 80s movies, Warren Drive, an everlastij 
friendship; II $10, a |ob, Disney everything, a locker next to me, n 
bottle, RG ami [S, memories I'll never lorget; |G the t.ilk we never hM 

optimism, a vacation with the fam, a mi a big hug; |(. ice coffee, theSoonfl 
Hat, the bomber , •> bag ol happiness Go Nuts!; |A a blue gumhall,» 

cheesy song, cottage cheese w/seeds; BC — a 5 hr phone call, a good book, a 
lecture from my dad, my jealousy, Keri Murphy; VM — a juicy story BK — the 
Gambler; TH — Jules; RM — a Sunday at EagleBrook; EK — a date w/MR; MB 

a phone call from big Al; my little bro — a big smile, 2 years w/o me, a 

nervous breakdown; KM — a Rodman class; BH — a ride to wherever, Taco 
Bell, a good buddy for life; NP — a stop sign in Norfolk center; JC — Apple- 
bee's; JD — Spanish class 

Joe Levesque — my brother my hairline. My 4-track to anyone with nothing 
better to do. I also leave a tan, a truck, a camper, and all other wishes. I give 
back all items & wishes I have received in past wills to the original givers. 
Julie Levesque — TAB: my love, NYE, Aladdin, lasagna, stars, WD, BL; Kel — 
SWBS, dom, f5, metal chair at the dances; MBC — black nigh, April vaca '93, 
eggo, bridge, ph breadsticks; Mac — real man, leppa sign, pal 4 your cactus; JA 

— black night, real music, cheetos; JH twizzlers; JD — BH, membership to 
Rodman, left bench; EK — Mrs. H's class; JG — Kel's bizz, my Hornets hat; CO 

— my friendship, a kiss; BH — ride home, a hug, you'll always be my little bro; 
JB — 3/5, 2 yrs w/o me; Max — 3 more yrs; LB — JB; Soccer team — a new 
bookkeeper; BH — soccer game against KP 

Antonio Linares: Thank you guys for the help I had from you in everything. 
You guys are great! Thanks to my brothers Alex and Zach, my sisters Katie and 
Alison, and my parents Larry and Susan for giving me the love that I needed. Y 
gracias a la gente de Espana en especial mi familia y la gente que me escribio. 
Matt Lockey — to J.S. an atom bomb; G. W. a new gutter; E.F. pant's that fit. 
Aaron Long — to Janelle — my love, TG Mr. Towle, JM a license, RM Mr. 
Perry's class, AS an airbag, chicken pie, and Chinatown, CL my first par, JM a 
rice burner, MF fuzzy slippers. 

Janelle Lortie — Reach a new job, the ET; Carrie a new car, my support & 
friendship; DR season tickets to Red Sox, Bruins, and Patriots, beaker, 
Yeaoww; Gooba the best of luck in the Navy, Allie seventh period junior year, 
no more phobias; TT gym class freshman and soph, year; CA bus rides; LM 
INCREDIBLE; CL endless ice cream; RM periodic table; KT Cliff Clavin; SH a 
job at Tyler's; BR dirty dishes; JM a nickname; TO AARON ALL THE GOOD 
Kelly Lucas — toP.L. my car — toS.P., D.G., A.R., rides anywhere, anytime 

— to B.S. a plane ticket to Portland — to L.B. the presidency. 

Chris Lunn — MW — a van down by the river!, RM — the terps hat and the 
legacy of AirMac, Shep — the sneads, KH — renewed membership at tourna- 
ment central, Opie — the information for a life of fun facts, JH — the smell near 
the stove, BA — Brett's farm road, MBC — paper rock scissors lessons, Mal- 
colm — one heck of a team 

Jenelle MacAskill — A — J & JK another 3 long years ahead and plenty of men 
to come, 3 am talks, I'm watching u 2; DC: a ride thru the heights, "that makes 
20," "what," hot wings, our own place, good luck w/ Tomah, buggies; LH: just 
pickles I owe you, mamaho says hi, "you so stupid, "you a pig," good luck w/ 
Binky & the future; DC, LH: I love you both, I couldn't have made it w/o you 2, 
thanks for the great memories, laughs, tears, smart remark w/ 2 more CH: we 
know who is i#l; JW: thanks for listening to PQ; TC: midnight walks thru the 
grocery store; JR: a macaroon/donut w/soup 

Rob MacMurray — To CL — a t-wolves bumper sticker and the seat in front of 
me; to KL — Greg's pants; to CR — a snop-snapper; to BA — a pen for KC's 
hair, a big loser sign; to Kristen M — the locker next to me; to Kelly M — a tie 
that matches your dress; to JF — red, a quart of lemonade; to BM — all my 
sister's friends; to SS — some good luvins; to DV — "a snake man"; to MR — a 
lifetime's supply of Extra gum; to MW — all the remaining pez dispenser's; to 
LB — a purple pencil ribbon; to Sean M — 7'0"; to MM — 3 more yrs., a new 

Kristen Maraghy — L.H. — a gun, Pizza Hut, hangman, our favorite person 
doing the hurdles! Mr. Faulk's compliments, a placard, Framingham 14, a 
clean room, an all night talk. L.B. — a carrot, a reflector, our good old calculus 
class, a divider and some pictures. P.W. — some heat in your car, clothing 
(clean that is!) Lei, R.M., CL, K.L. — homeroom. P.W., D.R., J.F., L.V., L.H., 
D.P. — homemade twister. R.M. — someone else to shove by your locker. 
T.H.— ballroom dancing, study, bagel, K.M. — anything but my car. A.B. — 
a laugh out loud even when you shouldn't. CA. — a trip to the times you 
belong in. P.F. — cool tevas. L.V. — Cooookie Crisp, a buzzer, a new trip 
somewhere, a nap in Chemistry, some news, a good laugh, something new to 
express our views on, a yearbook dilemma, some way to make up your mind 

— you nine! To all — a lot of luck in the future! 

Pat Marino — to K.M. two more years and my bad classroom reputation. 
Katie Mattila — FG a white van, a black limo, Jerry Sringer, trip to Friendly's, 
P, my acid washed jacket, chips NP my friendship forever, our talks, a HC you 
like; LH auudrey, Nicky's jokes, Tony Machacho; JC a bathing suit, TP AP a 
picture of Rod Stewart, a conversation, animals to eat; MD, JM, JP — Natalie 
and Mango; CG a roomate who eats watermelon, Brady Bunch reruns; CW a to memorize. 

Sarah Mattson — R.E.M. A. M.S. your own car, W.C.M. a ride tied to the hood 
of my mustang, R.M. my car when I leave, B.R. K.M. many more trips to 
Boston, D.R. a room at 20-5-9 north; south; east; or west street, J — M.B. a 
wonderful date with S.K. and Mr. H, and to J.L. the joy not having to DA A! 
William McEvoy — SS — JF — a toast to hooters; RM — boxers; MR — a 
hopper; MW — a dance; DV — a snake, man!; SM — a '65 Mustang; AS — a 
working radio; RM — a new fender; KH — spare keys; RM — Riverside; JO — 
one dollar of gas, please!; DR — tickets to the Bruins; AL — a cool earring; EH 

— whip cream and strawberries; SH — a photo of Mama; RD — Ethan Frame's 
cover; RT — BM — 1 more yr.; D & K — an earthquake. 

Jamie McGrath — I leave Colleen 2 more years of torture, K.C a wonderful 
future to look forward to. 

Kim McGrath — to M.B. $3.49, an imperfection, "Black Dedication," a bath- 
ingstitute; P.P. a trip, patience, P.b. all the Swedish fish in the world; K.M. call 
waiting, hair dressers named Bill, oil for the front door, flashlights; S.R. the 
one "true one"; L.H. her own gas card, bail for Binky, hams, cyclops', a ride to 
school, my life; D.C. $5.00 for C.C.'s car; A.D. another year of M.S.; T.H. 
Eddie 4-life, one way ticket to Kansas; J.L gold plated chucks; N.M. a comb, 
another shoulder; J.G. one more good year; to B.S. love and happiness. 
John Menfi — J.C & E.N. off reading, L.D. a morning jog, A.D. a driving 
lesson, A.K. Cape Cod Run & 495 exit 28, L.M. 2 more yrs. & the bus. 
Carrie Ann Miles — JL, a staircase and laughs, TT, a $40 check and a concept 
map, AS, cartwheels in gym, SM, a new nickname, DR, Drew's groceries, RM, 
an appointment book, SC, a new directional/wiper switch, AL, my car, JM, my 
accent, JW, a band and a restaurant, CC, water, DD, an ice-cream stand, NC, 
swingset talks, KT, 6th grade, KC, visits to McD's, IM, a new clutch, SP, a 
game of pool, LW, a quarry jump, NF, laver-case j's, CL, Elmo toy, TD, a 
freezer, MV, stickers, AE, a parking space next to mine, CM, louder pipes, 
BM, homeroom, to everyone — life is full of challenges, you must get through 
them all, and be proud of what you overcome. Peace! 
John Mistier — I leave 100 dollars to B.M., a brake and a comfortable couch to 
Heather, the senior halls to J.M. and H.O., Mr. Cormier my physics book. 
Jason Mitchell — I leave to my little sister Jenny good luck for the next 3 yrs. 
and in the future. To my cousin Britt I hope he is happy and wealthy in what- 
ever he does. E.C I leave blueberries. D.J., J.W., N.D., E.P., I leave plenty of 
partying. K.M. I hope we spend lots of time at your summer house. N.P. I 
hope you have better luck with your driving and parking. G.P. I leave you 1st 
place in a lifting tournament. N.M., T.W., J.L, K.H., E.S., R.G., I leave hooba 
and G.P. I hope you move out of Wrentham so you can be happy but stay in 
touch! S's to be the rest of you (JK) 10-4 Bye everyone and good luck. 
Tim Montgomery — I leave Nicky Plouff and Vikki Muccaronie a jumbo pack 
of Cinaburst, Ben Greene 4 demerits, Davin Oatley a job, Mrs. Fradkin some 
silly putty, Rob Massaro a hair cut, and Mr. Webb a big fruit punch stain on his 

Alex Moore — W.R. — a trip to Mt. Washington, CG. — a trip to Craigsville, a 
ride in YOTA, P.F. retreat, B.K. — a jeep, a trip to town pizza, a decent foul 
shot, M.W. — a wagon, Levi Garrett, a game of McGolf, trip to the Expo, a new 
sweatshirt, CO. — a radar detector, car emblems, P.F. — a sharp corner on 
Hancock St., trip to MacGarrett, J.J. P. — a cigar, trip to the Cape, volleyball 
lessons, R.G. — a new car stereo, a door that opens, M.S. — a night out w/the 
guys, a new grill, M.B. — a good outlook, CR. — a party at the dance, B.Mc. 

— driving lessons, Sope — pretzels, R.O. — a new bike, a bepper 
Melissa K. Morris — TT — my everlasting friendship, gas money, 4 nights on 
the beach 7 years of memories (band), my thoughts .AS — 1 1 78 cheeseburgers, 
550 lg fries, 4 good laugh. KT — a mind of your own. PG — a banana, some 
funny feelings. RS — a ride. The girls — my defiance. 

Michelle Morris — JM, CK — winner club, Dennis, Kevin, boys, JA, DC — a 
date. DM — ARies, 2 more years w/out me, VM, JM — happy lockers. AM — a 
camping trip out west. JP — the answers to your 2 questions. Earl, Burnsey — 
toilet paper, forks, a puppet show. JM — Your awesome stories, you can keep 
'em! (JK). BC, SS — skiing trip. AD — your man, all our favorite music lines. 
KC — Indy, fun times at Cape Cod, being your BB. 

Rachel Morissette — A.S.: a car of your own, S.M.: J.L. : clean tables, D.R.: all 
the truck drivers in the world, B.M.: a new car, CM.: sun shiney mornings, 
M.F.: pink high heels and a mirror, B.R.: one more year of heck & Tyler's. 
Vicky Mucciarone — KM — a place to look at, a room up stairs, d.b., a buzz 
cut, a tree branch, a lifetime of memories crammed into 4 years, elephant shoe! 
BA — a smack-me list, a mouse trap car, a big hug for dealing w/me, AML. Max 

— 3 more years, the bus, your clothes back! LD — $5.50 an hr. TH — advice, 
cheerios, popcorn, a flower on your wind shield, AML. JL — a mamajam, 
Leper signs, popcorn, pajamas w/feet, AML. MM & JM — locker buds forever, 
4 yrs. of pushing & shoving, good luck. JC — grannies, your kitchen table, a 
house on fire, "Jucie to commandor mac," AML. SS — a Friendly's run, "TV 
Obsession," AML. NC — 2x17 = 34, AML. RC — gas money, RF, the crickets, a 
1st grade bus ride!, AML. CO — typing buddies forever, recycled gifts, study 

.ML BH — Stonev B OUl me a home-made tape, AML. 

JP - neutrogina shampoo, an apology BK - trust an egg in your gas tank! 

Brian Mullen - John a beard Ryan a nde 1 like driving you Foster a taCO, the 

rhd Ij\ a due and a secret, leremv anything he 

Japyne whatever is left, 

Paige th. 

Justin Munroe - to lay M.tchel a hit & run accident to GuK a CD player 

Julie Mure —CO a gold medal, a Spanish gong a game ot pool. A.D.: moz, 

nwalk the winner club. IP mo/ skiing 

thewinnerdub I N a race to scriool. a life-long 

neighbor BB a brown snow suit a calculator telephone a poker game J.C.: 

■ winning poker hand, some snow tobury your face in,] M an apology abox 

Ketball pole, a ried to pull me m R S a dean shirt, a 

k,CG a busy street in Boa a great talent, C.R. a kiss 

, a lion mv plane story D.D a running partner K Ha car to sleep in 

fbtngO \ M Ac MM locker buddies the neighborhood, L.M.: 

2 m or , ,nd all my problems, the gang my love and friendship 

.,, urr4V .< | kShep: a tennis lesson, A.L.A 

•our door Mui 

Doug Newton — to lared a pair ot \% hite tennis shot's to smash a $ood man, to 
Brian J liM-kit and a '■'• the HI I. a total Franklin car. to 

Sunm -l> a lone, lite on the road to loanne a place to be almost alone 
I ru Solan • N • ' • '• I idl v a neu V ball partner, to [.M. a skele- 
OUBLES1 |.0 a hall to wander in. to B .11. the ultimate 
idventuii 1 noun ot sleep B B. some good music, RH, JC, 

BB. Ki K Ot MM [M WR Ihe best ol Luck! 

I , Hnen — to A M a date with M B to I H the rest ot mv lite and all mv 
. attention to A 1 a real system, to I I a diploma. 
Ja»on O'Brien — M W ■ speeding tkket after work, |.0. Mountain Dew, CO. 
two :: 

tourtnev CXHsfl — |M Russian loveboat a good storv. a gold medal in the 

ith . lass friendship and memories a yod s( K k. LO: a horse galloping 

I a nppt-d dress |A the mnk. rollv polls', CG: a new talent. 

It with Mr loll, a date with Gilbert. AD: the pretty song, light as 

■ ldbunny Yipj • [0 more phone time, 3 more years. VM: a 

• d typing Buddy Mb a c hinese change purse, a horse with no name, 

■ -tilts I -ric s trial 

C h-idd ( ) Neil — Rl your seg», thanks a million — you've been awesome to 

• goli balls. Daytona beach, best ot luck, 

thanks tor ever y t hing MBC guitar lessons my sweatshirt, a Mattapoisett 

ICC cream cone, thanks tor everything. McgB. the perfect guy, best of 

luck in College 6c lite |A dance class, more goals, good luck. |1.: 1 nite, my 

leserveil Jove always. WR: doors, fog lites, 

! tair ski race I (V a lovker tight, bail money, ride we 

i D , starnne, role w AG. radar detector, McGolf. PF: 

morel'! n. a radar detector MS: a leash, your own shorts, sega, 

!' -EK Kittle otcjinck tan. BK: tires, a jeep. CG: 

• ■ (from \ I (SO best ol luck in school, a 

girlim-nd KO fun in the next 3 vrs AC, AC. — mv sister. 

Mjrtj OttSCBSWSU — to the underclassman Y/OU know it's time to find your 

-.time you turn around you find yourself ALONE, to Tncia 

matte a brand new In en -e to your heart I o my best 

fnrnd (< r4yeai long pal-ship 

rsognj — D P B&B. G.Q, man. numb lips a nr ol your own, a visit to 

inch I'O 2moreyrs & a nde to school CO.: a 

s krr buddies a retard in a store, an exotic 

PB, a tirst kiss, a trip to Ml I r*S, s 

train D.R a trip to Maine for 

Mkl H I st.uMkt .another sister. 
' ' ■ ■ 

hip with you know who, B.k : 
all mv UuRh McD a, the perfei t guy, 

haracteristica ol 
mv d»»t I nbum the color 


|.m duimrl B I la.lio I \ a 

\M .ill 

, ■ •' ■ 

I jurj ran you will 


wonderful memories & cooking classes, Best Wishes! EB a basketball game we 
never had. KP a winning FB team & school spirit! Best wishes to the Class of 

Peggy Pavidis — to Brownie: a cell, phone, a porta potty, 120 for a coffee at 
Dunkin D., D.T., life time supply of Sprite, To Kimma: a bottle of red hair dye, 
the tirst & last punch to L.C, a gift certificate to Victoria Secrets, bag of sixlets 
candies, my junior year — because I owe it to ya, Neil's room, a chair from 
O.B.'s & a blue light. To T.H.: a new white scrunchie, a pair of white jeans &a 
black leather purse. To L.H.: all the green crayons in the world. To my little 
sister a pacifier & a basketball. To DC: a new attitude, a sense of humor, all 
the blonde jokes in the world. To C.G.: Gordge (S.H.), a TCBY run, a water 
slide ride w/B.G. 

Athalie Paynting — to M.O.; a reserved booth at Lupo's, the Rake Day, Sugar 
shack my friendship, to S.P.; sisterly love, a full day of paint ball, a tankot 
gas, to KM.; a ride anywhere & an ear, to H.W.; my apologies & my decorat- 
ing sense, lb yrs., Debra Harry Night, to M.L.; anything. 
Vance Pearson — I leave J.M., J.D., and B.R. the ability to win a match nev 

Glennis Perez — I leave my "Love" & "Charisma" to Tanya Tellum, I lea\ e IS 
shortness" to Melissa Morris, I leave my quietness to Becky Nelson, I leave 
my rudeness (at times) to Roberto Torres, I leave my "TONS" of sneakers to 
Chadd O'Neil. 

Danielle Plante — Melissa Brown: Mike #1,2,3, Chicken Cutlet sandwiffl 
pret/els, late night cup of coffee. Lisa Orsogna: nails, gallon of heath bar ■ 
cream, muffins, BK #3. Marybeth Carlow: lifetime employment at Wamp 
'Corner, pulling out on st. corners. Tarah CacciapagKa: lots of fatty tissue,; 
parts . Jackie Hallett: a half day school morning. Marianne Bozza: a pillow to | 
on while driving. Vicky Muccaroni: hair thickener. Kim McGrath: Eddii 
Veder, straight hair. Kim Montanaro: a walk. Brad Kuta: a note book. Ru* 
Jergens: a role of toilet paper. 

Nickey Plouffe — Buzz Saw: a million smiles and hugs!!!, Katie: a peaceful hafll 
life free from rednecks and mean people — my love always, Kim: a lypi 
machine, a brain, a bodyguard for life, EC, endless wrong roads & run 
nuts, Narragansette nights, and much more I can't say, Dan: whistle, pop daj I 
perfect man, many happy long nights, coffee, my love, Colleen K.: 50 no* 
checks and some fat on those bones, Jay: ahhhh I can't say, Tim: dirty dishes,* 
broken flowbee, hugs, freedom, and happiness, RG: mono breath, Rob a l> 
hug that never ends, Ally: memories of my wierd moods, and a lot of love k 
everyone else; live, love, stay real and find your happiness!! Bye . . . 
Stephen Pond — the best of luck to Nathan and Jonathan, Jeff all the move 
you ever wanted, Tim H.: a friend who will always be there and a trip to P.C l 
Kevin H. : I leave you the girl of your dreams; Athalie P. : I will find y< 
with the smartest man on the earth; MM: a skydiving partner, KT: someonekl 
hang with and a trip to P.C. 

Sarah Pyne — to DG: whistle Pop Mania, a big Cheshire cat smile, DYOIF last 
light show, ready ribs, uh . . . yeah, to RG: super kermit, to LM: gold lipstick 
to JM: a wink. 

Chris Race: Rick G. — absolutely a new car stereo; John G. — Deep I lole; I 
M. — a gift cert, to Filene's Bas.; Tab — the Ghost of Chester; Mike W.- 
Chili-Cheese Dog; Jesse F. — my baton; Pete F. — my green Pumas; Colleen! 
— the Little Mermaid; Julie M. — free game of mini golf; Michelle M. — Ear} 
E; Crowley — Root Beer Barrell; Jay — flashcash. 

David Raymond — RT a 5:30 cup of coffee; XC course record; CM, Rl 1 a fiaal 
of sexy guys; JM a lifetime supply of chicken burgers; MW stolen rims for th 
Camaro, TH a cowboy hat and a mess on your lawn; HW Gina breath andl 
( horse Sr. Yr. w/BCheese; Wiz a new car and the life of Huck Finn, a : . 
HW, MB, KF, DA, MH, TK, BR, MG — a road trip in the van. Coach Boudi 
many championships & winning seasons. Pierce yellow sweats, many foa 
memories, and a true friend. 

Julie Raymond — JR: one more time around, another ride with the Franks 
police, and the pididdle guys, AN: a gag from cat food and Kool-Aid, a tnp» 
Plymouth in the middle of "the night, and a flat tire, CW: 1 more year, SI * 
and some bandaids, EH: a date with Steve and butters, parenthood 
to Star Market before our water breaks, HR: 1 more year and a trip to Cuflfl 
in your pink slippers, JB: a clue, CD: 2 more years. 

Jillian Richard — [en I leave you <\n oldies tune and one more honk on* 
horn HO I leave you death bv Frank; J. R. I leave you one m 
around, I b I leave you a man (?); L.V. —a gas station attendant; A.N. * 
dog In boston, K.M. —a new litter, B.M. a straight back; J. G. — serial 
( c a bark while sleeping; KF. — a clue; E.H. — divorce court w/Bsl 

Hannah, | W a tree slush, a rented movie, a cookie tight, freedom ■ 
everyone un hiding biy; bird, a bottle of Sun In, and a year without me. I'Ufl 
\ou All who u.nt to i amp remember Stripie, Chantea, Jackie, and M# 
< .ih^\ in. k to sill 

Rachel Rice — KC blinking light, carborator spray; RC SweattHill, Trinity, DQ 
runs; EH a date w/black cat, Hew Pong; MP car that blows up, WYB; NC the 
Buffalo Stance; SS, PS, ZG a snowball fight w/Bon Jovi; MM clean, white pig; 
EK Foxboro soccer jacket; VM Authority Song; CO test tubes, your forever lab 
partner; KM Debt of $2.50; Coach Schmidt a fork, all the frosh in the world; 
NC, PS a trip to the hospital; EN, JC defeat in "The Battle"; AR, LS 4 years and a 
trip to McD's; DD injury free game, PAL; CK electric guitar solo; JC babysitting 
job; Becky & friends 2 more years and a ride in the Grenada (Aerosmith) 
Debbi Robinson — D.S. — Cantaloupe, plan, fruit cup, lilly pad; to MegB. — 
corn, KH or BH, SD, JC bano, PI, stonewall, D.S., Nun, TB, HS CB; to M.B. — 
mosquito, bananas, corn muffin, PR, to C.G. — raccoon, Craigville; to N.M. — 
rag, pillow, toast, everlasting hug, all my love; to A.D. — floss; to K.M. — 
forgiveness, Dave, walk; to L.D. — phone; to J.C. — mop, archer, carrot; to 
T.C — nite in the snow 

Stephen Rogers — My cd's — S.H., my clothes — S.B., a pizza — K.M., 
another great year — N.N., a ride when GTI dies — S.H., a concert — N.N. & 
S.H., Good luck to the Class of '95. 

Wesley Rollins: Ride on the tube to JC; bigger car window to PF; chance to race 
me on the slopes to CO; a life jacket to EN; all you can eat at Wachusett for $2 to 
the boys 
Danielle Rose: CM — a brand new car; RM — strobes; JL — the Lion King; AS 

— Capt. John's son; HS — long eyelashes; AR — a ride to school; GR — good 
luck and 3 more wonderful years; CC — bangs that don't flip; AL — an apple; 
JB — Pits and a guy with blue eyes; SM — Shaq 

Britt Ross — to S.L. two more years of torture; to J.M. money for speeding 

Dawn Savadyga — to LB — locker #645/42, 2nd lunch 1993-94 on day 2, our 
memories, my friendship 4-ever, to AF — Mr. Schmidt, day 2 2nd lunch in 
1993-94, my friendship, to ML — Big chip, Autumn Sky, cowinktdink, true 
friends, to EM — Maine, our friendship, to AF — our personal talks and 
smiles, to RJ, CY, BF — all DECA memories (and there will be a lot), to DDS — 
my love, hope and Fort Bennings, to HW — French class, pianos, to SS — our 
memories at FTJSC, war buddies our friendship for ever, to my Family — 
happiness, to CS — pair of shoes, a yell, friendship, to K.P. — my books and 

Michael Savicki: JA — a good, honest man; BA — a job at IBM; TB — a house 
in Wrentham; MB — long talks with someone special and happiness; PF — a 
new BB coach; JH — a trip to Plymouth and Milbury; TH — a healthy leg; EK — 
a laugh, a smile and an egg; BK — a job as an elementary school bus driver; KM 

— a happy life; AM — a house in Colorado and a lifetime pass to the F.G.; TM 

— skis; JM — a date with Eagle; CO — more soccer goals; BH — a big bear; PB 

— some muscles; JP — a wedding ring for Marybeth; WR — trips home from 
the Cape at 5:30 am; MW — a beautiful girlfriend and many more good times; 
Junior — another week Erica — 4 great years; CR — another night with me; LO 

— more hockey games; TC — a week at Woodstock 

Joshua Shaw: RM — a pair of boxers; BM — some dance lessons; MR — a Jibba; 
NP — driving lessons; BK — a life; 

Adam Shepardson: I leave Jason Malcolm 2 more years of golf 
Deb Skinner — J. T.C. your own mirror for G.N Deutsch Zwei; J.C. enough 
glintz to make your hair blond, a lghtr 4 C.W.'s smile, the V-club; Meg B. my 
corniest jokes, "far behind x 100" Crml corn, a crtn, sun pois; Deb — Robour 
"big" list, going on a picnic, a key chain, mar & cheese, pois ivy, goofy, 300 
Spring St.; Kim M. an xtra pair of contacts, a license, 1 last ride to schl., De- 
utsch Zwei; The Girls all the good times, 30 pak hrshk Bch, plygrnd chats, 
Aruba '95; keep warm E.K a btle of Quik Tan; Britt hrm 216: M.S Preschl, that 
smone who beeps! Hrm, a locker buddy; The Bad Boys another year; L.D 
Frosh Chrldng; Mel B. a quick trip down the hill, my teeth; The class of '95 a 
lifetime of Happiness, see you in 5 yrs!! 
Alison Small: RM — a tear, gas money, a dancing crayfish, no more roots; SM 

— blue jello, twizzlers, a new hamstring, Krammer; BM — a trip to Sarah's 
bathroom, a girlfriend, luv ya Ace; MM — steak and cheese sub, base drum, 
guys from Methuen, another concert experience, SL — a night in '63, a whale 
(WW '94); EC & BM — another trip to the Stones, many fun times at the horse, 
a great soccer season; KT — my hair, more great times, a big laugh; TT — 
another great party, DR — a date with Cam Neely #8, Captain John; LB — a 
shower, a carrot, a puppy named Dookie; JL — jump higher; CM — a big 
dance, great times, lots of fun; Soccer team — good luck; Track team — good 
luck; MF — pretty, pink dress 

Brenna Smith — a destination to all my friends; blood to Mel, a lock and key to 
Sar; P.L. to KL; tasteful kisses to Rika, yeah ... to Zak; chapstick to Joe; 
understanding to Dan and Amy; the bus to LS; D.P. in the fog to DP; my phone 
# to Kate; music to Amber; spare change and thyme to all. 
Amber Springer — Andrea — pain and horror at staying in high school; Char- 
lotte — my secrets for getting out of class; Heather — bubble gum wads; 
Everyone else — whatever you want. 

Jason St. Amand — L. W. two more years of high school; G. W. no more seniors 
now; K.S.A. to the school; M.L. some common sense; P.L. a turbo-detonator, 
use it wisely. 

Craig Swanson — my brother Mark 4 yrs., Kaci B. Barkley and 1 yr. w/out 
being destroyed! A.S., K.H., G.P., K.C., A.S., B.N., — best of luck in the 
future. Lipps, Joey K. RULES. 

Roger Sweeney — JC a map for Brian's woods; RJ a car; EN a goal. 
Tanya Tellum: KT — directions to her house, BK — the knowledge that I am a 
better driver, GP — a study and a ride to McDonalds, JU — a locker of his own, 
PK — two more lovely years at KP, CM — a concert map so she can understand 
the world, MM — a ride, a cup of tea, a good book and a fireplace, "Isn't that 
like coffee," Batman, McDonalds, Cracker concert, friendship forever, and 
more memories than we can count, Everyone — a lifetime of happiness 
Ivy Thomson — Mice to M.T., my car to R.P., 10,000 tootsie pops to T.T. and 
L.P., my cat to M.D., coffee to T.D. 

Kristin Tucker — M.M.T.T. : friendship 4-ever! To Mel, your own wavelength; 
to Tanya, a universal alibi; to Brad, a sequel; to Ally, 1 more crazy laughing 
spell; to Jen, more "silly" faces; to TH, KH, SP, MM, TT, that "trip" to Mon- 
treal; to KT, your own name! 

Kristen Tucker — B.R. a game of nine ball and a girlfriend M. V. a bar of soap J.D. 
Fifty bucks and a new set of tires G.B. a ride to school for the next two years. 
David Vicini — to Bill — a woman in ever state; to Jesse — a new rabbit & a 
vegitarian burger; to Keith — JG; to Brian a good rep and fat cuffs; to Rick — T; 
to Rob — out of jail free pass; to Sarah — a big hug; to Danielle — free Dead 
tickets for life; to Ryan — a Tab & some iced coffee; Jay & Al — the nerd 
trophey; to Susan — my love 

Lynn Viola — to KM — the bagel CR stole, 5th period studies; LB — a hug, a 
ride home, thanks for all the fun; JF — food fights at Friendly' s; CA — a 
backwater curve + a cave to live in; JR — a F-5, an attendant at Getty, the 
fettucine in my fridge; JW — a hug + a smile; KW + KH — junior year study 
talks + a diagram; RM — a nice tie; CL — a fan club; SV — 2 yrs of fun + the 
car; JV — 4 yrs — Good Luck!; Wiz — all the letters I owe you + a rematch — 
always!, an ice cream in the face + a smile 

Heather Wainwright — Mr. Tileston endless thanks for all your time & pa- 
tience; T.W lifetime supply of CD's featuring Pavorotti in concert; S.B a body 
guard and a capuccino maker; M.L Flowbee haircutting system; I.T a Bible; 
A.P 4 yr scholarship to parochial college; P.T and L.A good luck as pianists; 
D.S French homework; M.D and T.C my locker; Matt thanks for help in his- 
tory; J.M lifetime supply of Drivers Ed w/ MR Toll J.D a bagel w/ cream cheese 
and good luck in a future w/ music 

Amy Watkins — To Amy R. a sunflower; To Greg W. I leave another year; To 
Jess M. a big smiley-face; To Holland a poke in the side; To Mike N. good luk & 
a slap in the forehead; To Dave W. "keep smiling" Some freshman my locker 
To everyone else "HA!" 

Matt Whitbread — MS — an NHL win and an ear for your problems. PF — a 
switched around story. JA — a goal, a collage, and the perfect guy. BK — a 
great nickname and a pinch. TH — a stolen joke. AM — a trip to the expo. LO 
— a drawing. CO — a radar detector. JH — an ice cream cone. MegB — a Ford 

Jamie Wilfert — To JR: a brush, mirror, visit; To Frank, To NC: on last vaca- 
tion; To TB: a fish; To HO: death by Frank; To JL: my life; To KM: a shorter skirt; 
To LD: her sweater and skirt; To JR: a visit IN the asylum To JG JC SC DO 2 
more great years To KF a clue; To BM: a spirit that loves you; To CC: a good 
talk; To KM football shirt; To LV: a hug; To RC: a call; To JG: a car; To DD: my 
friendship; To JG; JC: one last hockey game; To GP: one last call; To CM: my 
friendship; To RO: my friendship; To JM; PQ, TO CM: my bank store. 
Benjamin Williams — to Bill. Divine power, Jalapenos, and fuegos artificiales 
to Paul. A cone of cold to Marc. A lord of the pit to Greg. 
Michael Williams — to Rick Gallimore — absolutely, new car windows; to 
Gameday — my 9 iron and a slam dunk competition; to Pete Flynn — a flip; to 
Chris Race — new hydrolics for the Tracer. 
Kirk Wolloff — L.V; a frog scrunchie 

Chris Young — to KB — #34; to TG — toilet papering houses. 
Jackie Hallett: E.K. — Hey Kids Rock & Rol Rock On AHHHH, a blue lollipop, 
a green soda and — 10 laps around the field; T.C. — a crib, an interesting rug, 
and a rich man; M.B.C. — WC, 16 candles, CHB, a coffee, DS, and some 
skittles; Meg B. — a big breakfast, a cookie, and a complaint; J. A. — some taste 
in music & food, a never ending bank account and a church service Sat. morn.; 
K.L. — a nightmare at GW, Dom. and a day out of school; C.L. — one more 
time on the coolers and the respirator; J.C. — an albino back and a leather neck; 
A.C. — a scareball; K.M. — a mailbox, a secret weapon, and a fat lip; to the 
guys of 1995 a dozen eggs and an end to the cold war. 

Remember When 

Matt Whitbred, Brad Kuta 

Steve McCasland 

Nicole Plouffe 

40 f Remember When 

Jami Cornell, Rachel Morrissette, Erin Kiley, Jackie Hallett, Tarah Cac- 

Elizabeth Henderson, Suzanne Barrette, Rachel Conroy, Fran Grady, 
Danielle Rose, Vicky Mucciarone, Coreen Collins 

George Pappas, Bill McEvoy, Tom Benedetti, Brian Mullen, 
Shawn Hoolev 

Chris Lunn 


^H 1 

Brenna Smith, Lisa Bombarderi, Andrea Beloff, Christine 

Brett Atkinson 

Rachel Rice 

Jamie Allen 

Remember When K 41 

Katie Cleverdon, Michelle Morns 

Jami Cornell, 
Rachel Rice 



Alex Moore, Jackie Hallett 

Above: Tara Caccapaglia Below: Courtney 
O'Hara, Marybeth Carlow, Melissa Brown 

:«*■£ - : ->, 





S Remember When 

Jamie Allen, Julie Mure 

Eighth grade Honors class 

: 9t< : * 


Lisa Orsanga 

Matt Whitbred 

Jen Field, Kristen Maraghy, Lynn Viola 

Remember When Jp 43 


Where Are They Now? 

TO: Class of 1995 

FROM: Class Officers and Yearbook Staff 
DATE: June 10.2015 

World News 

BERT CLINTON is making millions purchasing semi-abnormal aardvarks from JESSE FISKE, who herds these 
creatures in a small town called Slugville on the outskirts of Lithuania. Mr. Clinton uses the aardvarks for his chain of Taco 
Bells across the USA. . . . Ruler of Scandinavia, JASON ST. AMAND, has made another attempt this past week to begin 

World War III. He already claims himself to be Emperor of the planet Earth JAMI CORNELL is heading up a world 

peace conference in Geneva, Switzerland, to solve the problems caused by Jason. Also present at this conference will be 
SHAW \ HOOLEY, United States Secretary of State. . . World famous owner of the International Glamour Magazine, 
MELISSA MORRIS, has recently purchased oneoftheoldest estates in Normandy, France. TONY LINARES, the Spanish 
model, poses for Melissa's magazine when he is on breaks from his motorcross racing. . . . World-renowned architect 
RICHARD DESMULE has just completed the design of the tallest building to be created . Computer engineer STEVEN 
P< )\I) assisted in the project. . . I.B.M. is obsolete in today's world, now everyone owns a BEN. This is the latest computer 
to be developed h> BEN WILLIAMS. 


Radio broadcaster CARRIE ANN MILES can be heard on her morning show "Miles in the Morning" on WCAM 
102.3 I \1. JESS COATES helps her out with her weather and traffic reports. . . Virtuoso violinist CHRISTINE 
\ \ I )E RS( )\ will be playing for the Wiener Philharmonic. She has become famous selling her compositions around the world 
due to her proficienc) in 8 foreign languages. . . JOE LEVESQUE has been spotted playing the guitar in Boston subways 
much to the pleasure i I commuters JAMES O'BRIEN, TRICIA LAWRENCE, AMBER SPRINGER, and KRISTYN 
II CKER... A remake of Grease is being produced by ATHALIEPAYNTING in an off-off-off Broadway theater. There 
will be several members of the Class of 1995 participating. CHRIS DUBOIS will be Danny, JEAN-MARIE BADING 
will K Sand) ANNA BROWAREK will be Betty, CHARLENE COPELAND will be Miss Lynch, BILL MCEVOl 
will be Vince, MARTA OLTARZEWSKI will be Cha-Cha, DAVIN OATELY will be Kenickie, GEORGE PAPPAS 
will be Sonn> PEGGY PAVIDIS will play Marty, WENDY HALL will be Frenchy, HEATHER WAINRIGHT will 
be Patt) . M \ THEW WALL will be Doody, and JASON WILMONT will be Johnny. 


I he l S equestrian team coach was named last week. KRISTIN TUCKER was chosen after successfully winning 

the gold medal in the 2012 Olympics TOM BENEDETTI is playing in the major leagues with the Toronto Blue Jays. 

Major I eague baseball MVP TAB HOWARD'S wife, JULIE LEVESQUE, has also made a name for herself. She is 

now the proud owner of Kmart, while taking care of their ten children The Boston Bruins blew game #7 against the LA 

Kings last night, when a crazed fan, LAURA PARE, jumped on #16 defense man MICHAEL SAVICKI. Due to Pare! 
distraction, Savicki missed the puck giving the Kings the Gup. Savicki was hurt in the play and attended toby team trainer 
DANIELLE ROSE. NBC sports announcers SHAWN HESSION and CHRIS "Gameday" LUNN reported it to be the 

must exciting finishtoahocke) game the) hadeverseen A new world record was set last month in distance ro I lei blading. 

SCOT1 HORTON, SI / \\\| B \RR Mil. and STEVE ROGERS compose the US rollerblading team and spend 
then summer months rollerblading CTOSS country. . . . The IS women's bobsled team has begun practicing lor next year'I 
winter Olympics in Anchorage, Alaska. JULIE MURE and COURTNEY O'HARA, 5 time gold medalists, are proud to 



ri ipiii'i \ 

be coaching this year's team A new high jump record was set by 7 time gold medalist ROB MACMURRAY with a 

height of 8' 1 " World Champion surfer JUSTIN HOUDE retired from professional surfing Ten time Wimbledon 

champion JASON MURRAY announced his retirement after making $20 million in the sport. . . . Local high school 

basketball coach, RACHEL RICE was acknowledge at last week' s game for coaching for over 1 5 years Hockey player 

PAUL BALZARINI has recently signed a two year contract for $48 million. He is now the highest paid player in the NHL. 
. . BRIAN HARPER is in Europe trying to start his own hockey league and is recruiting his old high school teammates. 
. . The new roster for the United States World Cup Soccer team has been released. The following are included: ROBERT 
WES ROLLINS, JASON O'BRIEN and ROGER SWEENEY. The team is expected to do very well. . . KEVIN 
CUMMINGS had a very successful career as a linebacker and is now expected to be named head coach of the newest 
expansion team in the N.F.L. . . VANCE PEARSON is a wrestler on W.W.F., who will soon be going up against fellow 


DAVID RAYMOND has made a living driving PAUL "Wiz" WISNIE WSKI to auto part stores in pitiful attempts 
to make his Firebird roadworthy. . . . JAMES GARREY was recently recognized for the excellent restoration of his '69 

Chevelle SS, '34 Ford and Harley Davidson RYAN CLARK was arrested Friday by the state police for violation of the 

new motor vehicle law which deals with the volume of music within the car. 


A new line of clothing has made a big bang in the clothing industry. AMY WATKINS, a famous artist, has really 

built a name for herself with the Walking Watkins line A name which has become a very familiar one in the interior design 

business is RACHEL MORRISETTE. She was just commended for her remodeling work in the White House by President 
FRAN GRADY. . . . Some ordinary citizens are really trying to make a difference in this world. Some to be noted are 
JANELLE LORTIE, a well-known social worker; ANDREA BELOFF, the owner of a company which counsels teenagers 
and their families; SANDRA BERMAN, a television reporter in South America who aids poor children in getting an 

education; and KIM MCGRATH who is a psychologist for juvenile delinquents Some people who deserve recognition 

are those who are willing to fight for our country. JAMIE WILFERT, one of the best pilots in the Air Force, and JOSH 
SHAW, a brave marine, are among the many militarians. DEBBIE CLEVELAND has tried to escape the army base where 

she is stranded many times. She has yet to find a successful way JULIE CARLSON and TAMMY HANSON, last 

weeks lucky winners of the US Lottery, now reside on the Islands in the Caribbean. MISSY CZERWIEN works in a nearby 
marine biology laboratory. . . STEVE CROWLEY is the author of three books and is currently on a book signing tour of 
America. He stops at Bailey's Books, a bookstore owned by MELONIE BAILEY. . .PETER FLYNN is continuing his 
quest in hopes of finding cool Tevas. . . JAY ARTHURS and DOUG NEWTON are roommates in Colorado. Doug is 
still trying to teach Jay the finer arts of snowboarding, but Jay insists that he already understands. . . ERIC FAHEY, 
DANIELLE GROVES, and ROB MASSARO are restoring CARISSA GAETANPS newly purchased mansion in 
Newport, Rhode Island. . . DEBI SKINNER was recently named Miss Petite America. . . CHRIS RACE is now in charge 
of running A. A. meetings at Sturdy Hospital. . . KRISTEN MARAGHY and LYNN VIOLA are in a bit of trouble after 
blowing up their chemical laboratory in Des Moines, Iowa a few months ago. Their accident was caused by their hap-hazard 
method of experimentation. 


A new company named Plastic Pieces Enterprises opened yesterday. Owners VICKY MUCCIARONE and KIM 

MONTANARO say that they will begin mass production of the little plastic pieces on the ends of shoe laces GREG 

BURT owner of a Toys R Us chain experimented by dressing up as "Geoffery the Giraffe" greeting children to help his 
business sometimes filling in for him is KRISTEN CUMMINGS. . . . Sailboats Inc. has now started to build custom designed 
sailboats. Owner BRETT ATKINSON is pleased with sales. . . .A successful Orange Julius chain in Australia opened seven 
years ago by NICOLE CONLEY and DENISE DUNFEY and is now receiving world-wide recognition. Long-time high 
school friend RACHAEL CONROY still faithfully visits every summer. . . . Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Company was 

Prophecy ft 45 

bought out \ esterda) b\ entrepreneurs JEN FIELD and JOHN GULINO who claim they will change the name to Cheese 

and Macaroni. . . Wampum Corner Drive Thru owners CHRIS LUNN, JACKIE HALLET, and MARYBETH 

( \RI ( )W i ecentl) decided to move their business from Wrentham, MA to the corner of 95th and 20th streets in NYC. 

Microspan Inc. and Technotimes Co. have merged. Millionaires HOLLY EVANS and RICK GALLIMORE think 

that h\ merging their companies the> can produce more profits. . . JOHN MENFI has recently come into possession of 

ne u ttfa faithful customer such as MIKE TSEBETZIS and SCOTT LAVERTY, he's sure to find 

success. iLISON SMALL and TANYA TELLUM own a restaurant next to the ski resort owned by partners JULIE 

K M MONDandCR UG S\\ ANSON. . . MARYANNE BOZZA and LISA ORSANGA hostily took over the Emerald 

e \L.II five years ago from MEGAN BYRLINSKI and TARA CACCIAPAGLIA, saving it from bankruptcy. 


I \ \ MITCHELL owns a camp and health club out west for beautiful women with low self-esteem. BRITT ROSS 
i s president of the camp and \\ orks as a massage therapist there to relive the patient' s stress. LANI HALL, KELLY LEARY, 
and SARAH M \ T TS( )N are faithful customers because Jay gives discounts to K.P. graduates. . . ERIN KILEY has made 
Fine lines Health Center for Women into a nationwide chain. 

Medical Breakthroughs 

K \ I II( l.l\ IKDONand MICHELLE MORRIS, afteryears of scientific research, finally concocted a formula 
to control the human afro. Katie along with friend JAIME ALLEN were very grateful of this discovery. The three girls 
moved to a ranch in Ohio and enjoy their wealth together. . . . JOHN MISTLER, a six figure doctor, and DANIELLE 
PL W IT.. RN, recentl) proved the theory brought forward by COLLEEN KENNEY, a part-time WWF wrestler, that you 
can get cancer from getting hit in the arm. Physical Therapists COREEN COLLINS and MELLISSA BROWN are 
working hard to help patients suffering from this disorder. . .With her strong background in genetics, IVY THOMSON has 
discovered the cure for PKU. 


I he IS is nou the #1 breeder of Canadian Geese thanks to farmer ADAM SHEPARDSON of Wichita, KS. ... New 
England* s fishing industry is collapsing due to professional fish farmer AARON LONG, who resides at his small ranch in with his five cats and his dog, George Beef prices fell yesterday due to large amounts of cattle being sold by herde 

CHRIS YOl NG ofBillings, Montana. . . After many summers of hard work, TIM HUGHES and KEVIN HOLSTER 
imu own the Big \pple. (If onlj they could stop fighting!!!). 


K \ III \1 Mill. \ and NICKEYPLOUFFE were recently recognized for their success in art over the years. The 
two artists current!) reside on a ranch in California with lots of dogs and a hen. . . With museum exhibits in Manhattan. 
Chi< Vngeles,and Boston, JESSE MEYERS is quickly becoming a world-renowned artist. MIKEABRILwuk 

and performs the background music for Jesse's exhibits. . .KIRK WOLLOFF, JUSTIN MUNROE, and KEITH 
III KM W currentl) on a cross-country toilet papering spree and are planning to next hit the White House and then 
DOSSiblj go international. 

( lourtroom Log 

I OKI N 1)1 \ I Kl W \ became a ver> successful lawyer. One of her well-known cases was BRAD KUTA vs 
MM I \\IIIII;ki \l) B lwassuingMattfOTmemeftofacouchfromtherearofhislovelybluevan...ERICHOSMER 
is being defended b) CHRIS CH WDLER ma case dealing with the smuggling of nuclear weapons over the U.S. borders 
rhe arresting officer in this case was CHRIS HA NLON, who happened to stumble upon his classmate \sil legal maneuver* | 

MIKI K() \( HE and DAN C iPONEare still doing their 3000 hours of community service by scouring the graffil 
walls in Boston Natural born killers LOR] HUNERYAGER and LISA BOMBARDIER] have left the country after 
from prison in a white broi 


'rnphn \ 


ELIZABETH HENDERSON, currently a teacher in a small New England HS, was just recently awarded "Teacher 
of the Year". She states that she owes her success to her own experiences in school. . . Taking home an award for the "Science 
Teacher of the Year" was DAWN SAVADYGA. She heads the Science Department at K.P. . . JILLIAN RICHARD was 
recognized for her achievements in English. . . ETSKO KAWASHIMA has moved back to the United States and has taken 
over the Japanese Club at King Philip. . JOHN PALIE and CHAD O'NEIL are currently custodians at King Philip. They 
work under sanitation engineer, AMY NELSON. . .MATT MCKINNON and MATT LOCKEY have taken over the 
principal positions at King Philip H.S. and King Philip North respectively. 

.. .From Hollywood 

Famous rock star weirdo BRIAN MULLEN was admitted to San Quinten Hospital and is being treated by 

psychologist ANGELA DEPIPPO for being criminally insane TEDDIE ESSER was recognized for her filmmaking 

which was very tastefully done with the Beastie Boys. . . DAVE VICINI is currently starring in the hit movie Attack of the 
1 00 Foot Man. MATT KIR WIN, a scientist turned actor, plays Dave's sidekick. . . MIKE WILLIAM'S million dollar 
smile is making him millions in ads for toothpaste. . . MATTHEW FLYNN is the host of the talk show, Matthew , which 
recently featured BRENNA SMITH and SARAH PYNE, the world record holders in concert attendance. . . Currently 
topping the Neilson's in Spacial Relations, a talk show which was originated in 1995, and original cast member KELLY 
LUCAS is directing it. 


Researcher LIZ DOLAN continues work in Alaska. Scientists are working hard to try and increase the climate there. 

. TIM MONTGOMERY is known across the nation for collecting workers compensation for his broken pinkie nail. . 

JASON DOWN is a well-known environmentalist trying to save as many animals as possible. . . World-renowned 
environmentalist ALEX MOORE is trying to raise awareness of the effects of factory waste on tropical fish in Bermuda. 
Unfortunately those factories are owned by classmate THOMAS FLANAGAN, who has no comment for Alex's actions. 

Class Officers: Julie Mure, Secretary; Coreen Collins, Vice President; 
Jamie Allen, Treasurer; Brett Atkinson, President 

StudentCouncil: : back row (1 to r) Rick Gallimore, 
Denise Dunfey, Katie Cleverdon; front row (1 to r) 
Loren Devereaux, Angela DePippo, Jami Cornell; Not 
shown; Bert Clinton, Tab Howard 










Semi-Formal 1994 

Ethan Dunbar, Jen Coburt, Rob Hadfield, Carol Grady, Nathan Barad, Jen Maligrida, Jen 
Davis, Mike Lewicki, Jamie Beals, Pat Leary 

( jsey Sawyer, date, Melissa Webber 

Jenna Curran, Jen Davis, Anne-Marie Cahill, Melissa Pfuhl 


ft Semi-Formal 1994 

Kerri McKeon, Anthony Benedetti 

Carolyn English, Christine Oussault, Jen Colburt, Becky Nelson 

Semi-Formal 1994 ff 51 


52 J Homecoming 

Jen Gomes, Jen Maligrida, Jen Disimone, Bonnie Guay 

The King Philip Band 

Homecoming v 53 


Queen: Katie Cleverdon 

The King Philip Warriors valiantly battled the 
Franklin Panthers on Thanksgiving 1994. 
Although the Warriors did not emerge victor- 
ious, K.P. spirit abounded. Many students, past 
and present, came to give their support. Thanks 
to the NHS pon-pom sale, the bleachers were a 
sea of green and gold fans. Until next year . . . 

The Fry Guys? L. Bombardieri, L. Huneryager 

54 f Thanksgi 


Staying warm: Kevin Holster, Paul Wisniewski, Dave Raymond, Kirk 

Enthusiastic Underclassmen 

Selling K.P. spirit: Chris Lunn, Rob MacMurray 

Thanksgiving W 55 


K. Neviakas and dad 

56 |f Father-Daughter Dance 

Sophomore girl 

Father-Daughter Dance (| 57 


58 f Student Life Candids 

Student Life Candids f 59 


M^^T 111 A ^ y Cle ? erdon ' Stev * Scamecchia, Narin Sae-Eaw, Maura Dudley, Jen 
Malagnda, Bonnie Guay, Maurene Doherty ^uuiey, jen 

Class Officers: Mrs. Fradkin, Rachel Beautz, Mrs. 
Tower, Jenna Curran, Joe Richards, Chrissy Marshall 




Acord, Keri 
Altfeter, Erica 
Amaral, Alyson 
Amaral, Jared 
Babbitt, Francis 


Erin Galvin, Jenna Curran, Jen Davis, Ann-Marie Cahill 

A it 

Banks, Jacob 
Barad, Nathan 
Bautz, Rachel 
Beehr, Talbot 
Benedetti, Anthony 

Benedetti, Justin 
Berteletti, Kaci 

Bhatti, Leila 
Bishop, Mary 

Blood, Christopher 
Bolger, Heather 
Bolger, Heidi 
Bolyn, Julia 
Boulay, Charlotte 

Boylan, Matthew 
Brawley, Mary Beth 
Breitenbach, Michelle 
Brodka, Christopher 
Bullock, Eric 



Cahill, Ann-Marie 
Capone, Angela 

Carter, Kimberly 
Cassidy, David 

Caulheld, Margaret 

Chrisidis, Vasoula 

Cleverdon, Andrew 

Cook, Jennifer 

Corbett, Emily 

Corbo, Samantha 

Correia, Jaime 

Crawford, Brian 

Crehan, Laura 

Crehan, Maureen 

Cronk, Christina 

Curley, Valerie 

Curran, Jenna 

Davis, Jeffrey 

Davis, Jennifer 

DeCosta, Shaun 

Dennison, Tyler 

Destmone, Jennifer 

DiMaitiltO, Andrea 

Doherty, Maurene 



Doire, Michael 
Dow, Meghan 
Draheim, Phillip 
Drowne, Stephen 
Dubendris, Timothy 

DuBrey, Nicole 
Dudley, Maura 
Dumont, Brian 
Dumont, Heather 
Dunfey, Carolyn 

Duwart, Christopher 
Earl, Christopher 

Elliot, Scott 
Faford, Timothy 

Fienberg, Koryn 
Fisler, Rebecca 
Foster, Kelly 
Frey, April 
Fumarola, Carl 

Galvin, Erin 
Gauvin, Jennifer 
Georgio, Ryan 
Golaszewski, Peter 
Gomes, Jennifer 

Juniors ft 65 

Gradv, Carol 
Greene, Zacharv 

Guay, Bonnie 
Gulesserian, Timothy 

Heather Olivieri, Valerie Curley 

Gunther, Jared 

Hall, Daniel 

Hanley, Joshua 

Hartshorn] Rebecca 

Holske, Herbert 

Mm ^ tt&ft 

Houde, Jennifer 

Houlihan, Joseph 

Hurley, Andrea 

Janes, Emily 

Johnson, Renee 

Jordan, Kimberly 

Joyce, Daniel 

Keene, Courtney 

Kettell, Amy 

Kettell, Michael 

Kine, Holland 
Knovsli-s, Adam 

Kiisc.uski. |on 
Krasnau • 
Libontf. Rebecca 


t » u 


Langlais, Paul 
Lavertu, Robert 
Lawrence, Donald 
Lazarus, Jennifer 
Leavitt, Heather 

Lehan, Susan 
Levetin, Marc 
Li, Lin-Kun 
Lovely, Robert 
Lynch, Ryan 

MacDonald, Brian 
MacDonald, Judy 

Madden, Kimberly 
Magnussen, Nathan 

Malagrida, Jennifer 
Manchester, Jenay 
Mannering, Laura 
Marshall, Christine 
Massaro, Jason 

Mattson, Rebecca 
Matz, Christina 
McGrath, Charles 
McKeon, Kerri 
Medbery, Keith 



Meixner, Britt 
Michalowski, Jason 

Mistier, Jessica 
Mollica, Lynn 

Moore, Candice 

Moore, Erin 

Moore, Jennifer 

Moran, Paul 

Mullaney, Lisa 

Mullin, Elizabeth 

Murphv, Christopher 

Murphv, Sean 

Nally, Michael 

Natoli, Frank 

Nortfifl, Natasha 

O'Connor, Daniel 

O'Connor, Ryan 

Oles, Heather 

Olivieri, Heather 

Oueflette, Danielle 

Paelianni. Robin 

Peckham. Jennifer 

Pennmi. Michael 

Perez . Desha wn 




Pfuhl, Melissa 
Policastro, Thomas 
Provost, Ezra 
Pungitore, Jenna 
Ravenielle, Amy Lyn 

Raymond, Holly 
Richards, Joseph 
Roache, Brian 
Rockenstein, Jennifer 
Sae-eaw, Narin 

Santucci, Michael 
Saunders, Rebecca 

Sawyer, Casey 
Scarnecchia, Steve 

Schafer, Stephanie 
Schold, Heather 
Schweitzer, Jeremy 
Scrivani, Jennifer 
Sherrick, Jeffrey 

Slamin, Audra 
Smith, Peter 
Smith, Shawn 
Souza, Raymond 
Spencer, Matthew 

Juniors ft 69 

Stafford, Joseph 
Studley, Lisa 

Sumner, Aaron 
Sundberg, Laura 
Swenson, Jeffrey 

Teed, Jennifer 

Thomas, Robert 

Tooker, Colin 

Truett, April 

Turi, Anthonv 

I ' 

70 K Juniors 

Ward, David 
Wason, Gregory 
Whelton, Andrew 
White, Eric 
Wiggin, Todd 

Wilson, Cory 
Woods, Trevor 
Young, Christina 
Zassenhaus, Nicole 

Juniors ft 71 


Student, Council: Laurel Menfi, Kelly Maraghy, Becky Nelson, Kim Ferreira, Pat Leary, 
Brett Howard, Jeff Richards, Kim Prue, Laurie Mure 

Class, Officers: Jen Tuohy, Mr. Boucher, Dave 
Morris, Kevin McCullough 


ft Soph 


Abril, Amy 
Aldorisio, Toni Marie 
Allard, Robert 
Andreozzi, Kristen 
Annese, Theresa 

Arvidson, Lauren 
Asci, Jonathan 
Aulisio, Deana 
Bailey, Nicholas 
Baker, Lauren 

Baker, Matthew 
Beals, Jaime 

Beebe, Martha 
Beigbeder, Jessica 

& f . ■ f) 

Beigbeder, Paul 
Beloff, Kurt 
Bencivenga, Gina 
Benson, Jason 
Bernard, Naomi 

Bernier, Renee 
Bertoldi, David 
Bliss, Jeffrey 
Bonney, Daniel 
Bonoldi, Lucy 

Sophomores fe 73 

Boulden, Laura 
Bowden, Eric 


Bowers, Jaime 
Boyle, Christine 

Brachold, Jaime 
Brady, Michael 

Brooks, Eugene 

Burns, Jennifer 

Bums, Lawrence 

Burow, William 
Cahill, Lynn 

Cassidv, James 
Cavalieri, Jonathan 
Clutterbuck, Jason 

Coburn, Lottie 

Connell, Kimberly 

Conrov, Kerin 

Copeland, Jarrod 

Cornell, Christopher 

Correui. lane 

Costa, Michael 

Coulter, Brian 

( r.iwtnrd, Tara 

Cronin. Inn 


B Soph 


Curley, Michael 
Czarnowski, Amy 
Daigle, Jennifer 
Dalessio, John 
Dalton, Andrew 

Darling, Brian 
Davies, Leia 
Day, Nichole 
Defreitas, Tammy 
Delahanty, James 

Delaiarro, Daniel 
Depippo, Richard 

Desimone, Kristin 
Desmeule, Justin 

Domenica, Deana 
Dudley, Jeffrey 
Dunbar, Ethan 
Dussault, Christine 
Duwart, Tracy 

Eastep, Ernest 
Eichelberger, Austin 
English, Carolyn 
Erickson, Keough 
Fagan, Julie 



Farmer, Brett 
Feczko, William 

Ferreira, Kim 
Figurelli, Nicole 

Pat Leary, Jenny Burns, Heather Willey 

Finnegan, Melanie 

Fitzgerald, Brian 

Fitzgerald, Shaun 

Fontan, Jennifer 

Ford, Bonnie 

Foster, Alan 

Fuller, Andrew 

Funk, Jacinda 

Galvin, Kevin 

Garcia, Allvson 

Georgio, Anthony 

Gianfrancesco, Thomas 

Gill, Michelle 

Gilmore, Jennifer 

Giusti, Leanne 

Gotovkh, Michael 

Greene, Benjamin 

(.nffin, Daniel 

Hall. Erica 

Halloran, James 


jjf Soph 


Hankey, Michael 
Hanrahan, Shawn 
Hanssen, Brian 
Harrington, Fletcher 
Hartshorn, Amy 

Hawksley, Jason 
Heath-Wlaz, Bretton 
Heiselmeyer, Ian 
Herlin, Ryan 
Hession, Todd 

Holmes, Jennifer 
Holt, Jessica 

Horner, Justin 
Houlihan, Rachel 

Howard, Brett 
Hunter, Emmet 
Hunter, Siobhan 
Jaronski, Stacia 
Jenne, Melissa 

Johnson, David 
Jordan, Daniel 
Juergens, Matthew 
Kelly, Peter 
Kenney, Taryn 



Kinnear, Adam 
Kleimola, Krissy 

Krouk, Jason 
Kuta, Patricia 

Labine, Shannon 

Lambley, Cila (Rocky) 

Lavertu, Thomas 

Lavoie, Renee 

Learv, Patrick 

Leavitt, Janell 

Lenox, Kimberly 

Linney, Richard 

Lodola, Regina 

Lucas, Patrick 

Lyons, Thomas 

Maenuson, Peter 

Major, Michael 

Malcom, Jason 

Manganiello, Alicia 

Mannering, (Catherine 

MaraghVi KeDy 

Marino, Kattuyn 

M.irks. Mu had 
Martin. Knstv 


k Soph 


Martucci, Alissa 
Marzullo, Anthony 
Matola, Elaine 
May, Jennifer 
McCollum, Paige 

McCullough, Kevin 
McEvoy, Kerry 
McGloin, Susan 
McGrath, Colleen 
McKenna, Katherine 

McKenzie, Jaime 
McMorrow, Elizabeth 

Mele, Jessica 
Menfi, Laurel 

Menyo, Leah 
Meyer, Christopher 
Michel, Cara 
Mitchell, Jennifer 
Montgomery, Jonathan 

Moore, Kathryn 
Moore, Keith 
Morris, David 
Morris, Michael 
Moses, James 

Sophomores fe 79 

Mui, Jordan 
Mure, Laurie 

Murray, James 
Nash, Adam 

Natale, David 
Nelson, Rebecca 

N'eviackas, Kristin 
Nolan, Nicholas 

Norville, Danielle 

Nygren, Jennifer 

O'Brien, Christopher 

O'Neil, Shaun 

O'Toole, Erin 

Oatley, Jarod 

Olsen, Aaron 

Olsen, Jennifer 

Orsogno, Dawn 

Pappas, Thespina 

Patel, Priya 

Patteson, Garrett 

Pefarine, Matthew 
Pepin, Man 
Peterson, Keith 


k Sophomores 

Pickett, Holly 
Pillai, Divya 
Plouffe, Renee 
Plumer, John 
Pond, Nathan 

Preston, Keiran 
Procyk, Michael 
Prue, Kimberly 
Pulsone, Denise 
Purpura, Gus 

Raymond, Christine 
Renaud, Christina 

Rench, Kristopher 
Rice, Rebecca 

Richards, Jeffrey 
Roach, Sarah 
Root, Julie 
Root, Michael 
Rose, Ashley 

Sacramona, Mitchell 
Santopietro, Michael 
Schmidt, Jakob 
«. a Sewart, Jennifer 

Shearer, Elizabeth 

Sophomores jt 81 

Shook, Courtney 
SUva, Geli 

Silvestn, Julie 
Simon, Christopher 

Jess Mele, Divya Pillai 

Sims, Erica 

Smith, Chanel 

Spadoni, Emily 

Sparks, Amy 

Sprague, Donald 


Stasis, Mark 

Stokes, Wendy 

Sueltenfuss, Peter 

Sundquist, Wayne 

Swiecicki, Lauren 

Teague, Rebecca 
Topham, Richard 

Iri'ffik'tti, Deidre 

Tremblay, Michel 

True, Darrell 

Truitt, Patrick 

lunhv. K-nnitcr 

Ivlrr. Michael 

Vill.ino. ( hnstinr 
Viol.). Suvjn 


jL Soph 


Vitale, Lauren 
Vogan, Jessica 
Wagner, Kelley 
Wagner, Nicole 
Wainwright, Tara 

Ward, David 
Waterhouse, Nicole 
Webber, Melissa 
Webel, Kirsti 
Wells, Linda 

Erin Cronin, Beth McMorrow, 
Jen Tuohy, Susan McGloin 

Wilbanks, Melissa 
Willey, Heather 
Wilson, Erika 
Wilson, Tammy 

Yonker, Paul 
Yousif, Frida 
Zaccardi, Andrea 
Zahner, Theresa 

Sophomores S 83 


Student Council: Maggie Henderson, Lauren Miller, Anush Patel, Tara Martin, Amy 
O'Connor, Kara O'Neu, Jenny Allen 

Class Officers: Jill Krasnauskas, Mrs. Carneiro, 
Diana Lapointe, Danielle Polletto, Joe Gibeault 




Afarian, Sarah 
Allen, Christopher 
Allen, Jennifer 
Andrade, Tresa 
Andrews, Crystal 

Andrews, Evan 
Antonellis, Kara 
Atkinson, Jessica 
Aubin, Tessa 
Babb, Michael 

Baker, Allicyn 
Baptiste, Heather 

Barron, Matthew 
Barry, Christopher 

Bassignani, Michael 
Beard, Joshua 
Bluhm, David 
Boylan, Jennifer 
Breitenbach, Philip 

Breland, Tara 
Brown, John 
Bryant, Jeffrey 
Burow, John 
Callahan, Kimberly 



Calzaretta, Randall 
Cameron, Michael 

Cardin, Michelle 
Carey, Jennifer 

Castoldi, Julie 

Chartrand, Ryan 

Chrisidis, John 

Chute, Michael 

Clapp, Sarah 

Clark, Chad 

Clutterbuck, Ryan 

Coffey, Laura 

Colburt, Jennifer 

Coleman, Bethany 

Collins, Cathleen 

Conley, Sarah 

Cook, Tracey 

Costello, Apnl 

Cronk, Thomas 

Croteau, Gregory 

Darling, John 

Davis, Cvnthiri 

Davis, Zachary 

Dehart, Christophd 





Delgrosso, Brian 
Desantos, Eric 

Desper, Robert 
Dethavong, Mary 


Dickson, Jennifer 

DiGiovanni, Zopito 
DiMartino, Robert 
Dooley, Staci 
Dowling, Stephanie 
Dunne, Wayne 

Eastep, Robert 
Eaton, James 

Esser, Benjamin 
Feczko, Laura 

Fisher, John 
Fisher-Havrin, D 
Flanagan, Greg 
Flatley, Brendan 
Fogg, David 

Follet, Amber 
Fregeau, Robert 
Gately, Carolyne 
Gibeault, Joseph 
Gibson, Matthew 



Gilbert, Matthew 
Grassia, Beau 

Gravelle, Nicole 
Greene, Eric 

Greene, Jessica 

Guav, Chad 

Hadfield, Kimberly 

Hagen, Brian 

Hagen, Michelle 

Hallet, R. Cody 

Halpin, Jessica 

Hanlon, Brian 

Hayes, Heather 

' Hebert, Jeff 

Heffernan, Brett 

Henderson, Margaret 

Holske, Jennifer 

Hostetler, Sharon 

Hunsaker, Kyle 

Hurley, Lauren 

Jackson. Kyle 

Johnston. Alison 

Kavanah, Matthew 

Kazanan. Bradford 




Keane, Bryan 
Kelley, Daniel 
Kellogg, Melanie 
Khoun, Jenine 
King, Justine 

Kocen, Leila 
Korkmaz, Teoman 
Kosowski, Amy 
Krasnauskas, Jill 
Kress, Heather 

Kress, Samantha 
Labo, Linda 

Labonte, George 
Lafrance, Katie 

Lapointe, Diana 
Larson, Elizabeth 
Larue, John, Paul 
Lavalley, Keith 
Lazarus, Todd 

Leach, Jennifer 
Lefebvre, Tracey 
Lloyd, Megan 
Lorusso, Anthony 
Luke, Jonathan 



Lynch, Candi 
Lyons, Edmund 

MacAskill, Amv-Jean 
MacKinnon, Caitlin 

MacMurray, Megan 

MacPherson, Julie 

Mahoney, James 

Maloney, Michael 

Martin, Tara 

Martucci, Brett 

Masci, Jessica 

McCann, Leann 

McGuire, Daniel 

McLacklan, Elizabeth 

McLaughlin, Conor 

Mead, Douglas 

Miles, Robert 

Miller, Lauren 

Mintz, Katrina 

Mistier, Patrick 

Mih, Mark 

Moore, Amy 

Moore, Nathan 

Mucd aro ne, Max 




Mullaney, Paul 
Munroe, Danielle 
Murphy, Brian 
Nagle, Peter 
Natale, Angela 

Nerboso, Philip 
O'Connor, Amy 
O'Connor, Catherine 
O'Connor, Erica 
O'Hara, Jeremy 

O'Neil, Kara 
Oldread, Timothy 

Oliver, David 
Ouimet, Adriana 

Pare, Sarah 
Patel, Anush 
Payne, Tyler 
Pelrine, Erica 
Pennini, Daniel 

Perry, Jennifer 
Petrosian, Samantha 
Plante, Warren 
Poirier, Nicholas 
Poletto, Danielle 



Pollard, Peter 
Price, Stephen 

Pungitore, Christina 
Quick, Kathryn 

Revnolds, Reed 

"Roach, Jason 

Roache, David 

Rocha, Joshua 

Roonev, Kenneth 

Rose, Garrett 

Roy, Travis 

Rukstalis, Tara 

Salvesen, Brenda 

Saveriano, Nathan 

Schwann, Matthew 

Seigenberg, Kaitlin 

Shepard, Alison 

Simmer, Sean 

Simpson, Jeremy 

Smith, Joshua 

Spencer, Mi< had 

Spnglie, Sarah 

Simpson, Jon 
Slamin. Ronald 









St. Amand, Kerilyn 
St. Jean, Jessica 
Stewart, Heather 
Stone, Lauren 
Strauss, Lauren 

Struzzieri, Therese 
Sullivan, Christina 
Swaim, Calvin 
Tangstrom, Erica 
Terno, Rebecca 

Tetreault, Brian 
Tibbetts, Lisa 
Topping, Amanda 
Torres, Roberto 
Tower, Victoria 

Tsebetzis, Nichole 
Turcotte, Joshua 

#Twitchell, Justin 
Varey, Jennifer 
Verdeaux, John 

Wilensky, Simon 
Wilson, Heather 
Woodworth, Neil 






Back Row: K. Carter, K. Mattila, H. Evans, M. Brown, E. Henderson, 
C. Caetani, R. Rice, D. Dunfey, Coach Hartley, Front Row: J. 
McDonald, R. LaBonte, J. Johnston, L. Moretti, J. Corbett, C. Dunfey, 
C. Wilson 

Back Row: Coach Carneiro, D. Aulisio, H. Willey, C. Keene, B. Nel- 
son, C. Renaud, L. Mannering, R. Mattson, Front Row: J. Davis, S. 
Lehan, M. Dudley, K. McKeon, H. Bolger, M. Doherty 

Back Row: K. Macavoy, M. Beebe, J. Tuohy, L. Cahill, S. Hunter, B. 
Rice, M. Wilbanks, Front Row: E. Cronin, P. Kuta, J. Holmes, J. 
Beales, E. Mattola 

Coach Hartley 

Melissa Brown 





Carissa Gaetani 

Liz Henderson 

Denise Dunfey 

Katie Mattila 

Cory Wilson 

Softball m 97 


Silaik 7» 

Top Row: A. Vinson, T. Benedetti, B. Kuta, T. Howard, J. Gulino, 
C. Swanson, Middle Row: C. McCarthy, E. Lefebvre, C. O'Brien, J. 
Kettell, Coach Lombard, Bottom Row: A. Vito, S. Willey, T. 

Top Row: J. Malcolm, P. Leary, H. King, J. Dalessio, A. Whelton, 
Middle Row: C. Cornell, S. Elliot, M. Brady, J. Stafford, K. McCul- 
lough, Front Row: K. Beloff, P. Smith, J. Murray, F. Babbitt, A. 

— . ..^ lit''*** ? . _.,„. ' 

Left, Craig Swanson; Right, Coach Lombard 

Top Row: R. Deplppo, I. Lyons, J. Bliss, M. Stasis, M. Morris, 
Middle Row: T. Lavertu, P. Kelley, G. Brooks, J. Montgomery, D. 
Sprague, Bottom Row: T. Mession, R. Herlin, T. Georgio, S. 


Tab Howard, Captain 




Baseball ft 99 

Girls' Spring Track 

Front Row: K. Maraghy, L. Huneryager, L. Buckley, L. McLean, J. Morriw, E. Roach, K. Con- 
stantine, A. Conroy, L. Grecho, M. Czerwien, K. Webel, Second Row: J. Desimone, J. Malagrida, 
K. Feinberg, L. Sundberg, S. Mattson, A. Small, C. Kenney, K. Cleverdon, M. Morris, J. Allen, I. 
Thompson, J. Silvestri, E. Moore, C. Raymond, L. Coburn, Third Row: J. Scrivani, K. Desimone, 
J. Funk, E. Spadoni, A. Cahill, M. Caulfield, A. Hurley, L. Giusti, T. Duwart, J. McKenzie, H. 
Oles, J. Cook, J. Leavitt, A. Hartshorn, T. Aldorisio, Back Row: Coach Bremer, R. Lodola, T. 
Matz, J. May, J. Correia, B. Ford, J. Holt, E. Vrysen, S. Roach, N. Day, K. Maraghy, L. Bhatti, S. 
Schafer, S. Corbo, P. Patel, R. Hartshorn, E. Corbett, J. Brachold, K. Lenox, K. Neviackas, C. 
Boyle, E. Sims, J. Fontan, C. English 

Kristen Maraghy 

Jessica Holt, Christine Boyle, Tracy Duwart 

Colleen and Taryn Kenney 

Fmj Mat/., Taryn Kenney 

100 I Girls' Spring Track 

Stephanie Schafer and Carolyn English 

Girls' Spring Track j| 101 

Boys' Spring Track 

Bottom Row: B. Burns, E. Nolan, J. Cornell, D. Morris, T. Alsworth, B. Gibson, E. Labagh, 
J. Palie, S. Crowley, G. Burt; Second Row: S. Hooley, D. Raymond, K. Wolloff, D. 
O'Connor, B. Roache, A. Turi, N. Sae-Eaw, B. Crawford, S. Hession, J. Ouimet; Third 
Row: J. Cassidy, D. Jordan, R. Topham, J. Banks, K. Rench, D. Cassidy, N. Barad, A. 
Patel, S. Murphy, D. Griffin, D. Ward, J. Cassidy, Top Row: T. Cronk, J. Dudley, K. 
Holster, C. Earl, D. Bertoldi, B. Lavertu, L. Burns, C. Race, J. Arthurs, J. O'Brien, A. 
Dalton, M. Major, B. Hanssen, N. Nolan, C. O'Brien, J. Schweitzer, J. Asci, J. Mai, Coach 

Shawn Hession 

Shawn Mook-v 

Dave Raymond 

Eric Nolan 

102 JL Boys' Spring Track 



Kevin Holster 


John Palie 

Nick Nolan, Shawn Hession, Dave Raymond 

Chris O'Brien and Shawn Hooley 

Boys' Spring Track 4 103 

Girls' Tennis 

Back Row: A. Rose, J. Licciardi, A. Sparks, R. Bautz, C. Gradv, J. Rockenstein, H. Schold, J. 
Masci, V. Curley; Front Row: L. Olivieri, E. Drowne, M. Pfuhl, N. Lizotte 




^ -J 

T. - ^># 

Coach Goldberg 

T* -,"<- J^KOH 

Melissa Pfuhl 

Kim Ferrara 


Jess Mele 


B Girls' Tennis 

Above Left: Carol Grady, Center: Jen Licciardi, Above Right: Gina Bencivenga 

Above Left: Jess Mele, Above Right: Amy Sparks, Far Upper Right, Kim Ferrara, 
Lower Right: Carol Grady 

\ X \ X X X X ^ 

av\ \ v <t*m 

V \ \ \ \ v j| 

\ \ '\m^^^M 

\ \ N 

\\\ * *- 




\ \ \ 

, \ \ \ ' '-•^fcj 


Sf i 

3lk \ 

Girls' Tennis 


Boys' Tennis 

Bottom: C. Lunn, M. Williams, J. Boyce, J. Murray, C. O'Neil: Top: C. 
Duwart, K. Peterson, E. Krasnauskas, S. Scarnecchia, C. Tooker, S. 
Drowne, J. Krouk 

Steve Scarnecchia 

1 ^^ H 

Keith F'etc-rson 

Chad O'Neil 


Chris Lunn 

106 W Boys' Tennis 

Eric Krasnauskas 

Mike Williams 

Steven Drowne 

Jason Krouk 

Jason Murray 

Boys' Tennis ^ 107 

Field Hockey 

Back Row — Mrs. Tower, C. Raymond, J. Malagrida, E. Spadoni, M. 
Dudley, J. MacDonald, B. Nelson, C. Dufey, L. Mure, V. Curley Front Row 
— J. Cornell, S. Barrette, K. Matilla, N. Conley, D. Dunfey, J. Mure, M. 
Brown, M. Carlow, C. Gaetani, E. Henderson 

Back Row — K. Prue, K. Ferraira, B. Rice, J. Bowers, L. Menyo, K. Conroy, 
M. Beebe, L. Cahill, H. Willey, J. Burns, M. Gill, C. Boyle, K. Mannering, L. 
Sweiki Front Row — J. Burns, K. McKenna, H. Oles, J. Boyln, L. Bhatti, K. 
Jordan, J. Brachold, L. Giusti 

Back Row — Miss Turner, A. O'Connor, J. Carey, L. Afarian, V. Tower, T. 
l.efebure, M. Henderson, K. Seigenberg, T. Martin Front Row — J. Greene, 
C. Collins, J. Allen, C. MacKinnon, H. Boptiste, A. Moore, T. Struzeir, M. 

I lovd 





k Field Hockey 


Elizabeth Henderson 

Field Hockey ft 109 


Back row: Coach Moran, D. Aulisio, E. Simms, S. Roach, K. Maraghy, K. 
O'Neil, A. Hurley, J. Leavitt, E. Vrysen, Coach Currie; Front Row: J. Davis, 
A. Cahill, A. Small, K. Cleverdon, R. Rice, J. Allen, M. Morris, H. Leavitt, S. 

Ann-Marie Cahill 

Back Row: Coach Moran, S. Clapp, J. Cook, A. Sparks, R. Plouffe. 
McMoitow, K. Hadfield, J. Touhy, N. Day, G. Bencivenga, J. McKenzie, S. 
Dowling, A. Hartshorn; Front Row: T. Sullivan, K. Cook, S. Afarian, R. 
Lebonte, E. Cronin, L. Hurley, J. Boylen, J. Curran, T. Duwart. 

K.P. Celebrates 



Kelly Maragh 

Girls' Soccer 



K ; 1 

■ ■ 

p Jm 


J** If* > 


Erin Vrysen 

Janell Leavitt and Ann-Marie Cahill 

Katie Cleverdon 

Heather Leavitt 

Susan Lehan 

Erin Kiley 

Girls' Soccer ft 111 


Back Row: J. Menfi, J. Carlson, M. Juergens, C. O'Brien, B. Lavirtu, D. 
Cassidy, J. Banks, T. Dennison, B. Crawford, A. Cleverdon, C. Murphy, N. 
Nolan, S. O'Neil, Coach Caneiro; Middle Row: J. O'Brien, J. Cassidy, B. 
Burns, C. O'Neil, P. Marino, J. Ouimet, R. Hadfield; Front Row: E. Nolan, 
W. Rollins, R. Sweeney 

Rob Hadfield 

Wes Rollins 

Back Row: P. Poulard, D. Miles, M. Mucciarone, B. Tatreau, D. Griffin, M. 
Curley, J. Krouk, E. Greene, Coach Todd; Front Row: B. Heffernan, G. 
Pupura, M. Pepin, J. O'Hara, C. O'Brien, J. Cassidy, D. Morris 

a < 

Back Row: Coach Todd, M. Chute, G. Rose, B. Tatreau, M. Mucciarone, B. 
Heffernan, J. Eaton, W. Dunn, G. Croteau, Coach Caneiro, Cody; Front Row: 
B Martucci, D. Miles, B. Delgrasso, P. Poulard, G. LaBonte, E. Greene, I. 

112 ft Boys' Soccer 

Roger Sweeney 

Jason O'Brien 

Boys' Soccer ft 113 


Back Row: Coach Kummer, Coach Schmidt, Coach Conley, Coach Clontz; Fifth Row: J. Ashey, D. Delario, T 
Lavirtu, R. Herlin, M. Brady, J. Clutterbuck, J. Delesio, A. Foster; Fourth Row: S. Hanarhan, A. Benedetti, J 
Benedetti, O. Eichleberger, J. Cavalieri, N. SaeEau, H. King, M. Moore, K. McCulIough; Third Row: C 
Cornell, T. Georgio, T. Beehr, N. Barad, F. Babbit, S. Murphy, Z. Greene, S. Scarnecchia, F. Natoli, D 
Bertoldi; Second Row: S. Pond, M. Savicki, J. Arthurs, T. Benedetti, S. Crowley, C. Race, M. Flynn, A 
Wagner, J. Gunther; Front Row: J. Flanagan, N. Magnusen, M. Whitbread, B. Kuta, T. Howard, J. Palie, J 
Gulino, K. Cummings 

Back Row: C. McLaghlin, B. Kazarian, R. Chartrand, K. Rooney, J. Crassidies, N. Wood- 
worth, M. Cameron, G. Flanagan; Middle Row: M. Mitchem, B. Murphy, J. Turcotte, J. 
Simpson, M. Bassignani, N. Moore, J. Brown; Front row: J. Roche, K. Hunsaker, J. Dar- 
ling, C. Guay, J. Simpson, R. Clutterbuck, R. Calzaretta 

Brad Kuta and Kevin Cummings 

Talbot Beehr and Matt Flynn 

Alan Foster 




Coach Schmidt and Alan Foster 

John Gulino 

John Palie 

KP lines up 

Football m 115 

Girls' Cross Country 

J- * 

*5F* 1 

ff ill 

j^. * 

\ f t & -% J 

'•J lift 



Back Row: J. Funk, E. Moore, K. Lenox, J. St. Jean, A. Czarnowski, K. 
Antonellis, K. Callahan, R. Hartshorn, C. Andrews, Coach Boucher; 
Middle Row: J. Gomes, K. Desimone, J. Fontan, B. McLaughlin, J. 
Whipple, E. Tangstromi, H. Wilson; Front Row: K. Neviackas, L. Sund- 
berg, C. Wilson, C. Kenney, T. Matz, L. Larson, N. Norftil, T. Kenney 

** A 

Above left — Colleen Kenney; Above Right — Beth McLaughlin 

Jacinda Funk 

Tina Matz 

Kim Lenox 

116 jt Girls' Cross Country 

Natasha Norftil 

Kristen Neviackas 

Girls' Cross Country ft 117 

Boys' Cross Country 

Back Row: D. Penini, D. Jordan, R. Topham, M. Major, K. Beloff, J. Verdeaux, M. 
Stasis, D. Fogg, M. Gibson, B. Keane, Coach Boucher, Middle Row: T. Hession, B. 
Roache, C. Tooker, M. Penini, T. Turi, P. Breitenback, P. Smith, Front Row: B. 
Atkinson, D. Raymond, S. Hession, S. Hooley 

Dave Raymond, Rick Topha 

Phil Breitenback 

118 | Boys' Cross Country 

Mark Stasis 

Dave Raymond 

Dan Penini 

Boys' Cross Country ft 119 


* ''S'VV 

Back Row: D. Sprague, M. Costa, K. Herman, C. Lunn, T. Faford, G. Burt, 
Coach Constantino; Middle Row: R. DePippo, J. Houde, S. Pare, E. Brooks, 
C. Boylan; Front Row: C. Meyers, A. Shepardson, J. Malcolm, D. Capone 

. • 

Tim Faford 


Jay Malcolm 

Keith Herman 


120 f Golf 

Adam Shepardson 

Keith Herman 

Chris Lunn 

Mike Costa 

Chris Lunn and Jay Malcolm 

Jay Malcolm 

Goif m 121 


fig* Winter Varsity: Back: S. Conley, H. Olivieri, H. Kress, Coach 
Buchanio, K. Madden, J. Rockenstein, T. Lefebre. Front: K. 
Fall Varsity: Back: K. Feinberg, R. Mattson, J. Gauvin, J. Rockenstein, H. Olivieri, K. Feinberg, J. Leach, J. Gauvin, L. Viola, C. Gately, H. Hayes. 
McKeon, K. Marino, Coach Buchanio. Front: L. Pare, L. Viola, J. Wilfert, J. Richard, C. 

122 W Cheerleading 

Sophomore Katie Marino 

Having fun at practice 

Senior Laura Pare 

Summer Cheerleading Camp 

Winter Captains: L. Viola, J. Gauvin 

Cheerleading M 1 123 

Girls' Basketball 

Varsity: Back Row: K. O'Neil, N. Day, M. Pfuhl, E. Vrysen; Front Row: E. 
Henderson, R. Rice, L. Huneryager, K. Cleverdon, K. Carter 

Junior Varsity: Back Row: J. Fagan, L. Cahill, H. Willey, C. Dunfey, M. 
Dudley; Front Row: G. Bencivenga, B. Nelson, K. McEvoy, E. Simms 

freshmen: Back Row: Managers H. Baptiste and K. Wagner; L. Miller, K. 
Hadfield, S. Hosteller, J. Dixon, Coaches Mulcahey and Boni; Bottom Row: 
( MiKinnon, D. LaPointe, J. Greene, K. Seigenberg, J. Carey 

Katie Cleverdon 

124 1 Girls' Basketball 

Seniors Katie Cleverdon, Lori Huneryager, Rachel Rice, and Elizabeth Hen- 
derson with Coach Schmidt 

Elizabeth Henderson 

Rachel Rice 

Lori Huneryager 

Kara O'Neil 

Erin Vrysen 

Kim Carter 

Girls' Basketball V 125 

Boys' Basketball 

Vanity: Back Row: Coach Daniels, Coach Ruggeiro, S. Smith, S. O'Neil, T. 
Faf ford, K. McCullough, M. Juergens, P. Kelly, C. Meyer, Coach Alessandri; 
Front Row: P. Leary, K. Beloff, T. Howard, Z. Greene, S. Murphy, Jon Ver- 

Junior Varsity: Back Row: Coach Daniels, E. DeSantos, P. Golaszewski, B. 
Howard, J. Stafford, J. Darling, Front Row: P. Kelly, M. Juergens, P. Leary, 
S. Smith, M. Stasis 

r.. fJh 

Jon Verdeaux 

Tab Howard 

126 I Boys' Basketball 

Sean Murphy 

Kurt Beloff 

Kevin McCullough 

Boys' Basketball E 127 


Andrea Zaccardi, Beth Mac.Morrow 

128 1 Gymnastics 

Andrea Zaccardi 

Jenni Allen 

Gymnastics || 129 


Dan Pennini 

Back Row: Coach Cheralla, D. Pennini, J. O'Haras, C. Wrench, V. Pear 
son, D. Newton, R. Lovely, J. Davis, J. Massaro; Middle Row: J. Rocha, B 
Estep, D. Roche, B. Roche, C. Brodka, J. Simpson; Front Row: J. Ratche 
M. Kettel, B. Atkinson, M. Pennini, R. Thomas 

Captains Brett Atkinson and Mike Pennini and Coaches 

130 £ Wrestling 

Dan Pennini 

Bob Estep 

Wrestling ^ 131 


back row (1 to r) M. Henderson, E. Cronin, J. Holmes, K. Prue, J. Malagrida, J. Leavitt, C. Boyle, M. Beebe, 
C. Raymond, J. King (4 Row) C. Renaud, A. Hartshorn, D. Aulisio, J. Mackenzie, T. Duwart, A. Sparks, 
\ C urlev, K VVebel, J. May, P. Patel (3 Row) M. Caufield, J. Cook, E. Moore, L. Savicki, K. Conroy, C. 
Dussault', J. Brachold, M. Lloyd, S. Corbo, T. Matz, K. Jordan (2 Row) N. Waterhouse, K. Maraghy, K. 
Lenox, A. Czarnowski, C. Collins, L. Hurley, S. Afarian, K. O'Connor, K. Neviackis, T. Kenney, A. 
Hurley, C. Marshall (Front) Coach Henry, J. Funk, K. Maraghy, J. Field, J. Allen, M. Morris, C. Kenney, 
A. Small, L. Cuisti, B. MacLaughlin, Coach Kramer, Coach Boucher 

Kelly Maraghy 

Jamie Allen, Michelle Morris 

132 f Girls' Winter Track 

Allison Small 

Taryn Kenney 

Christy Raymond 

Seniors: (T to B) Kristen Maraghy, Jen Field, Allison Small, 
Jamie Allen, Michelle Morris, Colleen Kenney 

K.P. girls celebrate their "All Hockomock" title 

Girls' Winter Track ^ 133 

Boys' Winter Track 

back row (I to r) B. Burns, N. Nolan, R. Topham, K. Woloff, M. Costa, D. Ward, J. Smidt, A. Dalton, Dave Fogg, M. Major, C. 
Tooker. K Holster (4th) R. Hadfield, R. Juergens, P. Marino, J. Mui, P. Mistier, B. Keene, I. Heiselmyer, E. Brooks, A. 
Cleverdon, T. Denninson (3rd) Coach Henry, Coach Krammer, , M. Gilbert, D. Maguire, G. Croteau, J. Malcom, M. 

Santopietro. B. Fitzgerald, D. O'Connor, J. Schweitzer, C. Murphy, M. Gibson, Coach Boucher (2nd) D. Delaiarro, T. 
Lavertu, T. Linares, ). Dudley, M. Brady, R. Herlin, P. Harlow, T. Oldread, D. Bonney, Callahan, B. Delgrosso, B. 
Hanson. T. Hession Front (L to R) P. Magnuson, M. Mucharoni, S. Scamechia, B. Crawford, D. Cassidy, D. Morris, D. 
Bertoldi, J. Palie, P. Smith, B. Lavertu, S. Hession, R. Murtay, A. Patel, D. Raymond, J. O'Brien, E. Nolan 

Brian Burns, Mike Brady 

Bob Lavertu 

Dave Cassidy 

Rob MacMurray 


ft Boys' 

Shawn Hession 

Winter Track 

Dave Raymond, Peter Smith 

gfmi m t ™ 

Russ Juergens 

Brad Kuta 

Eric Nolan 

Kevin Holster 

Tyler Dennison 

Jason Malcolm 

Phil Breitenbach 

Boys' Winter Track W 135 

Ice Hockey 

Back Row: Coach Dunn, Coach Piotti, K. La Valley, D. Sprague, C. Barry, P. Yonkers, J. Montgomery, J. 
Kosowski, M. Marks, Coach Snyder; Middle Row: R. Linney, T. Montgomery, M. Whitebread, M. 
Savicki, P. Balzarini, B. Harper, T. Woods; Front Row: D. Lehan, A. Olsen, S. Elliot, S. Lehan, D. 
Jordan, J. Coleman 

Rich Linney 

U & i 

Team Huddle 

136 | Ice Hockey 

Mike Savicki 

Paul Balzarini 

John Montgomery 

Ice Hockey E> 137 

Sports Candids 

138 | Sports Candids 

Sports Candids §? 139 




L to R: A. Beloff, R. Rice, C. Collins, F. Grady 

Last June, four girls attended Girls' State at Mount Holyoke College in Holyoke, MA. During the same week nine 
boys went to Waltham, MA, to attend Boys' State at Bentley College. The students learned about government and 
were given opportunities to establish networks of towns and cities, to run for mock office, and to meet a variety of 
people from throughout the state. 


L to R: P. Marino, C. Lunn, R. MacMurray, K. Lucas, C. Race, M. Williams, B. Burns, S. Hooley, 
Not Shown, W. Rollins 

142 A Girls'/Boys' State 


The students who participate in this club read the 
morning announcements to the school. This year's 
group of students transformed the announcements 
from being read on the public address system to being 
broadcast live each morning on television to the stu- 
dent body. 

L to R: L. Bombardieri, A. Beloff, K. Maraghy 


The Superintendent's Award for Academic 
Excellence is awarded each year to the top- 
ranked senior in the class. The student must 
demonstrate excellence in scholastics while 
participating in extracurricular activities. This 
year, Dr. Davis presented the award to the top 
two students, Lynn Viola and Lori Hunerya- 

L to R: L. Viola, L. Huneryager 

WKPH/Superintendent's Award ^ 143 


Responsible, competent, and reliable are words to de- 
scribe this group of Media Aides who deliver equip- 
ment to classrooms throughout the school. The impor- 
tance of their work is recognized and appreciated by 
library staff and faculty. 

Back — A. Frey, R- Burneia Front — I. Thomson, E. Hall, J. Coates, R. Pagliarini 


kin^ Philip's chapter of Students 

Against I )runk Driving (SADD) works to 

irenesa oi the problems of 

drinking and driving. SADD's activities 

with the Student body include Whiteout 

■ 1ADD car ribbons, and dimes to 

call tor .1 ride after the prom. The 

o treated an eye-opening 

display in the bus lob) 

Back: R. Bernier, K. Tucker, C. Miles, M. Gill, B. Howard Middle: M. MacKinnon, D. Pulsone, R. 
Lodola, R. Hartshorn, K. Lenox, C. Boyle, K. Neviakas, P. Kuta Front: A. Frey, T. Crawford, B. Smith, 
T. Hughes, P. Wisniewski, A. Hosteller 



Library Media Aides/SADD 


Each year the Ski Club goes on a weekend 
ski adventure. This year, 48 skiers went to 
Sugarloaf, Maine, to stay slopeside and ski 
for two days during the Martin Luther King 
weekend. The group also plans to schedule 
day trips this year. 

Back: Mr. Lavalee, J. Olsen, M. Henderson, Mrs. Sullivan, Mrs. Tower. Middle: C. Shook, R. 
Georgio, T. Turi, I. Heiselmeyer, C. Tooker, K. Conroy, J. Fiske. Front: K. Webel, P. Patel, D. 
O'Connor, B. MacDonald, D. Newton, J. Down, B. McEvoy, J. Mitchell, J. Masci. 


The Swim Club enjoys recreational swimming and water 
aerobics each Wednesday at the Quinn School Pool. The mem- 
bers participated in a stroke development class this year and a 
lifeguard certification course is also available. 

Back: Mrs. Crehan. Middle: L. Davies, J. Mele, L. Viola. Front: K. Maraghy, 
J. Field, M. Crehan, L. Crehan. 




The Pre-Medical Club is a group of students 
interested in pursuing careers in the med- 
ical field. Each year the students are taken 
on a field trip to the Goddard Memorial 
Hospital to observe first-hand. 

Mrs. Sullivan, M. Doire, T. Crawford, I. Thomson, R. 
Lodola, D. Pulsone, R. Pagliarini, Tressa Andrade, A. Frey, 
R. Bernier 


The Japanese Club is a new club started by Ms. Coyle. The students 
discuss events in Japan, learn how to eat with chopsticks, and learn 
the Japanese language. 

146 m Pre-Medical/Japanese 

M. Doire, T. Crawford, A. Frey, Tressa Andrade, Ms. Coyle, J. Mui 



Sag R*3 

" j fa 


The Hugh O'Brien Youth Leader 
(HOBY) is chosen by the principal 
and the student's peers. The stu- 
dent serves as an ambassador to a 
four day conference in which event 
panels are set up, workshops are 
offered, and current issues are dis- 

s <M 

■ *9 

Bk' v 




4p * 

/ fl 

- j^ 



u." .« - 

L to R: E. Moore, F. Grady 



L to R: B. Atkinson, E. Krasnauskus, J. Mui, J. Gauvin, C. Gately, R. Conroy, Mrs. Viles- 

HOBY/Peer Mediation 




Peer leadership involves teaching elementary school 
students the effects of smoking, alcohol, drugs, and 
peer pressure. Each year, the peer leaders visit the el- 
ementary schools in Norfolk, Wrentham, and Plain- 
ville and work with the young students. 

Back: Miss Proulx, A. Paynting, S. Hession, Coach Boucher. Middle: J. Down, L. 
Viola, L. Devereaux, C. Collins, G. Burt. Front: K. Maraghy, K. Cleverdon, R. Rice, D. 
Dunfey, D. Savadyga, M. Morris. 

Smoking Facts 

1 — Smoking is the single most preventable cause of death in the entire 

2 — 320,000 deaths per year from smoking 

3 — Cancer (related to smoking) is #2 killer in U.S. 

4 — Smoking consists of: Nicotine, Tar, and Carbon Monoxide 

A — Nicotine — stimulant and very addictive 

— causes increased heart rate and blood pressure, constricted 
blood vessels 

— nicotine is a poison 

B — Tar — gas that causes tumors and tumor growth 
C — Carbon Monoxide — smoke (car exhaust) 

— interferes with blood's ability to carry 02 

— impairs nervous system and increases heart attack/stroke 

Basically — — Smoking is like drinking windex (poison), licking your 
driveway (tar), and sucking on a car tailpipe (C02) 
— Why would you voluntarily do this? 

Diseases related to smoking: 

1 — Cancer of: lungs, larynx, oral cavity, esophagus, bladder, and 

2 — Ulcers of stomach and intestines 

3 — Heart disease, emphysema, respiratory infections, pregnancy 



Peer Leadership 


Back: A. Cleverdon, T. Faford, C. Grady, R. Bautz, D. O'Connor, A. Whelton, S. Schafer, M. Caulfield, H. Olivieri, E. 
Moore, S. Corbo, R. Johnson, C. Keene. Middle: R. Thomas, J. Malagrida, M. Dudley, C. Dunfey, J. Gomes, C. Brodka, 
L. Bhatti, C. Boulay, R. Hartshorn, J. Gauvin, V. Curley, L. Mannering. Front: J. Disimone, A. Cahill, J. Stafford, P. 
Smith, E. Vrysen, N. Norftill, J. Teed, A. Hurley, C. Young, K. Jordan, C. Marshall, T. Matz, C. Murphy, K. Feinberg. 


Back: C. Boyle, A. Rose, K. Martin, J. Daigle, T. Crawford, R. Lodola, D. Pulsone, K. Lenox, C. Renald, B. Hanson, D. 
Bertoldi, K. Beloff, J. Touhy, B. Howard, L. Cahill, J. Bums, J. Castoldi, N. Day, S. Roach, J. Bracold, J. Homer. Middle: 
S. Fitzgerald, J. Mele, K. Kleimola, T. Kenney, K. Neviakas, J. Fagan, J. Bowers, K. Ferreira, D. Pillai, J. Correia, M. 
Beebe, J. Holmes, K. Prue, A. Hartshorn, D. Morris, T. Duart. Front: L. Gusti, P. Patel, L. Davies, N. Waterhouse, H. 
Pickett, B. Ford, Coach Boucher, J. Funk, A. Czamowski, C. Shook, R. Teage, K. Webel, K. Conroy, L. Swicki, G. 
Benzavenga, D. Alusio. 

Peer Leadership m 149 


The King Philip chapter of the [ National Honor 
Society is a student-motivated organization. 
Some of its activities include community serv- 
ices, fundraisers, and help throughout the 
Wrentham, Plainville, and Norfolk school 
system. The goals of the King Philip National 
Honor Society include commitment to leader- 
ship, scholarship, service, and character. 

Back row (1-r) — W. Nicodemus, L. Bombardieri, R. Rice, J. Mure, J. Allen, L. Huneryager, K. 
Maraghy,C. Collins, R. Hunter, L. Pare, B. Smith, N. Parsons; Front — C. Lunn, C. Anderson, D. 
Skinner, K. Cleverdon, M. Morris, A. Beloff, B. Atkinson, J. Field, M. Czerwein, L. Viola, R. 

Chris Lunn, Rob MacMurray 

Lori Huneryager 

Debi Skinner 

Julie Mure, Debi Skinner, Michelle Morris 



National Honor Society 

R( I 

Andrea Beloff 

Lisa Bombardieri 

Kristen Maraghy 

Jen Field, Lori Huneryager, Lynn Viola, Kristen Maraghy 

The elaborate home of Brett Atkinson 

Jaime Allen 

Many thanks to our parents for their years of support!! 

National Honor Society P 151 

If you have read the board outside 
the school from time to time, or 
heard the morning announcement, 
then I could safely say that at some 
point in time you have heard 
something about the King Philip 
Warrior Marching Band. If you 
know anything about the King 
Philip Music Association, then it 
most likely is about the Marching 
Band. But, the Music Association 
also puts forth many other great en- 
sembles, bands, and guards. Sure, 
winning the past six years out of ten 
years and being the envy of many 
marching bands around is good, yet 
do you know about the other 
aspects of the King Philip Music 
Program? For instance, did you 
know that the King Philip Jazz En- 
semble has won a gold medal for 
consecutive years? Also did you 
know that the Concert Band Has 
won a gold medal for years in a 
row? These are all amazing feats 
that the young adults and in- 
structors conquered through the 
outstanding music program here at 
King Philip. On another aspect of 
the Music Association, did you 
know that the Winter Guard is de- 
fending its title as World Class 
champions for the third year in a 
row? Or, that last year the Winter 
Guard placed tenth in the world out 
in Dayton, Ohio in the Scholastic 
Open Class, and that they are going 
to defend, or even beat, their score 
this year? The King Philip Music 
Association has a lot more to offer 
than just Marching Band (even 
though the marching band is also 
there). If you have never heard of 
any of these activities, maybe you 
should check them out sometime. 
They really are THE PRIDE AND 

— Tara Crawford 



L to R, B to T: Kevin Zahner, Joshua Vrysen, Lou Allard, Ben Grenne, Calvin Swaim, 
MacLeod, Matt Kirwin, Joe Bombardieri, Kyle Jackson, Edward Devlin, Nicole Sotiro 
Danielle Ouellette, Cornelius Larrivee, Chris Sullivan, Dana Atwood, Shannon 
Sandy Berman, Sharon Hostetler, Justin Woessner, Tracy Salazar, Gabe (!), Melissa 
Theresa Lesnik, Marc Levetin, Laura Crehan, Lottie Coburn, Jane Correia, Keiran Pres 
gaux Bettencourt, Chris Barry, Toni Aldorisio, Rebecca Terrio, Tara Rukstalis, Allyson 
O'Connor, Alison Johnston, Jen Bowen, Ashley Rose, George Bent, Andy Whelton, 

Color Guard Captains; Jen Lazarus, Melissa 





Drum Major Danielle Ouellette. 

U Ul -A * - 

Pit Section Leader Lauren Arvidson. 

3ER6, 1994 

Darrell True, Eric Greene, Sarah Johnston, Lauren Arvidson, Priya Patel, Erin-Marie 
poulos, Jen Holske, Steven White, Scott Clark, Raymond Boucher, Peter Tileston, 
Finley, Minh Ly, Beth Shearer, Keri St. Amand, Caitlin Ehrlinger, Gilles Ouellette, 
Jenne, Jen Lazarus, Allicyn Baker, Chris Simon, Maureen Crehan, Jenna Smith, 
ton, Anna Jaronski, Jen Daigle, Simon Wilensky, Stacia Jaronski, Adam Kinnear, Mar- 
Garcia, Chuck McGrath, Jarrod Copeland, Wendy Stokes, Michael Doire, Ryan 
Ezra Provost, Tara Crawford, Mary-beth Brawley, Tim Dubendris, Chrystal Stanish. 

Seniors Matt Kirwin, Sandy Ber- 



L to R, T to B: Chris Simon, Jarrod Copeland, Chuck McGrath, Ezra Provost, Calvin Swaim, Ben 
Greene, Andy Whelton, Marc Levetin, Michael Doire, Lauren Avidson, Simon Wilensky, Darrell 
True, Jeremy Udden, Ryan O'Connor, Beth Shearer, Tim Dubendris, Stacia Jaronski, Keri St. 
Amand, Heather Wainwright, Etsuko Kawashima, Lou Allard. 

•o r 

L to R: Marc Levetin, Ryan O'Connor, Jeremy Udden, Michael Doire. 

Below: L to R, T to B: Sharon Hostetler, Maureen Crehan, Melissa Jenne, Jen 
Lazarus, Laura Crehan, Chuck McGrath, Andy Whelton, Tim Dubendris, 
Michael Doire, Sandy Berman, Matt Kirwin. 




L to R, T to B: Ryan O'Connor, Jeremy Udden, Michael Doire, Beth Shearer, Tim Dubendris, Brett Heath- 
Wlaz, Adam Kinnear, Jarrod Copeland, Churck McGrath, Erin Vrysen, Ezra Provost, Chris Barry, Jon Laurue, 
Zopito Digiovanni, Mike Babb, John Luke, Simon Wilensky, Ken St. Amand, Kyle Jackson, Katie Quick, Jen 
Holske, Marc Levetin, Brett Farmer, Stacia Jaronski, Wendy Stokes, Andy Dalton, Chris Simon, Calvin 
Swaim, Josh Vrysen, Matt Gilbert, Matt Kirwin, Vasoula Chrisidis, Laura Sundberg, Sharon Hostetler, Kim 
Madden, Alison Small, Maureen Crehan, Tara Rukstalis, Laura Crehan, Sandy Berman, Jen Daigle, Allicyn 
Baker, Heather Wainwright, Etsuko Kawashima, Lou Allard. 

Absent from picture: Caitlin Ehrlinger, Danielle Ouellette, Cindi Brawley, Jodi Lazarus, Misty Landry, Kristy 
Flaherty, Melissa Lantain. 

L to R, T to B: Danielle Monroe, Jen Holske, Jane Correia, Mary-beth Brawley, Alison Johnston, Melissa Jenne, Tom 
Aldorisio, Lottie Coburn, Jen Lazarus, Allyson Garcia, Andrea Zaccardi, Ashley Rose, Tara Rukstalis, Tara Craw- 
ford, Keiran Preston, Rebecca Terrio. 




H. Kress, T. Debendris, K. Moore, I. Thomson, J. Olsen, S. Fitzgerald, M. Gill, M. Henderson, P. Begbieder, J. Mele, J. Del- 
ahanty, A. Paynting, P. McCollum, D. Treffiletti, E. O'Toole, L. Vitale, A. Martucci, P. Lucas, S. Kress, K. St. Amand, T. 
Crawford, R. Bernier, L. Davies, C. Raymond, A. Dimartino, M. Levetin, R. Georgio, R. Thomas, P. Patel, M. Caulfield, S. Corbo, 
L. Strauss, J. McPherson, M. MacMurray, C. Gately, J. Gibeault, R. Dimartino, M. Doire, C. Cronk, R. Pagliarini, A. Frey, K. 
Mailla, B. Smith, R. Hartshorn, T. Hughes, P. Wisniewski, K. Maraghy, J. Field, C. Marshall, K. Jordan, C. Boulay, L. Feczko, Ms. 

Jessica Mele, Fran Grady, Charlotte Boulay 

Julie MacPherson, Keri St. Amand, James Delahanty 

Backstage Encouragement 

Christy Raymond 


156 V Drama 


m ! 

w a 

1 v Jj 



Tim Dubendris, Paul Begbeider, Jess Mele 

Paige McCollum, Chrissy Marshall 

Megan MacMurray 


■ ' ; : : ; 

jjf. ^mT 

w* " is 

If ' m 

k M 

h Jm 

m ] 



Leia Davies, Andrea Dimartino, Mark Levetin, Heather Kress 

The cast prepares backstage 


_ i 




- » 

r , 





a # 

Drama B 157 


Back: Mr. Guillemette, A. Springer, D. Perez, B. Fisler, M. Nally, R. Johnson, M. Tsebetzis. 
Middle: T. Lawrence, J. Coates, J. Gomes, C. Sawyer, D. Savadyga, C. Young. Front: D. 
Cleveland, T. Hanson, K. McGrath, P. Pavidas, J. Mitchell. Not Shown: J. Houde, J. Ireland, 
K. Cummings, B. Ross, M. Oltarzewski. 


Back: T. Benedetti, J. Ouimet, B. Roach, M. Kettel, R. LaBonte, A. Vinson, M. Daugherty, S. Hession, 
B. Burns, R. Hadfield, J. O'Brien, L. Mannering, Front: S. Murphy, P. Smith, J. MacDonald, E. Vrysen, 
A. Hurley, C. Murphy, A. Whelton, F. Babbit, J. Amaral, J. Correia 

158 I DECA/Gym Aides 




Back: S. Viola, S. Pare, H. Oles, C. Raymond, T. Crawford, A. Cahill, L. Cahill, T. Cronk, 
R. Lodola, L. Coburn. Middle: A. Abnl, P. Kuta, C. Shook, C. Smith, J. Vogan, K. Webel, 
J. Disimone, K. Feinberg, E. Moore, D. Pillai, D. Pulsone. Front: T. Tellum, K. Tucker, P. 
Wisniewski, L. Viola, K. Maraghy, J. Field, M. Brylinsky, D. Savadyga, K. Tucker, J. 
Allen, J. Hallett. 

L. Huneryager, L. Viola 

The editorial staff, hard at work. 


160 i Yearbook 

The seniors set up the bus lobby display case. 

Andrea Beloff 

T. Crawford, L. Viola 

Editors discuss cover design with artist over the summer. 

Yearbook plans being laid out over the summer. 

Yearbook E 161 



m **' \ 

1 vik 





On February 2nd 1995 over 140 students participated in 
King Philip's first annual Science Fair, which was run by 
Mrs. Casper and Mrs. Fradkin. Judges chose the top proj- 
ects to go on to the State Regional III Science Fair Competi- 

Tina Matz 











Christy Raymond 

Priya Patel 


162 4 Science Fair 

Jen Holmes 

A • ■■■ • «■■ mam it 


B S E 


■ ! ~B 

jp -^ 

ji Ei m 

"^ «0 


Amy Hartshorn, Tracey Duwart 

Deana Aulisio 

Rob Thomas 

Sarah Roache, Jen Tuohy 

Science Fair ft 163 









Dr. Perry Davis 

Superintendent of Schools 

King Philip Regional School District 

Mrs. Reale 

Superintendent's Administrative Staff 


m Faculty 

Winston Fairfield, Jr. 

John Fitzsimmons 
Assistant Principal 

Mrs. Berry, Miss Lessard, Mrs. Antonellis 

Faculty 4 167 

Math Department 
Back row — Mr. Kummer, Mrs. Neubauer, Mrs. Barrett, Miss Szczepaniak, Mr. 
Webb Front row — Mrs. Feinsod, Mrs. Shirley, Mrs. Erickson, Miss Strekouras 

English Department 
Back row — Mr. Besaw, Miss Soutnworth, Mr. Houde, Mr. Ahern, Miss Ryan Front 
row — Miss Greenhow, Ms. Coyle, Miss Brere, Mrs. Barnes, Mrs. Huckle 

History Department 
Back row — Ms. Proulx, Mr. Finase, Mr Simmarian, Mrs. Gentile 

168 | Faculty 

Science Department 
Back row — Mr. Cormier, Mrs. Villiard, Mr. Cadiz, Mr. Ligor, Mrs. Casper, Mr. 
Schmidt Front row — Mrs. Fradkin, Mr. Lazzara, Mrs. Knight 


Art Department 
Back row — Mrs. Carneiro, Mr. Tileston Front row — Miss Finley, Mrs. Tower 

Special Education 
Back row — Mrs. Pavao, Mr. Bergquist, 
row — Mrs. Wermborg, Mrs. D. Tower, Mrs. Cooper 

quist, Mrs. Sullivan, Miss Meuser Front 

Faculty ft 169 

Foreign Language Department 
Back row — Mrs. Mannering, Mr. Lanciaux, Mrs. Chilson, Mrs. McCourt 
Front row — Mrs. Zuercher, Mrs. Hamilton, Miss Figueiredo 

■m, , 4 

Business Department 
Back row — Mrs. Stankiewicz, Mrs. Tolley, Mrs. Dombkowski Front row 
— Mr. Lavallee, Mrs. Raymond, Mr. Guillemette 

Physical Education Department 
Back row — Mr. Carneiro Front row — Mrs. Smith, Mrs. 


f Faculty 

Back row — Mrs. Carr Front row — Mrs. Lepere, Mrs. Campos 

Mr. Gallagher 

Guidance Department 
Back row — Mr. Young, Mr. Keleher Front row — Mrs. Crehan, Mr. 

Faculty m 171 

172 | Faculty 

Faculty W 173 





Compdm&dl of 

Professional °Photography 

1062 Taunton Avenue Rt. 44 

Seekonk, Massachusetts 02771 

(508) 336-4777 

Youk Yeatboolc 



Cataldo's Paint 
& Hardware, Inc. 

84 South St. 

Wrentham, MA 02093 

Tel: 508-384-2431 

"Good Luck Class of 95" 

200 Lowder Brook Drive 
Westwood Executive Center 
Suite 2100 

Westwood, MA 02090 
Telephone: 617-326-7100 
Fax: 617-329-7148 

Frank C Berry, m 

Saks Representative 



Liberty Mutual 
Insurance Group/Boston 




Featuring the Rnest in Deii 
Rotisserie Chicken 

Specializing in 

"Party Platters" 

Open 7 am to 9 pm daily 

Soups and Salads 


667 South St.. Wentham. Mass. 


Frederick J. Kenney BS. 
Registered Pharmacist 

Tel: (508) 528-0880 
FAX (508) 528-3908 

8 Rockwood Road • P.O. Box 153 • Norfolk, MA 02056 


Danielle, our wishes for you are many 
things, as you travel on life's way, the 
joys of watching your dreams come true 
with your smile every day!!!!! 
We love you, Mom and Jim 


You've always been a great joy to all of 

us! We wish you all the best in future 

years. It's all out there waiting for you, 

Tim — Go and get it. 

All of our love, 

Mom, Dad, Chris, and Tom!! 


May you never lose sight of your 
dreams. Shoot for the stars. We love 
you. Y.A.W.M.F. Mom, Dad, Britt and 


Wherever your travels may bring you, 
always remember how much you are 
loved by all of us. We are very proud of 
you, and you can always make us smile. 
We hope all of your dreams come true. 
Love always, Dad, Mom and Brie 


You have had many challenges in your 
life and none of them have held you 
back. You have always been outstand- 
ing in all that you have done. Hold onto 
those special qualities that you possess 
and you will always shine. 
Love, Mom and Dad 


King Philip 
Regional School District 

The School Committee and Superintendent of 

schools wish each member of the Class of 1995 

health, happiness, and success. 

Dr. Perry Davis, Superintendent, Chairman, Dr. Richard Grady, Vice-Chairman, Mr. James Lehan, 
Committee Members: Mrs. Pauline Chute, Mr. Laurence Cochrane, Mr. George Cronin, Jr., Mr. 
Frank DelVecchio, Mrs. Jane Morris, Mr. Fred (Skip) Paul, III, Mr. Sam Williams 



You are as handsome today as you were 
then. I8V2 years later and vou still have 
the brightest future ahead! Congratula- 

We love you, 
Mom, Dad, Helen and Laura 


We are proud of your accomplishments 
both in and out of school. But your 
greatest achievement is the wonderful 
person you have become. 
All our love, 
Mom and Dad 


Dear Pete, 

We're so proud of you. You have been a 

constant |oy and pleasure and we wish 

vou ureal happiness and success in your 

future C nngratulations. 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad, Tim, and Kelly 




We are very proud of you!! 

May all of your dreams come true!!! 

Love always, Mom, Dad, Sean, Pat and 




2 Rockwood Rd. P.O. Box 122 
Norfolk, MA 02056 


(508) 528-1515 


146 Main St. - P. O. Box 429 
Norfolk, MA 02056 
(508) 528-8000 


V. Richard Kelter 

Hair Studio I 

206 Main Street 
Norfolk, MA 02056 

Tues. - Thurs. 9:00-7:30 
Fri. - 9:00-5:00 
Sat. - 8:00-3:00 

(508) 528-8172 



VHaiH Street 76azdwaze & Suppty 
of noticM, 9hc. 



NORFOLK, MA 02056 



All the words in the world cannot ex- 
press my love for you. You have been 
my backbone over these last several 
years. Without your sense of humor, I 
would not have made it. You have made 
me the proudest mother in the whole 
wide world. 1.4.3 so much. 
Love, Mom 


Best wishes in whatever you do. 
Love, Mom and Dad 


Hold on to your "Halo": Nicole you 
have earned your wings! Now the sky's 
the limit. We love you!!! Dad, Mom and 


proud of you. Exciting new wonderful 
times ahead, enjoy!! 
Love you, Mom and Dad 

Best wishes for your college years — it 

only gets better!!!! 

Love you, Karen and Paul 



Your hard work has paid off. Good 


Love, Mom, Laurel, Ben, Jenna 





S ^^te6^t /u 




$& £K? 

1/ uj»/i^^rti w | av/i i^ 




PHONE 384-7788 

PHONE 966-2233 

Dairy Products 

Snack Foods 

Linda's Variety 

Household Supplies 

Canned & Jarred Goods 


D Bsports 

Name Brand Athletic Footwear & Clothing 

546 Kelley Blvd., N. Attleboro 

(RTE.152) Next to RoJacks 

<jjTI ^(508) 695-4499 

(508) 695-5091 



(508) 222-7642 



As you head out to play life's back nine, 
keep it in the fairway and you will reach 
the green. Your acceptance of others has 
filled our hearts with pride and we are 
thankful for who you are! 
Love and much success, 
Mum and Paul 


Hi Pooh! 

We love you and are very proud of you. 
Good luck in everything that you do. 
Love from the whole family!! 
Including "Marcie" 



We are so proud of you. We know you 
will be successful in all the new chal- 
lenges and goals ahead of you. 
Love, Dad, Mom, and Kristen 



You are our sunshine, a treasure, bring- 
ing us great joy and delight. In the 
future, you'll touch many lives in the 
same special way. May your path in life 
hold love, spirituality, happiness, 
health, and success. 
Love, Ya Aimo, 
Mom, Dad, and Lisa 


From baby booties to sneakers to dance 
shoes to soccer cleats to gymnastic slip- 

[>ers to dyables. We have enjoyed fol- 
owing your footsteps through it all. We 
are so proud of your accomplishments. 
Love, Mom and Dad 
Go for it, Kiley!!! Love, Tara 




Rt. 1A Norfolk, MA 02056 

Best of Luck to 
Class of 1995! 



Rene R. Bousquet, D.D.S., P.C. 


1 1 1 Washington Street 

P.O. Box 1658 

Plainville, MA 02762-0658 

Your Personal All-lines Insurance Broker 


RO. BOX 2340 

TEL: 508-6957051 
FAX: 508-699-0688 


Peter M. Schultz Real Estate 

667 South Street 

Wrentham, Massachusetts 02093 

In or Out of State 1-800-433-9616 

Fax (508) 384-6036 

Bus. (508) 384-8121 / (508) 226-6772 

Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated 

Amtiony's Htlitn Slyh 



MON. WED. 9:00-6:00 

THURS.-FRI. 9:00-7:00 

SAT. 9:00-5:00 



er Fresh Baked Calzone 
o- Fresh Bread & Pastries 
o- Fresh Prepared Frozen 

Italian Dinners 
d- Boars Head Cold Cuts 
o- Full Delicatessen 
o- Sandwiches 
o- Party Platters for All 


5 Man-Mar Drive. Plainville, MA. 



Our precious boy is now a man. 
Your High School days are through. 
May the happiness that you find in life 
Be as great as our love for you. 
With great pride and love, 
Mom, Dad, and Jarod 



Tom, we knew you could do it. Every- 
one is proud of you. May all your 
dreams come true. Do not be afraid to do 
what you believe in. 
Love, Mom, and your friend "Edna" 



We wish you all the happiness, love, 
and success in the world. Remember to 
measure your success by your relation- 
ship with others and how you affect the 
world around you. Congratulations, 
and be all that you can be. 
Love, Mom, Dad, and Family 


You really are a "jewel"!! We love you 
very much and are so proud of the 
beautiful young woman you have be- 
come. We wish you lots of happiness 
and success in whatever you do. 
Love, Mom, Dad, Laurie, and Becky 


Querido Hijo: una nueva etapa se abre 
ante ti que da tanto por descubrir! Pelea 
por lo que quieres juega a ganar. Re- 
cuerda siempre que querer es poder y la 
voluntad tu mejor aliada animo!! Felici- 
dades por tu graduacion te queremos. 
Papa, Mama 




Parts and Service We 're Proud of 


508-528-3120 • FAX 508-528-8948 • 800-696-3120 

A History of Service 





10t 80imi STRttT, WmNTHA* 

Equal Housing Lender Member FDfC 

W3H, TIES, W*D i:30-4:30 
THUR i:30-7:OO 

S 30 4:30 
SAT 8:30 - 12:00 


Fleet Bank 

144 Main Street 
Norfolk. MA 02056 
Fax 508-528-1430 

A Member ol Fleet Financial Group inc 

edward j. Mccormick, iii 


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P. O. BOX 318 





(508I 5S0-0333 

Mccormick a maitland 

P. O. BOX 318 



PHONE 5280731 

(4. Gzoncn <& Soma One. 



287 MAIN ST 
NORFOLK. MA 02056 



Congratulations!! We are all so proud of 

you. Good luck in all you attempt to do 

in your life. Above all be happy!!! 

Thank you for being such a wonderful 


All our love, 

Mom, Dad, Eric, and KC 



How quickly our little girl has grown 
into a beautiful young woman. We are 
so proud of you, and wish you love, 
happiness, and success in all you do. 
Just remember to stop and smell the 
roses along the way!! 
We love you, 
Mom and Dad 


with persistence and dedication. We 

couldn't be prouder! Some challenges 

done, some yet to come, remember that 

humor and love will help get them 



Dad, Mom, and Todd 


Missey, we are all so proud of all you 
have achieved but we all love you be- 
cause of who you are, and whatever 
changes may come in life our love for 
you will never change just grow deeper. 
All your family 



Through the discipline you have 
shown, the independence you have 
gained, and the respect that you have 
earned, you are prepared for life's great- 
er challenges. We are very proud oryou. 
Love always, 
Mom, Dad, Mike and Chris 



LIC #000120 

Home Electronic life Protection Inc. 

5 Man Mar Drive, Suite 437, Plainville, MA 02762 
(508) 699-0300 • (800) 734-LIFE (IN MASS ONLY) 




ID# 1 54973 - ARTHUR ID# 1 54970 - GLENN 

(506) 528-0675 Bos. 
'508) 541-8677 FAX 

(508) 528-1687 Res. 



13 A Roowood Rom iRte 11 S) 

'O Boi216 

Noncxk Uau«cnua«ns 02056 

Good Luck Class of '95 


Country Crossing 

148 Main Street 

Norfolk, MA 02056 



? R A M £ <; 

<i> v An Optical Shop u ^ 

where the focus is on you! 

391 E. Central St., Franklin, MA 02038 (508) 520-6939 

Congrats Class of '95! 

Macdonald Restaurant Repair Service Inc. 



BOX 61 224 DEDHAM ST. 

NORFOLK, MA 02056 

(508) 528-5254 

FAX (508) 384-3877 








Monday-Friday 6 a.m. - 3 p.m. 
Saturday 6 a.m. - 2 p.m. 

Sunday 8 a.m. - 1p.m. 



I hope that this is the last time that you 
are a High School Senior!! Please try to 
develop into a mature individual. I 
know that you will have your ups and 
downs; just remember that the family is 
always here to be with you. 
Love always! 


Anakalia, Buttercup, Dolly-Do, 
No one has worked harder or deserved 
this day more than you. Every smile is 
special, every hug is heaven, every day 
is delightful. No challenge has been too 
great. Life holds every promise of suc- 
cess and happiness. 
Love, D, B, K, E, G 


Our Buttons is all grown up and will be 

on her way to college. It will be lonely 

around here, but don't worry we will get 

over it in a little bit, so peace out. We 

love you and are proud of you. 


Mom, Dad, and of course Amelia 


Congratulations on your graduation!!! 

We are very proud of how hard you have 

worked. May all your dreams come 


Love, Mom, Dad, and Christian 


You've grown into a beautiful young 
woman in every way, Honey; and we are 
very proud of you. We wish you bless- 
ings, happiness, and success as you take 
your next step on this journey of life. 
God bless you. 
We love you, 
Mom, and Dad 




Best Wishes to the Class of '95 


Richard and Susan Ross and Family 


Regional Service Center 

Corner of 1 Depot St. at Route 140 


Tel. 384-2751 — 384-3221 

Complete Car Care — Mufflers, Tires, Brakes 

Best wishes to the Class of '95 
Art & Jane Robison 



laauisjaua ig ^^gg^gg^ 



Mon. • Fri. 7:30 am • 6:30 pm, Sat 9 am 5 pm 











NORFOLK, MA 02056 

(508) 384-7883 


MA. LIC. APPR. # 012552 

'Your Clothes Best Fricod* 



2 Taunton St. • Plainville, MA • (508) 695-8415 

Class of 1995" 


Rachel, we are proud of the person that 

you have become. Good luck in college. 
We * 

love you, 
Dad and Mom 



You have been a joy in my life and I 

know that you will succeed in the 

future. Go for it and you will get it! 

Reach for the stars and stay down to 


Love you, Mom and Dad 



We are very proud of the beautiful per- 
son that you have become, inside and 
out. Never be afraid to reach for your 
dreams. We love you, support you, and 
will always be there for you. 
Love, Wanda and Dan XOXOX 



You bring us joy and so much LOVE. 
Your smile, your humor, blessed with 
artistic talent and much more. The 
world is at your feet. It's yours to con- 
quer. We're so proud of the man that 
you've become. 
Love, Mom, Dad and Danielle 



We know Cam, Teddy, Drew, and 

Timmy would be very proud of you, but 

not anywhere near as proud as we are. 

We love you, 

Dad and Mom 

(Garrett Too!!!) 






experience *o 


Food Selections 

At Comfortable Prices 

Something for Everyone! 

Early-bird: Sun.-Fri. 3-5, Sat. 12-5 

£22? 508-384-5122 

Lunch & Dinner ** Casual Dining 

Generous Cocktails *+ Friendly Atmosphere 

Full Lounge Menu *+ Private Function Facility Available 


f /fl, 218 Dedham Street • Rte. 1A & 1 15 • Norfolk, MAm 



s &*0 





Smfmly trmnmportlnq our mohool ohltdrmn mlnom 1932- 


22 Myrtle Street 
Norfolk, MA 02056 






Angela De Pippo 

Frances Grady 

Julie Raymond 

Remember: Don't drink & drive!!! 
Best of luck to the Class of 1995 


Now that a chapter of your life is coming 
to an end, a new one is soon to begin. 
Accept the change, accept the challenge, 
and be happy. 
Love always, 
Mom and Dad 



You have always been the sunshine in 

our lives. We know you will light up the 

lives of others in any endeavor you 

choose. Experience all that life offers 

and happiness will follow. 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad, and Kurt 



Now that your time has come to reach 
out for the brass ring that life has to 
offer; do it secure in the knowledge that 
the family who has loved and supported 
you to this point, will continue to do so 
wherever your quests lead you. 




You are at the dawn of your life, 

reaching towards your brightest point. 

May you find comfort in your hopes and 

dreams of tomorrow. 

Love, Mother, Dad, and Alexandra 



Follow that dream!!!! 

We wish you the very best!! 

Love, Mom and Jay 



127 South Street, Wrentham, Massachusetts 02093 508-384-8400 

54 Central Street, Foxboro, Massachusetts 02035 508-543-5300 

931 Main Street, Walpole, Massachusetts 02081 508-668-3800 

Serving Your Community Needs Since 1855. 

CLASS OF 1995 

Member F.D.I.C./D.I.F. 




Congratulations Class of '95 




TELEPHONE (508) 528-0610 


Donald E. Fisher, D.D.S. 
Elizabeth Nelson, D.M.D. 

Family and Cosmetic Dentistry 

1 4 Common Street 
Wrentham • MA • 02093 

We Cater to Cowards" 





A Full Service Ski & 
Sport-Specialty Shop 

410 Franklin Village Dr. 
Franklin, MA 02038 
(508) 520 3832 

Anderson Insurance Agency 


Certified Insurance Counselor 

206 Dedham St.. Rte. 1A & 115 
Norfolk. MA 02056 

P.O. Box 927 

Wrentham. MA 02093 

FAX 508-384-1224 

Travel Consultant 
RES: 508-520-0012 
BUS: 800-626-9081 

New England Travel Service 

884 J Washington St., Norwood, Ma. 02062 


Never, never, never pay full price.® 

200 Village Dr. Franklin, MA 02038 


You have been my pride and joy for 
eighteen years so now I wish you a 
future of health, happiness and success 
in whatever you choose to do. 
Bushels, Pecks and hugs always, 
Love Mum 
Congratulations Melissa 


From the first day, to the last day, 
So many changes along the way. 
You're the greatest. 
I'm so proud of you!! 
Love, Mom 


You've worked so hard for so long to be 
the best you can be, guess what? You've 
done it!!! We're very proud of who you 
are and the young man you have be- 
come! We love ya lots! 


We're very happy that you're our son 
and very proudof the way you've grown 
into such a terrific voung man. We wish 
you happiness and health in everything 
you do. 
Love, Mom and Dad 


Our strong, smart, dependable, caring 
son. A true life Mac Gyver. Use what 
you have and be what you are to learn 
what you can then follow your dreams 
wherever they may lead you. 
Love, Mom and Mr. C 



On your way to the Mall! 

Congratulations to the Class of '95 


Bonollo Rubbish Removel 

2085 West Street 

Wrentham, MA 02093 


Tom Bonollo President 
1978 King Philip Alumnus 

Dependable, Reliable Service — 
When you need it! 

Commercial Industrial Residential 


just North of 

The Emerald Square 





508 * 699 * 7390 

Best of Luck 

Kris, Lynn, 

Lori, Lisa, 

Jen, Andrea, Megan 

y House \ 
Full of Smiles 


Warm, friendly dental care 
for you & your family 



1 ^^ £25Sfc '^^ 





1 48SOUTh 

, e THELOTTERY] j) authentic 

1 ST.*WRENTHAM*384-7001 



— {} — 



East Central Street 
Franklin, MA 02038 

Business Patrons 

Plainville Crossing Dry Cleaners 

Plainville Total Image 

Wrentham Dunkin' Donuts 


To Wesley, My wonderful grandson. I 
am so very proud of you — but remem- 
ber always keep God as your Co- 
Captain and your cup shall runneth 

God bless you, 
Love, Gram and George 



We wish you love, happiness, and joy 

always, we were blessed the day you 

were born and have been proud of you 

and all you've done since. Keep up the 

good work. 

We love you lots. 

Love, Mom and Dad 


This is your time!!! We are very proud 
and so happy for you! It's your time for 
possibilities, dreams and all the happi- 
ness you can hold. GO FOR IT!!! 
Love you, Mom, Dad and Dave 


Can't believe you're so tall 
We actually ran out of wall! 
Keep jumping to the highest 
You're growing up to be the finest!!! 
Love, Mom, Dad, Jen, Kim and Meg 


May you always stay one step ahead! 
We love you, Mom, Dave Heather, and 



Thank you for being all of what parents 
could wish for. We hope your future is 
filled with as much happiness as you 
have given us. We love you Lisa. 
Love, Mom and Dad XOXO 



May your future be all that you have 
worked so hard to achieve; 
May all your dreams come true. 
When you leave home in the fall, re- 
member that we'll always be here for 

We are so proud of you! 
Love, Mom & Dad 


You have made us the proudest parents 
on earth! You came as a gift — a ray of 
light for all. May life treat you well and 
may you always know love. Time to 
soar on those eagle's wings! 
Our love goes with you always! Dad, 
Mom, Beth and Ben 



May the road rise to meet you. 

May the wind be always at your back. 

May the sun shine upon your face, the 

rain fall soft upon your fields. 

May God hold you in the palm of his 


Love, Mom, Dad, and Jamie 



Feel better about yourself! 

Aerobic Center • Indoor Running Track 

Microfit • Computerized Bikes 

Treadmills • Stair Steppers 

Swimming Pool • Tennis • Nautilus 

Racquetball • Cafe • Tanning Rooms 

Stretchmate • Free Weights 

Physical Therapy • Message Therapy 

Kiddie Klub • Beach Volleyball 



(508) 528-5960 
750 Union St., Franklin, MX 

I'm so proud of you!!! 
"... Take me to Hawaii, 
Take me to France, 
Take me to Germany, 
Would you care to dance?" 
Love, Holly 



Congratulations!! We are so proud of 


All our love always, 

Mom, Dad, and Maggie 


Joe, you have been a source of great hap- 

f>iness and pride for all of us. Congratu- 
ations on your Graduation!! Have a 
great time in college. 
Love, Mom, Dad, Dave and Jim 


As you continue on the track of life, may 
the wind be always at your back! We 
have treasured your triumphs and de- 
feats, but most of all we treasure you!! 
Thanks for sharing your life with us. 
Love always, Mum and Dad 



CC 1 

i .■; l\i i .k X.T- y ! , mm ' i i i hi >v 

W** «*•••* Wat* IWiiW 















■■/ -U V; 

V,.„, „■,,,,■, , T J 
















Ads/Autographs J 197 


From Chutes and Ladders, 
Sorry, Life and Monopoly 
comes a beautiful young 
lady who never liked to 
lose. Your feisty spirit is a 
strength that will help you 
win in life so never lose 
that. We love you very 
much and wish you health 
and happiness. 


Dear Greg, 

You've come a long way since this pic- 
ture was taken. We're all very proud of 
you and we think you're the greatest. 
Dad, Kathy, and Grandma 


Our Little Princess . . . 

You've always made us proud . . . Open 

those doors . . . Jump those hurdles . . . 

Climb those mountains . . . Watch out 

world; she's on her way!!! 

Love, Dad, Mom and Kevin 




We are so proud of you! Remember "If 
you reach for the moon and miss, you'll 
be among the stars." Make generosity 
and caring a lifetime commitment and 
you will always have friends. May good 
health, happiness and prosperity al- 
ways be yours. 
Mom, Dad, Rebecca and Jessica 



It's hard to believe vou're graduating 
High School and going off to college. 
We'll miss you! We're very proud of the 
fine young man you've become. Good 
luck for your future. We love you, 
Mum, Dad, and Mark 



We are all proud of you!! Con- 

f;rat ulations on your graduation and we 
ook forward to following your nursing 
Love, Mom, Dad, Jen and Becky 



You have been through so much grow- 
ing up. We hope life will be good to 
you. Much happiness and success al- 
ways. We are proud of you Rach. 

Love, Mum, Dad, Courtney and Lindey 



Your leadership and vision have made 

us very proud. You must have known, 

"if you're not the lead dog, the view 

never changes." We know your view 

will continue to be fantastic. 

Love, Mom and Brian. 



You bring sunshine to our lives. Believe 
in yourself and you will go far. May all 
your dreams come true. 
Love, Mom and Dad 



We love you 

Mom, Dad, Brad and Travis 

198 i Ads/Autographs 



CONGRATULATIONS, on everything. 

I'm going to miss you a lot. 

Thanks for the car!! Good Luck! 
Love, Kelly 


You have been a joy to us. We hope your 
future is full of love, laughter, and great 
beach days!!! 
Love Mom, Dad and Jen 




You have the world at your fingertips. 
Go out and grab it all. We all love you 
and wish you the best future ever. Con- 
gratulations on a job well done. You've 
been a wonderful daughter, 
Love, Mom, Dad, Amy and Wendy 


Thanks for 18 years of joy. Good luck 
riding the rest of the way on your own. 
We love ya!! 
Dad, Mom, and Aaron 


Reach for the stars. 

They are yours to obtain. 

Your hard work, determination and 

Will carry you a long, long way. 

Lots of love & luck, Mom 


Who Da Believed??? 

We're very proud of you Brian, not only 

because of your accomplishments but 

also of the person you have become. We 

love you even if you are our L.M.L. and 


Love, Mom, Dad, Jen, and Frankie 


I m 


I'm so very proud of you. Did we ever 

think the bad luck would end? You have 

frown into a fine young man. Strive to 
e the best you can be, no one can ask 
for more than that. 
I love you, Congratulations!! 



As an independent thinker you've 
grown into an excellent communicator 
with principles based on integrity. A 
great smile and sense of humor reflect 
your positive attitude. You deserve 
much! Our sincerest best wishes. 
Our Love, Mom and Dad 


Give yourself a hand Heather. Great 
job! We're proud not only of your musi- 

to possess. Your kind generous spirit 

of the many fine Qualities you've come 

possess. Your kinc" 
and gifts of music will brighten this 
Love you, Mom, Dad, and Tara 


We are so proud of you. 

We hope you achieve all your dreams 

and goals. 
Best or luck in all that you do. 

Strive for greatness!! 
Love, Mom and Dad 


Justin we know that it hasn't been easy 
but we are so proud of what you have 
accomplished. We are so glad you never 
lost sight of your dream to enter the 
Coast Guard. Don't ever change that 
sensitive heart you have that we love. 
Love, Mom ana Dad 


You took up the violin at four; melodies 
linger forevermore. We applaud your 
many achievements; we give thanks for 
your inner self-confidence. Feel proud 
for what you have done; remain humble 
for you've only just begun. 
Love, Mom and Dad 



We wish you all the best that life offers. 

Love, Mom and Dad 



Your day is here and we are so proud of 
you! You have come a long way from 
your Nanny and Brrrr-Wawa!! Keep up 
the hard work, be good, and enjoy your 
life. We're behind you all the way!! 
Much love, Mom, Dad, Alison, Katie, 
and Zak 



May happiness and smiles follow you 

wherever you may go. Full speed ahead. 

Love, Mom, Dad and Becky 


Rachel, we are so proud of all your ac- 
complishments. It's time to spread your 
wings — Go now and make a difference 
in the world. We all love you very 
Mom, Dad, Becky, Al and Daizy 



Ads/Autographs » 201 

You have brought us much joy and hap- 
piness. You've worked very hard and 
we are proud of you. Happiness and 
success in all you do. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Chris, Carolyn and 





Chris, we are so proud of you. May your 
future be as bright as your smile and 
your heart always filled with our love. 
Love, Mom, Dad, and Alex 



May the life ahead of you remain full of 

joy, happiness, success and special 

friends. We are proud of you and you 

have given us joy over the years. Always 

be truthful and be yourself. 

Love, Dad and Mom 


This educational milestone is a major 
step in your journey through life. Pre- 
serve in your efforts towards the next 
marker. But don't forget the smell the 
roses and always remember the 1845 
Love, Mom, Pop and Erica 


Time has gone by fast Katie, but each 
day has been filled with you, with us. 
You've accomplished much, and we are 
truly proud of your character and cour- 
age. Tomorrow holds discovery, and 
we'll watch as you soar! 
All our Love! 
Mom, Dad and Andy 



To the greatest daughter and sister. We 

are so proud of you. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Bill, and Rick 




You have done so well. I know you will 
be successful in all your endeavors. I 
truly wish you all the success and happi- 
ness in the world. 
Love always, Mom 



You are a blessing. 

Congratulations, you made it. We are 
proud of you and all you have accom- 
plished. Follow your path and you will 
achieve your dreams. Go get 'em kiddo!! 
Love, Mom and Dad 


Tennille — on to new adventures!! We 

have watched you grow into a caring, 

unique, loving person, who is full of 

life and adventure.' 

We love you!! 

Mom, Dad, Jeff, Nana, Gramp and 







Mike, we are so proud of you. We wish 
you a future filled with happiness and 
success. May all your dreams come true. 
We love you!! 
Mom, Dad, John and Amy 



May happiness and success always be a 

part of your life!! 

Love, Mom and Dad & Christy and 


You can take a Mainer out of Maine but 
you can't take Maine out of a Mainer!! 



You can have it all. You have the drive 
and determination to make a tremen- 
dous mark in this world. We support 
and love you. We're so proud of you. 
Love, Mom and Dad 


You've added so much to our lives and 

we wouldn't change a minute. Go for 


Love you forever, M, D, M and B 




We'll always be there for you. 

Love forever, 

Dad, Mom and Nay 



Jesse, you've turned out to be the fine 
young man I hoped and prayed you 
would be. You've overcome more in 
your young life than most. The future 
holds many new experiences for you to 
endure. You've been taught well, so 
Love, Mom 


We are continually faced with great op- 
portunities brilliantly disguised as un- 
solvable problems. You make us proud 

We love you, Mom, Dad, Sarah and 


Keep doing your best. 

Love, Dad and Mom 
Jana, Jon, Jackie 


Even as time marches on remember we 
love you and think you are special. 
Good luck in all you do and congratula- 
tions upon graduating. 

Love, Mom, Dad, I )urrell, Deboara and 

204 * Ads/Autographs 

Ads/ Autographs J' 205 


Happiness is what we wish, Steve, 
You can do whatever you believe. 
May God go with you in your life, 
Before you know you'll take a wife. 
Please know, no matter what you do, 
We always have approved of you! 


A twinkle in your eye, a smile on your 
face, a kind word, a silly joke, a reassur- 
ing pat on the back — Michelle — 
you've made life so much fun for so 
many of us, especially Shamu, Sport, 
Mere and Pere. The world is yours! 
Love Mom and Dad 



Keep smiling. Never lose your wonder- 
ful sense of humor and the world will be 
yours. Good luck!!! 

Love, Dad, Mom, Brian, Kate, and 


Dear Jennifer, 

You have my very best wishes and love 

for the happy years ahead!! 

Love, Nana 




You are a wonderful daughter. We are 

proud of the person you've become. We 

wish you well in college. 

We love you, Mom, Dad, Susan, and 




Hi D'Ho Neighbor! 

Way to go, Agnes DiPesto! 


Susan, Carol and Linda 


Today is your day and we are all truly 

Eroud of you and the things that you 
ave accomplished. So many opportu- 
nities will present themselves — Go for 
them!! But remember what the truly im- 
portant things in life are. 
With love, 
Mom, Dad, and brothers 


Dear Tab, 

The ball is in your hands now and we want 

you to run with it! As you progress down 

life's "fields," always run with love in your 

heart and always do your best. God bless 



Team Howard — Mom, Dad, Brett, Troy, 

Courtney, Siobhan, Shannon, Mallory, 

Brandon, and the everlasting Maura 



In your nineteen years your challenge 
has been like few others. Yet, you have 
persevered through the adversity and 
nave overcome the obstacles. You are 
truly an "able" person who we are very 
proud to call our son. 

Love, Mom, Dad and J & C 

206 t Ads/Autographs 


You made it E! We are very proud of 
you. There are only great things to 
come. We wish you love, luck and so 
much happiness. We know you will 
succeed in whatever you do. Just follow 
your dreams. 
Love, Mom and Dad 


Remember graduation K.P. Class of 
1982? We do. We were proud of you then 
and we are even prouder now. You are a 
great son. We wish you all that life has 
to offer. Reach for the stars, our free 
wheeling son. 
Love, Mom, and Dad 

You are the best! Joey 



Our Pride, our joy, 

light of our lives. 

Dad and Mom 

Rob, Marc, Erik and Leigh 

our love and the 

Ads/Autographs ft 207 

Editors' Note 

Lori Huneryager, Managing Editor; Kristen Maraghy, Editor-in-Chief; Lynn Viola, 
Managing Editor 


Student Life Lisa Bombardieri 

Underclassmen Jen Field 

Sports Lori Huneryager 

Clubs & Activities Lynn Viola 

Ads Andrea Beloff 

Production Megan Brylinsky 

Art Dividers Brian Mullen 

The yearbook is a unique organization within King Philip. Its success rests full), 
upon the teamwork of the entire staff. Without the help of many faithful stafi 
members the 1994-1995 yearbook would not have been possible. We would espe- 
cially like to thank our advisor, Mr. Lawrence Maraghy, our assistant advisor, 
Mrs. Helen Cooper, their guidance was greatly appreciated. Among the students 
here at King Philip there are many who deserve recognition for their hard work or 
the yearbook. These students are Susan Viola, Christy Raymond, Jamie Allen, 
Jackie Hallett, Dawn Savadyga, Amy Abril, Dyvia Pillia, Denise Pulsone, Regina 
Ladola, Courtney Shook, and especially the Section Editors named above. Thank 
you to everyone who helped with all our problems and we would like to wish the 
Class of 1995 the best of luck, and also good luck to future editors — you'll need it! ! 

Thanks again, 


Editors' Note 

» /* 

'«, ..vv'A 


Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein 
orders his troops to the border 
of oil-rich Kuwait. The U.S. 
sends 350 warplanes to the 
area to support the Kuwaiti 
forces. By October 11, Hussein 
orders the withdrawal of most 
of his forces. 

Russian President Boris Yeltsin 
calls out his poorly trained 
military to subdue a rebellion 
in Chechnya, a southern 
republic the size of 
Connecticut. Critics accuse 
Yeltsin of resorting to total- 
itarian methods of the old 
communist Soviet regime to 
keep the shaky Russian 
i unified. 

Europe's worst flood in this 
century kills at least 30 people 
across Europe. Inland floods 
caused by melting Alpine snow 
and relentless rains hit 
Belgium, France, Germany, 
and the Netherlands, whose 
famous dike system begins to 
crumble late in January 1995 in 
the face of rampaging rivers. 
Dutch authorities evacuate 
250,000 people from the 

Camilla Parker Bowles, 
allegedly Prince Charles' 
mistress, announces her 
divorce from her husband, 
Andrew Parker Bowles. 
Princess Diana is said to be 
negotiating a divorce from 
Charles, who will be free to 
remarry without giving up the 
throne— unless unhappy 
subjects force a referendum on 
the monarchy. 


140 are rescued when the 
Estonia, a 15,500-ton Baltic 
ferry sinks off the coast of 
Finland in a violent nighttime 
storm. The storm's 30-foot 
waves swamp the ship which 
lists and sinks in a matter of 

After a peasant 
uprising in Chiapas 
and two major 
political murders, Mexico 
gets a new president. 
Ernesto Zedillo, an 
economist, assumes office 
only to face a stockmarket 
crash, a ruined economy, 
and a loss of international 
confidence in the wake of 
the North American Free 
Trade Agreement. 

On July 25, U.S. 
President Bill Clinton 
welcomes King 
Hussein of Jordan, right, 
and Israeli Prime Minister 
Yitzhak Rabin to the 
White House, where the 
two sign a historic 
nonaggression pact that 
ends a 46-year state of 
belligerency between Israel 
and Jordan. 

Conservative religious 
groups and those who 
believe in individual 
rights clash over 
issues of education 
for women and family 
planning at the U. 
Conference on 
Population and 
Development in Cairo, 
Egypt, September 5« 

Joyful residents of 
Belfast celebrate 
after the Irish 
Republican Army (IRA) 
announces an end to its mili- 
tary operations in Northern 
Ireland as of August 31. 
After 25 years of British 
military presence and over 
3,000 killings, the IRA says 
it will now seek Irish union 
only through political 


hen their Army 
helicopter acciden- 
tally strays into North 
Korea in December, Chief 
Warrant Officers Bobby 
Wayne Hall and David 
Hilemon are shot down by 
the communists. Washington 
does not admit to espionage 
as the North Koreans want, 
but negotiates for survivor 
Bobby Hall's release by 
expressing its sincere regret 
over the intrusion. 

Tipper Gore, wife of 
U.S. Vice President 
Al Gore, visits 
Rwandan refugee camps in 
Zaire in July. Thousands of 
refugees, fleeing ethnic 
conflict in Rwanda, die of 
cholera, dysentery, and other 
infectious diseases. Fresh 
water supplied by the United 
States military greatly 
reduces the number of 
cholera deaths. 

Palestine Liberation 
chairman Yasir Arafat 
returns to Palestine in July 
1994 after 27 years of exile in 
Tunisia. Arafat kisses the 
ground in the Gaza Strip, now 
a Palestinian autonomous 
zone under the terms of a 
1993 peace accord with 


illions of South Africans travel weary hours and wait in 
mile-long lines to vote in the first all-race elections. 
X J-Atter more than a century of white rule, the voters 
choose former political prisoner Nelson Mandela to preside 
over the dismantling of apartheid. 

Jimmy Carter, former 
U.S. president and 
self-styled global 
trouble shooter for 
peace, negotiates 
on behalf of the 
U.S. in Haiti, 
Bosnia, and North 
Korea. He even 
offers to help settle 
the baseball strike. 

In Japan, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2 
collapses buildings, derails trains, buckles elevated 
expressways, and causes fires throughout the city of 
Kobe. Over 5,000 people are killed and 26,000 injured. The 
Japan quake occurs January 17, 1995, one year to the day 
after a quake devastated Los Angeles. 

U.S. President Bill 
Clinton, right, and 
British Prime Minister 
John Major take part in 
ceremonies in June 1994 at a 
military cemetery during the 
50th anniversary commem- 
oration of the Allied D-Day 
invasion of Europe, the event 
that sealed the fate of Nazi 
Germany during World War II. 

Chinese school children, dressed to look like Colonel 
Sanders, welcome the president of Kentucky Fried 
Chicken to Shanghai in May 1994. Few of the country's 
many foreign business ventures thrive, but KFC becomes a 
Chinese favorite. The finger-lickin' enterprise makes plans to 
expand its outlets from 28 to 200. 

A triumphant Jean- 
Bertrand Aristide 
reclaims his position 
as president and restores 
democracy to Haiti with the 
help of U.S. troops. Haiti 
had suffered under the rule 
of a military junta led by 
General Raoul Cedras, who 
goes into exile after 
reaching an agreement with 
U.S. mediators. 

In one of the most 

successful antiterrorist 

operations in aviation 

history, French commandos 

storm an Air Prance 

jet-liner and kill 

four Algerian 

hijackers, freeing 

the plane's 


and crew. 

«PVt x 

India suffers an 
outbreak of pneumonic 
plague, carried by 
flea-infested vermin. 
Workers in Bombay earn 
five rupees for each 
exterminated rat; one 
thousand rat-tails 
earns a color TV. 

Thousands of Cubans flee their economically depressed 
homeland, hoping for a better life in America. Many set 
off on homemade rafts and other small vessels only to 
be intercepted by the U.S. Coast Guard. The United States and 
Cuba reach an agreement in September that allows 20,000 
Cuban immigrants to enter the United States each year. 

to 1994. the U.S. registers a 

lol Km 

toOMM Is (toe to immigration. 
toe largest such influi since 

protector. Ralph Ellison, dies 
at age 80 Hrs 1952 novel, 
kmHrte Man, has been called 
toe most powerful novel written 
about alienation, identity, and 
racism in America. 

A huge increase in killings by 
14- to 24-year-olds raises the 
nations homicide rate, while 
violence blamed on preteens 
rocks communities nationwide. 
A boy. 13. is sentenced to lite 
lor strangling a four-year-old. 
In Chicago, an 11 -year-old boy 
kills a 14-year-old girl and is 
men executed by his own gang. 
In Washington state a pair ol 
12-year-olds shoot a migrant 

The death of 
Jacqueline Kennedy 
Onassisin May 1994 
marks the end of an era, a 
time when America was 
prosperous, fighting for civi 
rights, and heading for the 
moon. The former first lady 
is buried next to her 
husband, President John 
F. Kennedy, in Arlington 
National Cemetery, 
Washington. D.C. 

Called the Republican 
revolution, November 
mid-term elections put 
the Republican party 
and its anti-big 
government platform in 
control of Congress 
for the first time in 
kO years. Georgia's 
Newt Gingrich, author 
of the GOP' s "Contract 
with America," is 
the new Speaker of 
the House. 


The prosecution 
seeks the death 
penalty in the 
case of Susan Smith, 
who dupes the nation with 
a frightening tale of the 
abduction of her two little 
boys. The community's early 
support grows quickly to 
hatred when Smith 
confesses to murder- 
she sent her children to 
their deaths at the bottom 
of a lake. 

The volunteers 
for Silent March 
bring shoes from 
every state for one of the 
quietest demonstrations to 
ever take place in 
Washington, D.C. Each 
empty pair of shoes repre- 
sents one of the more than 
40,000 Americans who have 
been killed by handguns. 

Despite powerful National Rifle 
Association lobby efforts, 
Congress passes a crime bill 
banning the sale of 19 types of 
assault weapons. The 
Brady Law goes 
into effect; in 
one month 25,610 
people with 
criminal records 
are denied the 
purchase of a handgun. 

Heat, drought, and 
lightning combine to 
set Western states 
ablaze in late June and July. 
Fires consume 2.000 acres 
in Colorado's South 
Canyon when 50 mile-an-hour 
winds whip the flames into a 
firestorm, killing 14 specially 
trained firefighters; 10 men 
and four women. 


The 37th 
U.S. President, 
Richard Nixon, dies 
in April 1994. Nixon was 
responsible for restoring 
normal ties with the 
People's Republic of 
China following the 
signing of the Shanghai 
Communique in 1972. 

The U.S. Food and Drug 
Administration blasts 
the tobacco company 
executives at a 
congressional hearing 
in March 199* for 
denying that nicotine, 
a drug found in 
cigarette smoke, is 
addictive. Tobacco 
industry workers fear 
losing their jobs if 
the FDA succeeds in 
classifying and 
restricting cigarettes 
as a drug. 

The Flint River overflows, washing coffins out of a Georgia 
cemetery after torrential rains from tropical storm Alberto 
flood Georgia and the Florida-Alabama panhandle. 
Thirty-two people die, 40,000 are temporarily homeless, and 
10,000 square miles are underwater, causing $100 million in 
crop I 

Former football star 
O.J. Simpson is 
charged with the 
June 12th stabbing death of 
his ex-wife Nicole and her 
friend Ronald Goldman, 
causing a non-stop media 
avalanche. The 
sensational case famil- 
iarized watchers with 
spouse abuse, a tele- 
vised ride in a white 
Ford Bronco, "Kato" 
Kaelin, and DNA testing. 
Simpson faces the jury 
in January. 

A rare white buffalo 
named Miracle draws 
crowds to the humble 
Wisconsin farm where it was 
born August 20. Native 
Americans believe the calf is 
the fulfillment of a Lakota 
Sioux prophecy. Five hundred 
years ago, White Buffalo 
Woman told her people that 
she would return as a white 
calf to usher in a new age of 
harmony between all races 
of mankind. 

President Clinton, with 
Republican leader 
Bob Dole, signs 
legislation implementing the 
U.S. role in an expanded 
General Agreement on Tariffs 
and Trade (GATT), one of the 
most sweeping trade liberal- 
ization pacts in history. The 
legislation makes the U.S. a 
member of a new 125-member 
World Trade Organization. 
Protectionists worry that GATT 
may promote world trade but 
won't sufficiently protect 
American jobs. 

The Secret Service considers restricting public 
access to the White House after a gunman fires 27 
rounds at the building's facade in October. In 
September, a small Cessna airplane crashes on the 
South Lawn and comes to rest at the base of the 
White House below President Clinton's bedroom, 
killing the pilot. 

sedentary lifestyle is creating 

an epidemic ol obesity. Since 

. the number ol over- 


one third of the population 
i alarming increase 

Some ot the 599 newly 
revealed secret ingredients 
maior cigarette-makers add to 
improve taste and tenure 
beeswax, butter, carrot oil. 
citronellaoil. cocoa shells, 
com silk, dandelion root 
eriraci 31 chemicals that start 

i chip oil. 
vinegar, and dimethyltetra- 

Three planets are discovered 
orbiting a pulsar star 3.000 
light-years away in the 
constellation Virgo. One is the 
size ol the moon and two are 
three times more massive lhan 
Earth: all are rocky worlds 
I an atmosphere 

NASA's space shuttle mission 64 tests the 
operations ot a Simplified Aid For Extravehicular 
Activity Rescue (SAFAR) device. Crew 
member Mark Lee maneuvers successfully 
outside the Discovery, while Carl Meade 
photographs him against the background of Earth. 

Martin Rodbell and 
Alfred Gilman are 
awarded the 1994 
Nobel Prize in 
Physiology or 
Kedicine for 
developing a 
model of cell 
that has 

medical implications 
from cholera to 

The Food and Drug 
institutes new food 
labeling on almost all foods 
in response to consumer 
protest against the many 
misleading claims of food 
producers The new 
readable labels provide 
realistic serving sizes, list 
calories from fat. and allow 
you to compare different 
nutrient values. 

popularly known as 
Magic Eye, cause 
legions of people to stare 
cross-eyed for long periods 
of time. Based on a mystery 
of neurology and 
3-D objects, pattern 
elements fuse into left-eye 
and right-eye images of a 
single hidden object which 
appears to be 

In Ethiopia, anthro- 
pologists discover the 
skull of a human 
ancestor, Australopithecus 
ramidus, 4.4 million years 
old. The new species has 
features midway between 
apes and humans and 
promises to provide clues to 
still earlier evolutionary 

Japan's "Love Love 
Simulation" computer 
program allows 
couples to take a 
non-scientific look 
at future offspring 
by digitally 
combining their own 
photos to predict a 
child' s appearance. 

Astronomers wait at every major telescope in the world 
to see the historic cosmic crack-up of the 21 big 
fragments of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 as it smacks 
into the atmosphere of Jupiter at 134,000 miles an hour. 
Plumes of fire shoot up hundreds of miles, high enough to 
become visible to telescopes on Earth. 

Internet activity- 
rises sharply as 
surfers find their 
way around the 
Advertisers , 
rock music 
the worldly 
Voice of America, 
and others decide 
it's time to jump on 

NASA publishes a new 
report supporting the 
theory that a giant 
comet hit Earth 65 
million years ago and 
vaporized 100 billion 
tons of sulphur to 
create the cloud 
barrier that froze 
Earth's atmosphere and 
killed the dinosaurs. 

A long-term study of radial keratotomy finds it generally 
safe and effective. For the nearsighted, tiny spokelike 
incisions into the eye improve focusing ability and 
eliminate the need for eyeglasses. The patient is awake for 
the procedure. 

A cave is found in southern France, full of 300 vivid 
paintings of woolly-haired rhinos, bears, mammoths, 
panthers, and owls made about 20,000 years ago. The 
Stone Age artists also left behind bear skulls, flint knives, 
footprints, and fireplaces. Experts call it the archaeological find 
of the century. 

The non-violent 
CD-ROM game Myst 
by Cyan, Inc. becomes 
a best-selling phenomenon, 
winning legions of devoted 
fans and spawning imitators. 
The fantasy-adventure's 
graphic visuals are hyper- 
real; the written word is the 
key to the mystery. 

One of Lake Superior's enduring mysteries is solved by scientists and marine historians who 
explore the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, an ore carrier that sank with its crew in a 1975 
storm. The ship, overused and in poor condition, was ripped apart by 90-mph winds and 
30-foot waves. Most of the 29 crewmen are entombed inside the wreckage, well preserved in the 
39° waters. 

Cutbacks in military spending force the U.S. Navy to 
reduce its elite 100-dolphin fleet trained for use in 
sonar research, mine sweeping, and underwater recov- 
ery. Too tame to be released in the open sea, the veterans of 
conflicts from Vietnam to the Persian Gulf retire to aquariums 
and water parks. 



Om percent ol the nation s SO 
million school-age children 
tan at home as families seek 
I to labile schools 

collaborate on academic 
projects with other children 
aroana the world 

A survey ol college kids 
reveals their tavonte sources 
ol sugar and cafleine during 
all-night studying to be: 
powdered iced lea. peanut 
butter mned with marsh- 
mallow cream, babylood. 
ramen noodles, raw cookie 
dough, and trail mn made 
from chocolate chips, graham 
cracker bits, and mini- 

A lively new cafe society centers around 
the 5,000 gourmet coffeeshops which 
spring up around the country. To the often 
young and trendy patrons, the social interaction is 
just as important as the espresso. Some cafes offer 
full-time Internet links so patrons can sip and chat 
with other Internet latte-drinkers. 

Yoga, a Hindu system 

of stretching 

exercises for well- 
being, surges in 
popularity, mostly 
because the older 
generation seeks a 

technique for 

alleviating stress 

and finds yoga better 

than aerobics. 

Aerobic boxing, with boxing-style leg and arm work, turns 
out to be one of the year's hot exercise trends, showing 
up in workout studios and attracting those who want to 
work off their aggression by throwing a right and a few jabs. 

Besides recycled 
clothing like license- 
plate bustiers, 
bottle-cap jewelry, 
trash-bag and duct- 
tape dresses, fashion 
trends include the 
schoolgirl look with 
thigh-highs, and the 
look of long, straight 
hair and a goatee. 

Anew survey shows 
that over 12 million 
Americans are 
vegetarians, choosing 
the no-meat lifestyle 
because of concern 
about animal cruelty, 
cost-efficiency, eco- 
friendliness and/or 
improved health and 

The hottest 
merchandise around 
is Mighty Morphin 
Power Rangers, so hot 
Cabbage Patch dolls pale in 
comparison. Parents criticize 
Fox's super-violent TV show, 
but their kids crave Dragon 
Daggers, Megazords, and 
the 4-foot. $230 battery 
powered car. "Go, go, I 

A hot new collectible 
derives from an old 
household item. 
Milk caps, known in some 
regions as pogs, originally 
capped the bottles left by 
the milkman but have now 
gone funky with colorful 
printed designs and 
variations that are traded 
and used in games. 

Although most are 
forced to settle for 
Oakley wrap- 
arounds, stylin' kids, like 
in-line skaters and urban 
youth, clamor for Arnet's 
$80 Ravens with the silver- 
chrome frames. 

Led by brash young skate and surf types, two million 
snowboarders nationwide discover the joy of swooping 
down slopes on one board instead of two. No hard 
boots, no poles, no crossed tips, make it easier than skiing. 
Since their giant frozen wave is a ski hill, snowboarders annoy 
old-style skiers who want their slopes left undisturbed by 

The first generation to 
ignore colas in favor 
of fruit drinks, today's 
young people give Snapple 
popular cult status. The 
trend breeds juice wars as 
Snapple imitators like 
Fruitopia vie for youth 
market shares and inundate 
the airwaves with Generation 

Pope John Paul II 
authors Crossing the 
Threshold of Hope, a 
blend of theology, evangelizing 
and personal remininiscene. 
It becomes a best-seller in 35 

Remaining a virgin in the face of peer pressure finds new 
respect among teens who defend their freedom to forgo 
sex in a sex-crazy world. The movement is both a 
demand for real love and a reaction against unwanted 
pregnancy and health risks, since today one out of four kids are 
infected with sexually transmitted diseases by the age of 21. 

It's called "the year 
of the cottage 
industry" as more 
Americans adopt 
different work 
arrangements in 
response to corporate 
downsizing, either by 
telecommuting or 
starting businesses 
out of their homes. 

Kool-Aid makes a 
cheap hair-dye, an 
alternative to 
bleached hair with, say, 
Prizm Blue added for sheen. 
The "city fade" shaves the 
sides of your head and 
leaves the top longer, and 
the matted hair look is 
achieved by leaving the soap 
in and forgetting to comb. 

."-' -■•' 

The designer pets of the year are African pigmy 
hedgehogs, and some 3,000 find homes with humans. 
They are gentle, like to be petted, and need a once-a- 
day feeding of pet food or mealworms. They don't smell and 
will even eat your roaches. 


a briefcase, and a I 

iZft »f!lCfl 

i lew audiem 
needle-phobia lo tall out ol 
their seats in revulsion. 

John Candy, the large and 
lovable star ol dims Splash, 
Cool fbmnwgs Home Alone. 
and many other lamily 
favorites dies at the age ol 
43 Whether Candy played 
lerks slobs or loonies, his 
natural goodness came 
shining through 


ith a tried-but-true 
storyline, the TV 
show "Me and the 
Boys, "becomes an 
immediate family favorite, 
with stand-up comic Steve 
Harvey playing a widower 
who's left to raise three 
lively sons singlehandedly. 

Life is like a box of chocolates." says its title character. 
Forrest Gump, starring Tom Hanks, surprises everyone 
with its popularity, attributed to the audiences' thirst 
for the film's theme of simple values and good intentions. < - *^^\ 

Reality-based tele- 
vision programs rule 
the tube with "Cops," 
"American Detective," 
"FBI: The Untold 
Stories , " "Top Cops ," 
and "Rescue 911." 
"America's Most 
Wanted" and "Unsolved 
Mysteries" enlist 
viewers' help in 
tracking down 
, fugitives. 

Fascinating special effects place Gump into real news 
footage with U.S. presidents. 

Tom Cruise bites as 
the elegantly evil 
vampire Lestat in the 
film based on Anne Rice's 
novel Interview With the 
Vampire. Brad Pitt costars in 
the story that's been a favorite 
with millions of readers for 
twenty years. 

Shameless prime-time 
soap opera "Melrose 
Place," co-starring 
Heather Locklear and Grant 
Show, attracts legions of 
fans with its silly-sensational 
plotlines and shallow-but- 
beautiful characters. Fans 
even buy the TV show's 
soundtrack and "MP" 

Every Tuesday 
night 20 million 
homes tune into 
Home Improvement." 
television's No. 1 show, 
starring comedian Tim 
Allen as Tim Taylor, the 
how-to host of "Tool 
Time with his wife Jill an 
three kids Fans love this 
funny real-life reflection of 
middle-class family life 

Comedian Jim Carrey's career is s-s-smokin'. In The 
Mask. Carrey plays shy Stanley Ipkiss. who discovers 
that a mythical mask can turn him into a very cool 
green-faced cartoon-like dude. While waiting for seguels to 
The Mas/rand Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Carrey fans enjoy 
current hit Dumb and Dumber. 

Comic Margaret Cho 
stars in the first all- 
Asian sitcom "All- 
American Girl." about a 
college girl who's not making 
enough money to move away 
from home and has to live 
with her rigidly traditional 
Korean immigrant parents. 

The animals aren't cuddly, but Disney's 32nd animated 
feature The Lion King is still a box-office smash and a 
sure classic. The story of a young lion, Simba, on the 
path to maturity combines five Tim Rice/Elton John songs with 
comedy that leaves audiences roaring. Just say "Hakuna 
matata," Swahili for "no worries." 

Living Single" is 
hailed as a New 
York City version of 
"Designing Women." The 
comedy is about four 
women who share a big 
apartment, and features 
Kim Fields and rap star 
Queen Latifah, whose quiet 
presence and dignity 
singles her out as a star. 

Talented young Claire 
Danes stars as a 
savvy 15-year-old 
confronting adolescent 
anxieties in the ABC 
television series "My So- 
Called Life," which receives 
critical acclaim. Danes also 
stars in the movie Little 
Women, with Winona Ryder. 

This year's Emmy for 
best comedy series 
goes to TV's "Frasier," 
the story of a radio psychi- 
atrist with a dysfunctional 
. Star of the critical 
and main-stream hit, 
Kelsey Grammer 
dedicates his 
best-actor award 
to the dog "Eddie" 
whose off- 

After his villain in 
Shakespeare's Much 
Ado About Nothing 
and his title role in Bertolucci's 
Little Buddha, actor Keanu 
Reeves buffs up to play an 
action star in Speed, about a 
bomb and a runaway bus, 
one of the year's biggest box 
office hits. 

With the first female 
starship captain, TV's 
"Star Trek: Voyager" 
is the newest offshoot 
of the enduring Star 
Trek phenomenon, after 
"Deep Space Nine," 
"The Next Generation," 
and this year's full- 
length feature 
Star Trek: 
Generations . 

Although his action fans may prefer True Lies, Arnold 
Schwarzenegger, with co-star Danny DeVito, cracks up 
audiences in Junior, where the strongman plays a 
boringly-serious scientist who tests a fertility drug on himself, 
learns the joys of motherhood, and falls in love with the baby's 
mom, Emma Thompson. 

Baywatch," the world's most-watched syndicated TV 
show, is a feel-good action/adventure about a Malibu 
lifeguard, played by David Hasselhoff. Sunny beach 
scenes take the pressure off plot or character development. In 
tribute to its popularity, Mattel, Inc. creates Baywatch Barbie. 

Lou Gehrig's last day, Sandy Koufax on the mound, and 
Jackie Robinson's arrival are all part of the Ken Burns 
film "Baseball," an 18 1/2-hour historical mini-series on 
PBS. "Baseball" touches on American issues of race, labor, 
immigration, the role of women, urban renewal, popular media, 
and the nature of heroes and mythology. 

Hoop Dreams is a 
documentary about 
two young Chicago 
athletes who dream of 
playing in the NBA. Arthur 
Agee and William Gates 
soon realize the dream will 
have to come at the expense 
of everything else. Hoop 
Dreams offers as much 
drama, excitement, and 
emotional ups and downs 
as anything to come out of 

it: i :umebac« w^en 
r recareaaa. labels grve in 
rssare from artists and 
Mm bttas are released 
iyi as Mil as CDs and 
l Preaaaacad dead in the 
me revnred 12-mch long 


I ryric- 

calleclo' s items 

Lii Pnair follows up Enle in 
GayvwVewrth Whip-smart and 
i Ian "Super Nova" and 
Her music is said 

inch Nails and singer Trent 
Remor drive home a point 
with their Closer" single and 
hit video, from their album 
Tat Downward Spiral 

Mosh pit heroes Bad Religion 
gel plenty of play with 71sl 
Century Boy" and their album 
Strtagtr Than Fiction 

Beaslie Boys release their 
fourth hip-hop album /// 
Communication on the heels 
ol their highly popular Check 
Your Head 

Supervnknown. a 70-minute 
15-songopus. debutes at 
No 1 on the Billboard charts 
Fans and critics say its the 
best record of metal band 
Soundgardens career 

Singer Sheryl Crow hits 
paydirt with her debut 
album, Tuesday Night 
Music Club with the seedy- 
but-upbeat sounds ol 
"Leaving Las Vegas" and 
"All I Want to Do." 

They dress alike and 
rule Motown. It 
seems like Boyz II 
Men only makes mega-hits, 
like "On Bended Knee" and 
"I'll Make Love to You." 
Their second album, //, goes 
straight to No. 1 on the R&B 

ith quirky lyrics and 
bass-voiced singing 
on hits like "Mmm, 
Mmm, Mmm, Mmm," the 
Crash Test Dummies' album, 
God Shuffled His Feel, 
becomes a chart-topper in 
the U.S. and Europe. 

Although Madonna's 
bad-mannered appear- 
ance on Letterman 
begets criticism, her 
album Bedtime Stories, 
with hits "Take a Bow" 
and "Secret," is a 
solid chart-topper. 


usic, moshing, and 
lots of mud define 
X Iwoodstock '94. The 
25th anniversary of the 
original 1969 "summer of 
love" has ATMs, Pepsi, and 
90s prices: $135 tickets and 
$4 hamburgers. After 
happily grooving to every- 
thing from Bob Dylan 
to Nine Inch Nails, 350,000 
fans depart peacefully. 

Pop-siren Janet 
Jackson's body 
language and lyrics 
draw large concert crowds 
to see her perform hits like 
"You Want This/70's Love 
Groove." Jackson wins an 
MTV Music Award for her 
video "If." 

Singer Vince Gill 
makes country music 
history by winning the 
Country Music Association's 
award for top male vocalist 
four years in a row. The CMA 
also awards him 1994 
Entertainer ol the Year. 


odeci. two pairs of 
brothers whose funky 
ballads coined the 
term "Feenin. bring gospel 
harmonies to their new 
album Diary ol a Mad Band. 
which goes platinum 

Seattle rock band Pearl Jam and front man Eddie Vedder 
give youthful angst a good name as they rock hard with 
their third album. Vilalogy, considered their strongest yet. 

Nominated for best 
female vocalist, 
country singer Mary 
Chapin Carpenter croons at 
the Country Music Awards 
ceremony, but loses to Pam 
Tillis. Carpenter's album 
Stones in the Road 'tops the 
country charts. 

It's a year of hits for 
buzz band, Gin 
Blossoms. Their top- 
selling album New 
Miserable Experience, 
covers "Hey Jealousy," 
"Found Out About You," 
and "Until I Fall Away." 

Hailed as the crown 
prince of reggae, 
Buju Banton's album, 
Buju Banton: Voice of 
Jamaica, pumps the party 
with "Walk Like a 
Champion" and "Man a 

EMI Records releases 
Li ve at the BBC a 
two-disc set of radio 
concerts recorded by 
the Beatles in the 
early '60s. "Free as 
a Bird," an original 
unfinished track by 
the late John Lennon, 
is finished, mixed 
with the live voices 
of Paul, George, and 
Ringo, and included 
in the set. 

The rock-spectacle 
Rolling Stones tour, 
named after their 
album Voodoo Lounge, 
combines a light show, 
computer animation, video 
blowups, and gigantic 
inflatable props. Millions 
watch the Stones prance 
through their classic and 
current hits like "Love Is 
Strong." Voodoo Lounge 
becomes the highest 
grossing tour in history with 
$115 million in ticket sales. 

Dismissed as kiddie 
artists, three 12-year- 
old rappers who go by 
the name of Immature, get a 
new sound. Album Playtime 
Is Operand hits "Never Lie" 
and "Constantly" pump them 
up to stardom. 

Hit single "Cryin"' 
wins MTV's Video of 
the Year award for 
singer Steven Tyler and 
metal band Aerosmith, who 
ride a wave of success and 
release their new album 
Big Ones. 

The Canadian band 
Cowboy Junkies, 
whose big hit this 
year is "Sweet James," 
sings of isolation and 
despair on their latest album 
Pale Sun/Crescent Moon. 

Powered to the top 
with their pure pop 
sound, Swedish 
quartet Ace of Base tops the 
charts with The Sign. Their 
sound is a contagious blend 
of reggae-splashed pop 
known as "China Reggae." 

JMascis emerges as a 
prolific and versatile 
songwriter for the 
punk-rock band Dinosaur Jr. 
with "Outta Hand" and major 
hit "Feel the Pain," both on 
their latest album Without 
a Sound. 

The Benedictine Monks 
of Santo Domingo de 
Silos release their 
CD, Chant. Heavy 
rotation on MTV > 
turns the collection 
of ancient Gregorian 
chants into an un- ,. 
expected best-seller. 

Irish rock foursome, the Cranberries, tour the United 
States playing the sad, pretty melodies from their 
second hit album, No Need to Argue. 

Rappers with a self- 
reliant attitude, 
Salt-N-Pepa keep 
their Very Necessary vibe 
going this year with hits 
"Snoop" and "Whatta 
Man" which wins them, 
along with En Vogue, an 
MTV Music Award. 

Rapper Snoop Doggy 
Dogg's performance 
makes the movie 
soundtrack Above the Rim a 
best-seller. His video "It's a 
Doggy Dogg World," which 
reunites all the 70s black 
exploitation film stars, wins 
an MTV Music Award. 

H ^ 

On June 14, the New York Rangers defeat the Vancouver 
Canucks 3 to 2 in the seventh game of the Stanley Cup 
play-offs, winning the coveted hockey cup for the first 
time in 54 years. 

The Centennial 
Olympics will be in 
Atlanta, Georgia in 
1996. The city will 
emphasize its 
multicultural aspects 
to honor athletes 
from around the 

Dara Torres-Gowen 
becomes the first 
Olympic swimmer to 
model swimsuits in the 
Sports Illustrated annual 
swimsuit issue. Gold- 
medalist Torres-Gowen's 
sporty looks break the 
"waifs and glamazons" 
mold dictated by fashion. 

Fans are openly angry when a dispute between players 
and team owners over salary caps and other issues 
threatens to shut down baseball. A work stoppage 
begins on August 12, and no World Series is played for the first 
time since 1904. 

Tonya Harding, barred 
for life from organized 
skating for obstructing 
justice in the investigation 
of an assault on Nancy 
Kerrigan, is offered $2 million 
by the All Japan Women's 
Pro Wrestling Association to 
wrestle as a baddie. 


Bowl XXIX 

in Miami, 

the San 


49ers beat the 

San Diego Chargers 

49-26, in their 

record-breaking fifth 

Super Bowl win. 

Quarterback Steve 

Young passes for a 

record six touchdowns 

to win most valuable 


Basketball star Sheryl 
the U.S. women's 
basketball team to a gold 
medal at the Goodwill Games 
in Russia. Earlier she led 
Texas Tech to an NCAA title 
and signed an endorsement 
deal with Nike. 

After 52 wins, four 
PPG Cup titles, and 
$10 million in 
earnings, Indycar champion 
Mario Andretti races for the 
final time in his 31-year 
career. The four-time 
Indianapolis 500 champion 
retires in October 1994. 

Ernie Els wins the 
1994 U.S. Open golf 
tournament in sudden- 
death playoff. The 
U.S. women's golf 
team, led by Dottie 

Mochrie, beats 

Europe for the 1994 
Solheim Cup. 

orld Cup soccer 
comes to the U.S. 
for the first time: 
24 teams play 52 World 
Cup games in nine cities 
to 3,567,415 fans, 
culminating in a title 
match between Brazil and 
Italy. Earlier the U.S. 
upset Colombia, but lost 
to the Brazilian team, who 
went on to win the cup. 

I I a s I 

Ronald Reagan. 83. 
announces he is in 
the early stages of 
Alzheimer s disease, which 
will cause him to rely 
increasingly on wile Nancy. 
Doctors say the easy-going 
ex president should be able 

function normally tor 
several more years 

Despite hurled 
obscenities and 
death threats. 
Shannon Faulkner. 19. 
battles the all-male Citadel 
lor the right to become the 
lirst lemale cadet in the 
152-year history ol the 
state-supported South 
Carolina military school. 

JL 1 her 


elson Mandela. 

hero who won the 
Nobel Peace Prize, writes 
his story Long Walk to 
Freedom The 
Autobiography of Nelson 
Mandela coven the author's 
27 years as a political 
prisoner, his release, and 
black Africans struggle lor 

Sending a worthy 
message to pageant- 
watchers. Heather 
Whitestone. a deal Alabama 
college junior who works 
with handicapped kids, is 
crowned 1994 Miss America 
by her predecessor 
Kimberly Aiken. 

Former basketball 
superstar Michael 
Jordan improves 
his game for the Arizona 
Scottsdale Scorpions, a 
minor-league baseball 
team. He still has no plans 
to return to the hoops. 

In Singapore. 
American teenager 
Michael Fay is 
convicted of vandalism and 
publicly caned lour times by 
a martial arts master, 
pleas from his family and 
President Clinton. 

Applying his new 
fame to good works, 
actor Antonio 
Banderas, of Philadelphia 
and Interview With the 
Vampire, spends a week on 
a goodwill mission helping 
UNICEF draw attention to 
wartorn Somalia. 

Cartoonist Gary Larson announces that he will retire 
The Far Side, a feature that began in 1978 and has 
appeared in 1.500 newspapers. 



In about the most 
surprising event of 
the year, Michael 
Jackson weds Elvis' daugh- 
ter, Lisa Marie Presley in a 
secret ceremony, May 1994. 
Journalists wonder if the 
union isn't a business 
arrangement or an attempt 
to polish Michael's public 
image, tarnished by claims 
of child molestation. 

Scruffy movie idol 
Johnny Depp and 
wispy model Kate 
Moss have a headline- 
making lovers quarrel. Depp 
is arrested for trashing the 
couple's hotel room. 

Model Cindy Crawford 
and actor Richard 
Gere, dubbed the 
world's sexiest couple, 
announce their separation 
Hollywood books Crawford 
for her first movie. 

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